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    Sign up today for an exclusive discount along with our 30-day GUARANTEE — Love us or leave, with your money back! Click here to become a part of our growing community and learn how to stop gambling with your investments. We will teach you to BE THE HOUSE — Not the Gambler!

    Click here to see some testimonials from our members!

  1. Member: k1
    Real name: Kent

    Biggest accomplishment: The k1 Project

    A little about me: I’m a computer programmer and endurance athlete, fascinated with the way a good option strategy could help me escape from the cube farms of my career.

    Turn-ons: people who do their homework
    Turn-offs: commuting


  2. Member / Name: Demetrius Michael

    Biggest accomplishment: Nothing note worthy.

    A lot about me: I am a realist, quick to change, hard to manipulate.

    I enjoy martial arts as a recreational sport. Tae Kwon Doe (ITF), Karate, and a little Brazilian kick boxing. I want to learn Hwa Rang Do, and Hapkido. I like everything fast and functional. Stupid girls bother me.

    I have no problem wearing black tie every day, despite the funeral comments. My credit card bill seems to outpace my profits sometimes, and I haven’t really cooked a meal for the last 4 years. Friends think I’m rich, mum thinks i’m poor, and I have no idea. I don’t drive a Ferrari, and have more debt than most people are comfortable with.

    I went to a private school all my life, but I’m a public school ‘kind-a guy’. I think rich people like hearing their own voice.

    I believe in social evolution, but we’re not there yet.

    My dad’s side is Muslim, mum’s is presbyterian and I’m roman catholic… Parents practically divorced, and I’m pretty much a Heinz 57 of the planet. Born in london england, and living in london ontario.

    I don’t like losing (or losers). I’m always stuck between friends and work. I’m a frat guy, part of Pi Kappa Alpha. (Basically, I know a good party and a dumb girl when I see one)

    I eat, sleep, and breathe the market. You do not work harder or spend more hours on it. I assure you, for I leverage off my youth.

    Like everyone else: “I wanna be a hedgefund manager when I grow up.” :) . Unlike everyone else, the hedgefund will actually hedge and will be baseless.

    Turn-ons: People who walk the walk.
    Turn-offs: People who talk the talk.


  3. Name: Steve Place (could ya tell?)

    I’m 23, and a recent grad from UCF. I’ve got a BSEE and am a former president of Alpha Tau Omega.

    I currently work for HRS as a DSP engineer, but I won’t be happy until I’m working for myself. I’m dabbling in some online stuff, so we’ll see how that goes.

    I haven’t developed a trading style yet, but I’m leaning toward more “black-box” trading as that suits my strengths and style very well.

    I live in Melbourne, FL with my wife of six months. I’ve seen snow about 5 times, so I don’t mind the weather (it’s 80 right now).

    I’m the first one on my dad’s side of the family to go straight into college and graduate. One step at a time, I guess.

    I’m always up for a hare-brained business idea, so drop me a line.

    Motto: “Nothing less”


  4. Name: Carl Rogers

    I’m 32, and I served in the US Navy for 10 years. I am a graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. I currently live in Virginia Beach, VA with my wife of 4 years and our little one that is 8 months old. His name is Carl the V.

    I have been trading options for about 2 years. It goes hand-in-hand with my other career as a real estate agent because I work nights and weekends.


  5. Name: Ryan H.

    I am 29 and work as a consultant team leader for BP’s North Slope Alaska wells group (oil well stuff). Orignally, I am from Colorado but after one year in college down there I dropped out and moved to work and live in Alaska. I was going to this hippie liberal arts school, paying for it myself with money I had saved up from high school and decided that I was destined for something else. Now I work two weeks above the arctic circle and then have two weeks off at home, which is also in Alaska 40 miles north of Anchorage, which is a pretty unique schedule and not so bad a job. And with 6 months off a year, I really can’t complain.

    I got into trading & the markets because I got tired of chasing down rent from residental multi-family real estate I owned. I figured that there had to be an easier way to invest and was looking for a challenge. So I read a few books and read some blogs and after making some big money swing trading the Q’s for awhile, I thought I had it down and ended up taking on way too much risk and blew out my account. At that point I decided it might not be as easy as the hyena’s and BUYBUYBUY!!! on CNBC would have you believe, but was hooked. I found Phil’s site through Seeking Alpha one day and started reading the daily reviews.

    I tried Happy Trading for a while before suscribing to PSW, but I am way too cynical for that site. Plus, they are big into the mo-mo daytrades and you get whipsawed in and out of positions too much, much like the stuff that blew out my origanal account. I like Phil’s style of staying covered and owning leaps. I know it is sort of rude, but it makes me feel so good to see my caller get killed into expiration week, (When Phil says: “I’ll have to take my poor caller out for an ice cream”) just to have your stock gap right back up the next week so you can sell more prem, damn that is fun! I just get a kick out of that. Ok, so I am a little diabolical like that.

    So, more about me. My girlfriend and I make it a habit to travel as much as we can, especially in the winter, she works for the state so combined, we get plenty of time off. We have a puppy that we just got over Christmas, so I spend most of my days just hanging out with the dog and messing around the house. The markets are open at 0530 AM local time and close by noon so I have plenty of free time. I just built my home last year and absolutely love it after living in city apartments for the past 10 years.

    At some point, I could certainly handle being a stay at home dad just watching our investments or getting into local politics. The way I see it, things are so screwed up with my local government, it would be impossible to make things worse.

  6. Real Name: Jim

    I’ve had my handle for a very long time, and use it as my domain name. The short story on it is here.

    A glance at my resume will make most people think that I don’t know how to keep a job, but the reality is that I’m a corporate escapee, and have now fallen into a mindset where I’m pretty comfortable, since there’s no debt and I’ve pretty much finished proving myself to the people that I felt it mattered to at the time.

    I have a fascination with systems (since being degreed with a BSEE) and have had the fortune to be well-traveled, with over two-thirds of my international travel on the corporate dime. I’ve been responsible for building two satellite-based systems: one for automobile tracking in the subprime market, the other for multicast communications between 60 groundstations for a blueprinter network. Both from the back of a napkin.

    One of those corporate gigs led to some accounting assignments, which later led me into banking and mortgage-related consulting. In the mid-eighties, I drafted all of the responses to the FDIC on behalf of two community banks. I also led the Y2K compliance certifications activities for those banks and another client.

    My last gig was to build the data warehouse for the municipal revenue management / analysis division of one of the monoline insurers.

    I trade for two other parties, and occasionally for myself. I love the psychology of the markets and the complexity of options trading, but don’t get involved in the nitty-gritty of things like “vega”, although I understand that they’re there. I’ve been in the market for a long time, but only in the last five or six years understood what works for me. I like the rush of winning just as much as everyone else around here.

    My main hobby is sailing, which I’ve been doing the past five years, I’m either the helmsman, tactician, or in charge of sail trim and the trimmers when we race the waters of Southern California with my crew of six. Most races are within three miles of the shore; we race perhaps 20 Saturdays a year. My other hobby is cooking to entertain, although I don’t do bakery. That’s made me a popular guy at our yacht club, where this year (2008), I’m in charge of the social calendar. I’m not home most of the time.

    I used to be quite involved in social justice issues and local politics in Los Angeles, but the corporate consulting work got in the way. I help out when I can.

    Right now, I enjoy my friends, having placed faith in a Spanish proverb: “Tell me who you friends are, and I will tell you who you are”. If you have three minutes, here’s something I wrote for NPR

    I enjoy hanging out on PSW and learn quite a bit each week.

  7. Real name Jeff- age 38. Have used nickname Jeffro as a play off the name Jethro. I suppose it was funny many years ago.

    I live about 30 miles west of LA with wife and two young daughters. The little ones make constant market watching an impossibilty but I do the best I can.
    I have been investing off and on for years in the market- mainly conservative plays. Have struggled recently with the market downturn but got plenty of encouragement from members here.

    Trained as a PA- Physician Assistant and work for a local HMO in Emergency Medicine.

    Found out about Phil while reading Seeking alpha about 3 years ago before he even had the pay site.

    Interests- Mountain biking, skiing, watching Chargers, Lakers and Dodgers.

  8. Member: size123

    Real Name: Mary Sizemore

    I have been a member here since the start, as much for the social commentary as the investment advice, which I have been less than stellar in implementing. I just hope that I am getting a bit better. I am 58, living in Central Florida with my partner. My obsession is plant-collecting, and I love traveling the world looking for new ones, it is what feeds the beast for me. I love dogs, books, wicked jokes and true friends.

    Motto: better to ask forgiveness than permission.

  9. Real name: Mark T

    maleko is Hawaiian for Mark (wife is from the islands).

    Originally from London, now In Texas (by way of several West Coast cities). I’m currently working as a software consultant, after spending 6 several years as a COO of a small software company that I had a stake in. It was a moderate success but unfortunately didn’t allow me to retire young !. After 25 years in the computer industry I’m ready for a change, hence the attempt at trading. Like others I lucked onto Phil’s site after burning through a wedge of cash and thanks to Phil and his methodologies I”m slowly (very slowly actually !) building it back up again.

    My wife and I love travelling, although for the last few years Hawaii and London have been our only destinations due to family commitments. We’re into fitness and so we’re always at the gym working out, we cycle, we walk and if Texas had any mountains we would be up there hiking.

  10. age- 30
    location- NYC
    reach me at-

    been day-trading equities for just under 4 years. looking to expand my range of trading strategies.

  11. Real Name: Paul Davidson

    I am originally from Southwest Virginia and moved to Charlotte, NC to attend college at UNC-Charlotte. I graduated in 2004 with a double major in Finance and Economics. My current career is working for a turnkey asset management provider with current assets around $6 Billion. I eventually want to open my own Registered Independent Advisor shop catering to high net worth clients. I haven’t been here since the beginning, but have been a member since Q4 2006. My goal is to sucessfully increase my net worth to a level that I can travel and not have to work as much as I do currently.

    My interests are backpacking, hunting, photography, and live music. Since I am from the mountains, I have an intense love for bluegrass and mountain music and travel to festivals all over the east coast during the summer and fall.

    My motto (for lack of a better word) is:

    Is costs nothing to be honest, loyal and true.

  12. Real Name: Martin S

    FilmFlam is a userID that I came up with 10 years ago. It is play on “flim flam” which is a con, but my con is going to be to get someone to pay for my first movie.

    Originally from Portland, Oregon. I was also the first in my family and the only one of my generation of cousins to finish college. I went to Oregon State University to study mechanical engineering, but ended up focusing on Film Theory and Production instead. Dropped myself into debt to self-finance a trip to Europe as my graduation present. (Have never been out of debt since.) I drifted around Portland for a year after returning from Europe, thoroughly depressed that I couldn’t just keep traveling. I was sitting around on a Saturday afternoon and watching Tiger Woods tear up the Masters in his 1997 debut. When the commentator mentioned his birthday and he was younger than me, I decided I had to get going on my dreams of working in production. That led me to NYC then University of Miami for grad school and back to Portland before landing in Los Angeles in 2002.

    Interesting details:

    1) Last 3 years of college I was on a full-ride football scholarship for filming their games and practices.

    2) Was driving down I-80 in Jersey listening to 1010 WINS with a view of the skyline when the first tower fell. Worst week of my life.

    3) Called the bottom on AAPL in March 2003. Not that it did me much good, since I was niether a good trader or investor.

    4) Called ETFC’s collapse from 12 to 4 based on their erroneous margin calls in my account.

    I have been successful in my career in reality television, but after making as much in the market as I did working in 2007, I decided to give this a full-time shot so that I can spend time with my 9 month old boy. I trade for myself, my wife, and my dad. Ironically, my dad has the highest returns, followed by my wife, then me. Luckily, California is a community property state.

    I am the official Fanboy for AAPL at PSW and it occupies most of my attention and capital, but I am going to try and run a diversified trading account for comparison. My trading is very handicapped by ADHD-like inability to follow through on ideas on contrarian plays and money management.

    Live for: Snowboarding, rafting, great food, travel, and independent wealth acquired in great stock market run of 2009.

    Motto: Light travels faster than sound, that is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

  13. Name: Earl Bunker

    I’m a new member but have been following the site and Phil’s comments for several months. I like his writing and economic analysis. I’m a graduate of MIT (economics) and Phil sounds like some of the professors over there.
    I’m 62 years old and have been active in the markets since 1966 (when the DJIA was 700-800…LOL). I daytraded for a few years and I’m an entrepreneur and have started over 15 companies—most of which have gone by the wayside. I have lived in France, Argentina, Japan and the US. Currently living in San Diego—after all it is winter!—but expect to head out to Colorado in a few months.
    My wife and I like to geocache and ride our Greenspeed recumbent tandem bike around. We have a border collie who has traveled with us from the Arctic Circle to Patagonia, all over Europe and the US.

    I’m mainly in LEAPS and sell callers so that I don’t have to sit in front of the machine all day.


  14. Interesting bio’s folks.

    I’m from a place called Limerick, in the south-west of Ireland. My main sporting achievements were on the rugby pitch where I played for schools and university. In Uni I studied Computer Science, after I’d finished that I did a Masters in Quantitative Finance. I found the Quant stuff limited in vision and ultimately doomed to fail when the “assumptions” that so much of the maths is based on one day faltered – and I believe that is exactly what we’ve seen in the credit and credit-derivatives market recently. I then went to work for a private swiss bank in Geneva – a truly beautiful city, but far too dull for an Irish boy! There I worked as assistant to a quantitative fund manager and we managed a modest fund (CHF 100m+) using a very low-risk quant-based model. It was successful at what it was supposed to do but really rather boring in the long run! Geneva was a fantastic place to make contacts though and after moving back to Dublin I started a software company related to sports-gambling exchanges and sold out after 18 months for my first BIG pay cheque! I’ve been a keen trader all along the way and now focus 70% on forex, using a trend-based system I developed that I’m very proud of! The other 30% is split between equity options and index futures, though it’s predominantly futures these days.

    I’m a massive music fan, everything from Dylan and Leonard Cohen to Prince and Radiohead.

    Anyway, I’ll leave it there – I’m sure that’s bored everybody quite enough!

  15. Member: crisz
    Real name: Chris Z Age: 29

    School: Graduated St. Cloud State Univ B.S. Finance
    Work: Build custom store fixtures for Coach Bags, Fortunoff Jewelry, Wynn Casinos, to name a few.

    A little about me: Currently live in Minnesota and love all four seasons. I have spent most of the last 10 years either on active duty in Air Force or Army. I was stationed in Okinawa for 3 years. I have traveled extensively on the uncle sam’s dime including Europe, Korea, Japan, Iraq. I’ve seen the worst and best our world has to offer and it’s changed me immensely. Most significant recent accomplishment was that I was a part of the longest OIF deployment ever as part of 1-34 BCT. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of PSW and enjoy Phils cynical point of view. I plan on starting a real estate business this spring with a friend and dream of working for myself soon.

    “The purpose of life is a life of purpose” --Robert Byrne

  16. Member: Sohrab
    Real name: Sohrab H.

    School: Oklahoma State Univ. BSEE / Computer Option

    Work: Worked as IT manager for about 9 years; Taught computer courses in a college for 8 years and have been doing mortgages for last 3 years.

    A little about me: I am 47 years old. Live around LA (Orange County). Was lucky to cash out my 401K and buy a house before .com crash. Attempted playing Stocks in 2004 and lost 4k. Heard about Options in April 2007 and decided to learn about it in June 2007. Already have lost a bunch but determined to learn trading. I have two kids and raising them alone. I joined PSW in September 2007.


  17. Well, I’ll jump on here.

    I’m one of the younger members on here (surprised at how many there are). I had always wanted to fly and serve in the military, but instead of enlisting right out of HS I went with the “standard” and gave college a shot. Spent one year at Truman State in Missouri, found out college really wasn’t for me and combined with the events of Sept. 11, I decided to finally join up. Finished 1 more semester at a community college to at least get my Associates, then shipped off for Infantry OSUT at Ft. Benning in January of 2003. Went through that, Airborne School, and then got assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division here at wonderful Ft. Bragg. Got to my unit and 5 days later I was in Iraq, pretty quick and I loved it. Best time of my life (seriously). We had a very successful deployment to Al Fallujah for 8 months, came back, turned 21 the day before I flew home on leave, splurged on a 1st class ticket and took advantage of it (never had to ask for a refill once they found out I had just returned from Iraq).

    Returned to Bragg and met my (future) wife. Shortly thereafter we were alerted for deployment and I was in Afghanistan 5 days latter (see the pattern ;) ) to assist with the elections there. Nice short 6 week deployment and spent the rest of my time stateside until. My wife and I got married shortly there after and we have two wonderful daughters, 16 months apart (don’t know what we were thinking, well, I do, but… anyway). I left the 82nd after 3 years there in August 2006 and finally went back to college. I’ll graduate in May with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Should have done Finance, but I’m happy to just get it done with and get back to big Army. I’ll spend another 18-24 months in training down at Ft. Rucker learning to fly helicopters and after that, I have no idea. All I know is that I’ll be able to retire when I’m 39 after 20 years (15 years left) and (hopefully) draw a pension for the rest of my life.

    My wife is prior service as well (left shortly after we got married) and will soon start to work on finishing her degree as well. She’s aiming for a degree in Anthropology from the University of Wales – Lampeter via distance education, and then continuing on to get her Ph.D. as we can fit it into the Army’s plans for us.

    Found Phil’s site after reading about it for a while via Seeking Alpha, finally decided to join after I got tired of the ups & downs I experienced last year. I had a pretty good portfolio, but was too hesitant to cut my losses and too greedy. So far, I’m doing pretty good here and I’m enjoying it. I hope I’ve shown some improvement in the short time I’ve been here, and that I continue to improve.

    Think that’s about it, and probably more than you all wanted to know.

  18. Name: Jerry

    I was born and raised on a ranch in South Dakota. Progress comes slowly in some rural areas, so as a boy, I went to a one-room school for all eight grades. We did not have electricity (made our own from windmill & generators--32 volt) and we had no running water, so we had an outdoor bathroom. I was fortunate to find a way to go to college, graduating in business. I also have my CPA, MBA and attended art school studying art, photography and advertising.

    My business career has been in 3-phases. After college and spending a year in Vietnam as an officer in the Army, my first phase was in accounting & finance. I worked as a CPA for Price Waterhouse, and after graduate school in International Business from Univ. of Southern Calif., I was a consultant with Coopers & Lybrand. Needing a change from finance, I went to art school for a couple of years to begin phase 2 where I worked in retailing and product development for over 20 years with Macy’s-California and for a Japanese company which manufactured dinnerware & crystal products. Especially during the last 10-years working in product development and sourcing, I had the opportunity to travel to over 20 countries and truly get a taste for international business.

    Now to phase 3 which began two years ago where I primarily trade and invest in the stock market. Only for the last year, have I started to trade in options. I have found that the learning curve for options trading is very steep, not too dissimilar to getting a new master’s degree. I will likely continue with this venture for the near future, as I enjoy the total independence and hopefully I can carve out more time to pursue other passions. I may also become involved in some new international business ventures.

    For the last 11 years I have lived in New Jersey, inches from NYC. My heart, however, is still the West and San Francisco where I lived for over 20-years. I am married to a fabulous French woman and we have a fantastic, lively 13-year daughter. We enjoy traveling and take every opportunity for trips within the U.S. and overseas.

    My sports are sailing, skiing and bicycling. Living in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to ski many miles in the Lake Tahoe region plus Colorado & Utah. For the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure to ski the French & Swiss Alps. I learned to sail & race sailboats in the San Francisco bay and my goal is to find more sailing venues, while living in the East Coast, plus sailing different waters around the world.

    On my future “to-do” list is to write a couple of movie screen plays. We will see whether my brain can come up with something of interest…it would be fun if I can do it. In the meantime, to good options trading!

  19. Name: Mark… ;)

    Born / raised in Dallas, TX… and still live here! Grew up rather normal blue collar family, Mom was a HS calculus teacher, Dad was a HUD home realtor… very Leave it to Beaver.

    Went to OU and had WAY too much fun. Was social chair of Sig Ep when we won the national championship and went to the final 4 (my Junior year… you know, when all the freshman girls FINALLY hook up with you?!). Subsequently met my wife there. She is absolutely selfless and changes the world for the better every day. She is almost finished with her Masters in Counseling Psych, and will eventually get her PhD. I on the other hand am a capitalistic pig.

    So I graduated ’02 with a 3.0 in Finance and thought I could get any job making $60k b/c I had a degree… found a temp job with Fidelity making $8/ hour. Reality set in, and I decided I needed to change this situation. Somehow worked my ass off to get a position with ORIX capital markets as an analyst in a 1 year program where they paid for my MSc in Real Estate Finance. Decided RE was too slow for me, and when my 1 year contract was up once again found a job with MLIM as a Specialist in a small regional office. Four PM’s and I managed roughly $3B in HNW SMA assets, and I got my first taste of working for a big buyside firm. 2 great years learning how Merrill generated their ideas, quant screens, eco analysis… took Level 1 of the CFA, decided it wasn’t my cup of tea…

    Took a leap to become a PM at a small but growing start up SMA quant shop in D-town with $8B AUM of which I managed $4B for Smith Barney… WORST experience ever. Management and I did not see eye to eye, and thankly found a new job with my current employer after only 8 months with Placemark.

    I’m a Transiton Manager (kind of hard to explain, so if you’re curious here’s a link from a competitor that describes our business pretty well: Sort of part analyst / PM / Trader / relationship manager… but I always just say I’m a trader b/c people can relate better to it. I love what I do, and finally kind of run my own business.

    My wife and I are avid runners (she marathons, me halves)… love soccer, basketball, and curling. I’m kidding about curling. Love music and listen to everything also / crazy weird stuff (Beirut, MGMT, White Denim, Sam Cooke, Marty Robbins, etc).

    Generally speaking I feel confident in my TA and market sentiment skillset. It’s sort of become my forte where I work, and I’m proud of that. I mainly daytrade ES futures now for my personal account, and that’s it. I love options, but would rather day trade them (which I’m not allowed to do). Ultimate goal is I’m sure like others: live comfortabley enough to travel, hang out with family and friends, see good movies / live bands, and “find time” to fall asleep in a hammock.

  20. Hi
    Steve Weitzman here. My friends call me Singapore Steve because i lived 6 years in Singapore. I retired at 52 from HP. Grew up in Indiana and went to Purdue. Moved to Colorado then Corvallis Oregon. Spent 28 years working for HP when they finally said your job is being eliminated. So I decided to take up trading. Currently writting this from the Philippines as I spend about a third of my time there. Have a house by the beach but trading is a pain from over here. I been a member for over 6 months but have kept to myself and just try to learn from everyone else on this site. So far I have made a million and lost a million. You really have to become a very good loser to win at this game and it is not until you know how to lose before you will know how to win. Anyone out there living in Oregon?

  21. Hi guys,

    My name is Yevgeni or Gene, Yev is a short name I came up with, as people found it too hard to pronounce Yevgeni. Originally I am from Kiev, Ukraine landing in the US in 1988 in Brooklyn, NY.

    I am 33, lived in NY until winter of 2002, and currently reside in Los Angeles with my wife, whom I married this past July after 3.5 years together. I have gone through some interesting close calls in my life, one of which was living 60 miles near Chernobyl, another being on vacation during 9/11. I worked on the 103rd floor for Cantor.

    My background is software development, I’ve build a few financial systems for a couple of Wall Street firms, as well as content management systems for Disney. I was part of a startup for over a year working with a friend of mine on a cool idea, but unable to raise money after a year, had to get a job. At this point I am consulting on various projects, project managing, product developing, etc. I have tons of ideas everyday, and at some point one of them will stick :)

    I started trading in 1997, right before the boom, at that time the most I made was on a shell company which ran up from 2 bucks up to 95, simply on a rumor of a phenomenal wireless technology. I lost a little bit on options, but didn’t really get into it for the next 10 years. After the startup I invested into Apple stock after noticing that my 401K doubled due to Apple being in one of the funds, and a year later I “remembered” options. I’ve taken some knocks, but this past year has been pretty good to me. I’ve been taking a break for a few months. At the same time I ran into PSW about a year ago, thanks to Tom2oc. Both Phil and Tom are phenomenal, and hopefully I’ll be able to follow a disciplined approach soon :)

    I read the site daily but do not post much, maybe that will change once i start trading in something other than Apple.

  22. Hey guys, my name is Alexander Bula.
    I´m 23 years and live in Germany, near the Thüringer Wald. Main aim is too be independent.
    I think my personality is not the same like a normal cravat wearing Trader, I love extreme Sports, I´m a bit freaky and want to live in the future in the Alps where I can Downhill and Freeride Bicycling and Snowboarding in the winter.

    Since I got to know optiontrading in the middle of 2007 I want to know more about it. These massive knowledge and mathematic you need to understand all the option trades were very interesting for me. I love mathematic and statistik calculations so this is a great area for me to work with.

    I still have a dayjob, but after it I´m here and want to trade a bit.
    When this all going good with my first 10K I want do to the 25K and then but not later quiting my dayjob and doing trading all the day(This is a destination for me) My job is too boringly for me and I want to be my own boss to manage my money grow.

    Since I know all the silly gains here in the world especially in the Trading business I want to become a master in trading!!!
    That´s all for me. I still getting more in love with trading and I hope this never ends.
    Now doing on the homework there are really much to read here it´s so cool!!!
    In the future I want to life a simple but fine life with a good income from trading that I can spend a little money on the bright side of life.

    Thanks for this great site and these much educations stuff!!!

    Sorry, my English is not the best but I´m learning as much as I´m reading.
    So I hope thats enough for the moment.

  23. Name: Scott

    I’m here to learn and it has been a very steep curve the past few months. If I can survive these markets I feel pretty confident going forward. Trading is part time (consulting business is very full time), but I hope it will be a path via LTP type stuff to actually move on from a very time intensive business.

    My background is in the chemical industry. Education is ChE and MBA. After our company was bought out I had the opportunity to take a position with the buyer on the east coast but declined it to stay in the Pittsburgh area. After working for another local company for awhile I decided it was time to move on to my own business. I bought out another consulting firm and for the past 5 years I pretty much work and sleep. Our client base is worldwide, so there is always somebody in their office regardless of what time it is here. Time to wind down the hours if I can manage the finances!

    Thanks to all who make this site what it is. I am learning and growing daily.

  24. We are a couple who trade together…
    Husband: James
    Wife: Beth

    We have been trading for about 2 years – we did great our first year but last year had a tough time keeping our losses small and gains run…We run 3 home businesses and have 8 children who we home school…life is busy. We trade to supliment our income so it is important for us to make money. We are new to this site joined Jan 2008… We are in the process of merging one of our companies with another company to make a CRM company, which we hope to take to IPO in ten years…we have just finished our Private Placement Memorandum and are seeking investors so we are on both ends of the spectrum…Our LIVES are FULL of Adventure!!!

  25. Very interesting bios. And Yev, I’m glad you’re still alive!

    Like many here I lived in Colorado (born there) and have subsequently lived in various U.S. cities and in Germany. Now I teach at a university on the Gulf Coast.

    I’ve always been interested in markets and the economy, but probably have less trading experience than anyone here. I long thought trading was a bit of a sucker’s game, frankly. But the more I read last year about the lending practices of certain banks, the more I was filled with a desire to short them (especially the one that rhymes with “Countryfried”). A trader friend told me to open an account and recommended buying puts instead of shorting stock, so that’s how I starting trading options.

    Despite some very nice profits from those trades, I knew I had a lot to learn and looked for some instruction. Phil’s emphasis on using options to hedge and to collect premiums through spreads really appeals to me. I also like his consideration of larger macro-economic issues, instead of just focusing on the market like so many do. That’s why I’ve chosen this site.

  26. Screen Name: masterpayne
    Real Name: Ryan Masterson Payne
    Age: 31
    Hometown: Malibu,CA
    Current Residence: New York, NY
    Profession: Investment Banking (Media M&A)
    Education: BA in History from UCLA, JD/MBA from Emory in Atlanta, GA
    Why I trade: some day soon I hope to gain the daylight hours of my life back by trading during east coast market hours while living on the west coast. Trading will provide the control over my day and my time that I currently lack. Right now, I am still learning and practicing the LTP, trying to occasionally play the $25KP and generally trying to manage risk by keeping tight stops and watching my position size and delta. Learning lot…and losing a little too. Hey, at least my shorts and my DIA puts are making money.

  27. Hi Everyone!
    This site has been incredibly helpful. Not only do I enjoy learning about options, but I enjoy hearing from the community now called PSW…
    I’m 32 and live in the California Bay area with my wife of 3 years.  I work full time as a software engineer for IBM.  Prior to that, I was part of the dot com craze.  I came out to California in 1998 to attend Stanford University’s graduate program – one of few schools that teach entrepreneurship in combination with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  I attended undergrad at Duke University where I played for the mens’ basketball team (1994-1998). 
    I’ve often told people that I hope to have 5 careers – software developer, investor, coach, civil servant, chef.  So I guess you can say I’m in the process of moving from the first to the second.  In the next five years, I’d like to be a full-time investor and a high school basketball coach. 

  28. Screen: mck
    Real: Mark
    DOB: 1962
    State: Maine (it’s  cold!)
    Trading to me is like sailboat racing. There’s tons of data to take in, and those that succeed develop a skill for seeing patterns and reacting instinctively with determination and confidence. I’m here to hone my skills and enjoy my time doing it.
    Degrees: Computer Science, Accounting, Finance
    * Back office trading systems at Fidelity
    * Startup computer software company
    * Startup pharmaceutical R&D for severe burn wound treatment from pineapple stems. I’m trying to complete a lifelong project my dad started. Currently licensed our IP to a startup in Israel conducting clinical trials worldwide.
    * Day job – Computer systems analyst
    * trading/investing as much as I can.
    * Sailboat racing – own a J24, race regularly.
    * Married & 2 Daughters: 3 years, 4 weeks!
    * Intermediate tech/fundamental analysis – have lots to learn but I’m getting there. I love TA but know only enough to be dangerous.
    * First foray into options trading about 15 years ago trying to fund a startup project. Made tons and gave it all back. Caught the bug – that experience showed me how much could really be made in options (and lost). I became convinced there are ways to tip the balance in your favor and that’s why I’m here.
    * I’m a bit of a risk junkie – love writing naked calls & puts on issues with which I’m intimate.
    Hat’s off to Phil for pulling all this together, keep up the good work!

  29. Handle : workdog3
    Name:  Mike
    Occupation:  Energy Trader
    Age: 31
    Background:  I love trading.  It is my true passion and while I’m currently trading for an independent energy company, my real goal is to eventually be trading equities for myself.  I trade several time frames including Phil’s Leaps strategy, swing trades, and some daytrades.  I use technical analysis almost exclusively and have concluded that fundamental analysis is usually spotty and unreliable.  Nonetheless, this website was my first introduction to options and I haven’t looked back since.  I love their leverage and the ability to trade the high dollar, blue chip names that most retail traders don’t even consider. 

  30. Screen Name: OptionRider
    Real Name: Stephen Hammit
    Age: 38
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
    Current Residence: Santa Monica, CA
    Profession: Fund Manager of micro-hedge fund trading equity options, futures, futures options, commodities and currencies.
    Education: BBA in Finance from Univ of Texas at Austin, MBA from Emory Univ in Atlanta, GA
    •    Real estate developer
    •    M&A at Honeywell International
    •    Marketing Strategy at IBM
    •    Valuation & Appraisal at Arthur Andersen
    •    Partner in independent film production company (currently)
    •    Partner in several hospitality operations in Hollywood, CA (currently)

    Why I trade:  After years of corporate jobs and several successful entrepreneurial ventures, I have finally found a path that meets all my career requirements …freedom from all the crap!  Options trading provides me that freedom.  It stirs the soul and stokes the fire in the belly.  Trading options is similar to golf in that you can never truly master it but you will do all that you can in the attempt.  “Golf [INSERT – Options trading] is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.  It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” – Arnold Palmer

    At the end of the day, both “games” boil down to one’s mind and emotions.  After all, markets are simply a manifestation of human psychology and behavior.  Oh, and you can make damn good money at it too! I have lost a ton and I’ve made a ton…PSW has helped greatly to smooth out my returns and return volatility.

    Long/short bias.  I use short-term technical analysis to determine entry & exit points and fundamental analysis to develop long-term investment themes.

    With the limitless myriad of scenarios, education in trading options is a lifetime endeavor.  PSW is by far the best I have found to date.  I hope that PSW will same day offer ‘naked option selling in futures’.  IMO, it has the highest probability of success and best investor friendly leverage & margin requirements in a highly liquid market.

  31. ScreenName: PharmBoy
    Real Name: Chris
    Home Town: Topeka, KS
    Live in Carlsbad, CA
    Education: PhD from U of Iowa, MBA from Cal State San Marcos
    I am a scientist in the Pharma/Biotech area, specializing in Drug Metabolims (what U do to the drug, not what the drug does to you).  I learned about trading options from my grandfather and uncle, but am just getting my feet wet.  Joined the site a in March, and have learned a ton.  Losing a bit here on a few trades, but getting the hang of rolling and when to time things.  I am looking at the LTP in the end, with the 10K also being an attractive portfolio.

  32. Real Name = Screen Name (Matt) – which could be taken as either a complete dearth of creativity or a deep sense of unvarnished honesty possibly both – WYSIWYG.
    Location: Oregon (small shout out to Singapore Steve)
    Age: 37 married one wife and 3 super awesome kids
    Currently employed by a tremendously large privately owned investment firm helping to advance the wealth building of a few misunderstood billionaires.  I have been a member of PSW for going on 2 years but only today learned of the many interesting stories in the member bio’s.  I am a junkie for the content and links on the site and read just about everything, in the remaining few minutes of the day – working toward following more of the LTP & some option plays coming from more of a long only bias developed over years in the business and corporate MBA style thinking.  
    Thanks be to PSW – have been largely unharmed in the last quarter which is a great introduction to the style and thinking about portfolio construction and opportunity vs. risk well known here by all.  Double thanks to K1 and many others – for their regular contributions – hope to find more time to dig in deeper to the PSW knowledge base.
    When not reading, talking or explaining the markets I am typically asleep but occasionally will be known to visit the mountain to ski/snowboard, windsurf in the most sacred Columbia River Gorge, surf in the chilly Pacific Ocean or otherwise be playing with any number of apparatus found in our newly cleaned 2 car garage if not already involved in a regular ice hockey or poker game.
    Ideal TRADE = I’d like to put a COLLAR on TIME itself. . .

  33. Screen Name : EstimatedProphet (Play on Words based on Grateful Dead Song)
    Real Name : Benjamin Starling
    Location: Chapel Hill / Raleigh, NC
    Age: 24
    Education / Background : BA Economics / History UNC Chapel HIll.  Series 7&63, Financial planning coursework in progress.
    I currently work for what I believe to be the same privately owned brokerage company as Matthew Conti.  Currently work transitioning institutional 401k participants into individual retirement accounts with said company. 
    I’ve always had a deep passion for stocks and trading as well as financial planning. Since the dya first introduce to the concept of buying/selling stock and I’ve been hooked.  Armed with online poker winnings and the modest savings I’ve built in the past two years  I’ve decided to venture into the trading world.  After having a pretty good bit of success on my own I realized I might not really understand a whole lot about what I was doing and started really trying to educate myself.  I’ve been lurking around the site for a few months and can proudly call myself one of the 1% figure that converts to a premium membership.
    Outside of stocks I enjoy any type of game that requires strategy.  Video games, various forms of poker, buddhism science fiction books, reading biographies, good beers and large outdoor concerts / festivals.
    I am excited about the knowledge sharing and education opportunity this site presents.
    Feel free to contact to me to talk about any of the above.
    AIM : NigelTea

  34. Given name: Aaron
    33 years old, grew up in Orlando and I can’t seem to escape. I got interested in the markets a few years ago when I was procrastinating on my master’s thesis…did finish that though and got my M.A. in clinical psychology from LSU; worked mostly as a therapist for adolescents since then. I have two beautiful young daughters from my starter-wife and currently keeping an eye out for my forever-wife. Many people might consider me "religious" because I pray, go to Church, read the Bible, etc. but that is because most people (including Christians) are clueless regarding what Christ and being a Christian is really about. I’m into "extreme" sports; mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, etc. Here’s an illustration reflecting me: I love punk/hardcore music and moshpits (very unChurchianity, I know) but I would give them up if God wanted me to;but; he doesn’t, because he knows I would surrender it and, therefore, I am responsible with that freedom. Therefore, I use my God-given mind and body to go have an absolute blast punching, kicking, elbowing, and kneeing other guys (mostly) on a dancefloor with a smile on my face and singing songs about partying, love, bringing down the establishment, FREEDOM, and various other angst-ridden fodder, all the while with appreciation in my heart to Christ as my savior. Does that sound "religious" to you? Anyway, faith has transformed my life so I couldn’t have an accurate bio without it. I’ll tell you the story about the angel-guide when I was blind-drunk and lost in the streets of Rome alone another time… ;-)

  35. Eric from north VA.
    Trying to move myself out of the computer programming industry into full time trading. I now realize it is a long term effort but am willing to give it the effort required from a psychology and education point of view. I am in the process of following Van Tharp’s education via lots of reading and want to educate myself on option and futures. The options part is why I am here.
    I am a soccer referee, in my community, in my spare time and go to fitness classes when I get the chance i.e. not as often as I should, especially as I am a CHOCAHOLIC!

  36. Ernest from West Lafayette, IN.
    I work full-time for Purdue University in the IT dept, and also do some IT consulting on the side.  My goal is to quit my job within 1-2 years once I am able to make enough each month to replace my income.  I believe this is possible given the capital I am starting with, if I can learn the concepts and be disciplined.
    In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, watching sports, traveling, and hanging out online.
    I am looking forward to meeting other members here and learning as much as I can so that I can eventually contribute to the group’s knowledge.
    Feel free to write me anytime.  My regular e-mail address is

  37.  Hey all, 
    Screen name: Hanna5
    Name: Tarek
    I’m a radiologist in GA (M.D. from Emory), with a background in economics/finance (B.S., Duke) with a concentration in financial derivatives.
    I’ve been trading stocks/options (time permitting) for about 6-7 years now. However, since this is part-time / recreational time for me, i’m hoping this site will help me generate trading/investing ideas.
    Because of my unpredictable schedule, my activity levels on the site (and in the market) will vary wildly. I day trade occasionally when given the chance, but prefer intermediate length trades. 

  38. Doc from Colorado Springs
    Practiced orthodontics here for 27 years, retired from practice 2 years ago. Have always been involved in investing in some way. First started trading options in ’84-’85, in the dark ages when I had to call my broker a couple times a day! As practice got busier I no longer had the time to make the calls, and turned to Value Investing b/c it was less time demanding during the day. Did  a lot of M&A arbitrage when the money was loose and the market hot a few years ago. I love the mental, emotional, and disciplinary challenge of trading/investing. Also, work out a lot, hike, pleasure read, watch movies. I’m never bored!

  39. Hi Everybody
    Name: Anil Nichani
    Occupation: Software developer for the state government.
    I started out with a free membership at PSW and after a couple months of following Phil’s articles (very insightful), I decided to take the plunge and became a paid subscriber. I have traded in stocks for the past few years and have almost wiped out all my savings. I recently had a baby and after looking at a lot of different savings options for college, I thought I would do a lot better here. Compared to many of the posts above I have absolutely no idea how options work. I have a lot of reading to do before I can start trading.
    I am starting out small but hope to one day supplement my income from option trading.

  40. Exec
    Hi All,





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    My real name is Tom and I’m a principle in a construction firm.  I’ve been playing around in the market for some time but have decided to get serious about it. 
    My previous investment strategy was to dollar cost average in mutual funds.  This worked pretty well, but like most, I got burned when the market dropped.  I transferred my funds out of mutual’s and into a brokerage account and I am currently working on the Streetsmart Pro platform.  Since the switch, I haven’t done very well, primarily because I have a bearish attitude that has influenced my trading.  Not a great strategy over the last year.
    I goal is to learn from the people a PSW and hopefully see my investment portfolio grow.
    I’m looking forward to meeting and interacting with all the members.

  41. Hey folks – this page seems pretty quiet, but I’ll try to keep it alive. I’m Dan, an old Peace Corps volunteer working as an epidemiologist-researcher, a vocation I picked up in the Peace Corps. I’ve been playing with a little money in options trading for a coupla years, and slowly getting better at it, learning my way through mistakes. Discovered this place, and like it so far – we’ll see how it goes.
    I enjoy hiking in the San Gabriels near home, studying martial arts (something else I picked up in Peace Corps), and singing (strictly hobby) opera. Retirement is coming along soon, and I have some decent savings I hope to invest better than where it is now. My wife (an old Peace Corps language instructor) and I plan to move to her country, Korea, onto an orchard/farm with family within a coupla years. The country has changed amazingly since I served there in the early 70s, and we’re excited about moving back.

  42. Well the newest recruit is from North Dakota! I have been following Phil on seeking alpha for so long I just feel damn guilty for not joining. I am a computer programmer for a health system and would be happy to answer any questions out there on what is truly going on with EMRs and if EMRs will help our nation’s diagnosed health care disaster.
    I am also a stock holder of Buffett & co and consider him a divine Oracle not to be questioned. That being said I am also a contemporary trader that understands you can be both a value investor and utilize part of your portfolio to make intelligent quick trades such as those shared by Phil and his group.
    I make plenty of money on trading stocks and etfs but I lose money on options. I want Phil and his team to help change this.

    For fun I just enjoy any time I can spend with my family.  BBQ, Fishing, Sailing (S2 & H-Cat) .


  43. Howdy y’all!  My name’s Travis and I am a born and raised Texan now living in Evanston, IL of all places.  I was in technology, having spent 4 years a Dell in the 90s and 4 more with IBM in the early 2000s.  I have always had an interest in investing and the markets, my mother began teaching me about buying stocks when I was younger.
    My life completely changed in July 2004 when I was diagnosed with an incurable type of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  I spent six months in CHOP-Rituxan chemotherapy and nearly a year recovering from the treatment.  It bought me four years of remission, which was terrific.  In January of 2008, my wife and I welcomed our daughter, and in May 2008, the cancer decided to pay another visit.
    Because of my disease type, the treatment was three months of chemotherapy followed by an autologus Stem Cell Transplant(often called a Bone Marrow Transplant).  I am again in remission, and grateful to be alive everyday.  My doctors say I have a 50-50 chance of staying in remission 5 years, and then the odds spiral downwards.  The only treatment currently remaining for my NHL will be a donor transplant, however that’s a bridge I will worry about when I come to it.  (If you have any questions about my cancer or my journey, please feel free to ask, I am very open to discussing it as I have learned many people fear talking about cancer and I want to disspell that fear.)
    My wife is a dentist, I’m a stay at home Dad, part-time business consultant and interested in trading/investing to become a meaningful source of income for our family.  When not doing all that stuff, I love to sail(Beneteau 36.7s, Lasers and just about anything anyone wants to go out on) and play at our lakehouse in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

  44. Hi there.  I am a 35 year old chef living in NYC.  I studied Japanese cuisine in Osaka and lived in Japan for around 6 years before coming back to New York City to open my own place.  I have a trust account with left to me by my dearly departed mother that I decided to use as my main source of starting capital. 
    But exorbitant rents and the economic meltdown have put my dream on indefinite hiatus. 
    ZIRP is giving me no incentive to keep my cash in savings accounts.  Rather than see my mother’s hard-earned savings lose its purchasing power on a daily basis, I’d rather try and grow it.  I can always return to my culinary aspirations after housing and markets have rebalanced with, hopefully, expanded start-up capital.

  45. Name: Boo Bear’s Dad
    Occupations: Software Engineer and University Lecturer
    After rolling over an old, forgotten, and not particularly large 401(k) from the dot-com era into a personal IRA last September, I was left with the age-old question of what I should do with it.  I decided to start looking into investing, knowing absolutely nothing about it.  Since then, I’ve tried many things, eager to learn; all attempts to date (stocks, futures, and options) have failed to make money, though I can at least characterize them as expensive but worthwhile lessons.  I’ve read Philip Davis’ articles on Seeking Alpha for months and have decided that it’s time for me to take the plunge and see what he and his community have to offer.
    Like many of us, I hope that investing and trading can ultimately help me to reduce the number of day jobs I carry — at least from two down to one — but I see that as a long-term goal, as I surely lack the capital (much less the skill!) to do this full-time.  In the short- to medium-term, I’m enthralled by the depth of the challenge posed by markets, and hope to make progress toward rising to that challenge.  With the help of this community, I hope to improve, and maybe even someday improve one of your experiences as well.
    Oh, and Boo Bear is my four-year-old Pekingese, who sits at the center of my life (and my wife’s!).  It’s mostly about him.

  46. Member: modernstyle
    Real name: D.
    A little about me: Currently a student in one of the EU countries, I am originally from Russia. Not so long ago I have discovered a sudden passion for the financial markets and somehow it led me here. I am really excited about my membership at PSW and hoping we are going to have some really great times working together! 

  47. Name: RN
    Occupation: Environmental Engineer
    I first studied in India, then went to school in Pittsburgh, before moving to NJ. I now live in the beautiful Village of Ridgewood in NJ. I work in remediation of contaminated sediments and water quality (organic chemistry – yeh, nerdy). I read Phil’s articles on SeekingAlpha, and decided to take the plunge – I think I have learnt more in the past couple of weeks than in all my life. Hopefully someday I too shall be able to make positive contributions to this amazing community!

  48. Occupation: Graduate Student (Working on a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology)
    I’m a total geek. I love science and video games. I’m married and have two cats.  Soon enough I’ll have a real job (that’s when the real fun begins!).
    I came to Phil’s stock world because I lost much of my money in the market with the help of my broker. I had a brokerage account with Merrill Lynch and they could not care less about what heppened to my money.  About a month ago, right about the time of the "flash crash" it hit me, there is a gigantic conspiracy against the retail investor and I have been duped.  So I left ML and I am attempting to learn about how to accumulate wealth and preserve capital and make money!
    I don’t like the old model of losing over half of my money and then waiting fifteen years to make it back (which would be more than enough time to lose half of it again in the next financial crisis). 

  49. Age: 55.  Done all kinds of trading except forex.  won some, lost some, no real gains anywhere.  Best luck was selling put options on stocks.  I’ve been investing for over 25 years. 

  50. Member: rperi
    Real name: Rich
    Hometown: Woodhaven, Queens
    Currently Residence: Lexington, KY
    Occupation: Director for a Thoroughbred Sales Consignor and owner of DA Bloodstock Investments
    Biggest accomplishment: Besides convincing my wife to marry me, sold current Kentucky Derby favorite Uncle Mo

    A little about me:  I’m a new dad at 40 and native New Yorker with a long history in upscale food service who picked up and moved to Kentucky 5 years ago to try my hand at another longtime passion of mine, the thoroughbred racing industry.  Been investing in stocks for a long time, but only in recent years decided to learn option strategies.  Studied at Rutgers University before stints living in Dallas, Seattle and Boston managing restaurants in professional sports arenas.  With my new lifestyle (child rearing) I would love to use all that I have learned (there are many parallels between my current work and trading) to live and work more independently.  Read Philip religiously on SA for the last 5 months before becoming a member after his planned exodus from the site.  Have learned a ton already and I am glad I took the plunge.  Really looking forward to this experience!

  51. Born: London 1951
    Citizenship: UK, US.
    Residence: Florida, Dominican Republic
    Employment: Retired, previously worked in public health in various countries.
    Investment aims: To get 20% return on capital in my rollover IRA so I can live in moderate comfort.
    Hobbies: Swimming, cycling, reading, pets.
    Investment experience: A bit over the years, mostly not very successful, however recently I have taken the idea a lot more seriously, having acquired funds from a pension and discovering the joys of selling premium, hedging, and following the markets.
    Investment outlook: I like the idea of selling puts and put spreads on companies I would like to own, which means trying to take a long term view of which industries have a bright future and which companies within an industry have the best management in terms of strategic vision and ability to execute. I think that to succeed in investment, it is essential to have a good overview of what is going on in the world. I like Aljazeera TV news, but read many Internet news sources.

  52.  60 yr old father of a 3 year old — reside in NJ-- I recently cashed out of my law practice and am looking to enjoy a second (and, hopefully, final) career trading. I have some experience with options- mostly selling naked puts and covered calls. I’m hoping to learn how to place and manage more complex trades-- so far the most difficulty I’ve faced is navigating the thinkorswim platform. EVERYONE’S help would be appreciated.

  53. Ron Resnick
    Hometown:  Scarsdale, New York
    Resides:  Beverly Hills, CA
    Career:  I was for 14 years the Chief Administrative Officer and a Managing Partner of Highbridge Capital Management, a global, multi-strategy hedge fund based in Manhattan.  I left Highbridge in 2006 to co-found CounselWorks LLC, a consulting firm which provides business strategy advice and regulatory/compliance services to hedge funds and investment advisers.

  54. Springheel Jack
    I’m a blogger and chartist and I’m fairly well known in the blogosphere from my morning posts at My twitter handle is shjack666. 
    I haven’t used options much in the past but mean to learn how to trade them here. I’ll be contributing to the Chart School, and I’m planning to chart most of the stocks in the Virtual Portfolios to give a longer term technical perspective on them. 
    Charting and Technical Analysis is my passion and if you’re interested, you can see the archives of my posts since March 2010 here:
    I’ve posted some nice calls over that time including predicting massive trouble on RIMM in May 2011:
    …. and calling the BP low in June 2010:

  55.  Name: Patrick
    I’m from Quebec city and I’m pretty sure I’m one of the poorest member here, but I’m working really hard to make sure it does change :)
    I’ve been trading full time, but with a really small account, for a little over 2 years.
    I’m 30yrs and most of my money I have for trading came from playing poker on internet so you might hear me make some parallel about it, I enjoy skiing, anything related to the nature and to drink with the people I love ! I love to learn stuff about pretty much everything.
    Otherwise I’m someone mostly shy but… BUT I’m gonna keep an eye on you guys so be sure to only make trades that you know deep down you want to make because otherwise I’m gonna have to give you my angry look so beware !

  56. 66 years young brand new regular member
    Excited about selling options and hedging and have a lot to learn. Making a consistent return while having fun sounds great.
    Want to be able to retire some day and had accumulated enough between my savings and buyout for my business account. Unfortunately most of my clients are contractors and biz is very slow in CA and many of them are going bye bye,. Took a 60% hit on my income and at the same time about the same on my buyout.
    Was doing fairly well in the market till 2008, lost money and am scared to death about investing.
    Am reading everything I can and appreciate the new members guide. After reading Phil’s news letter awhile I was able to raise the money to become a member by shorting oil when he said to. Had to show my wife a return on my investment. You married guys will know what I mean. Spent today watching my first member chat and am impressed. Did a little trading and will keep studying. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  57. name: John Mazeikis
    location: Chicago area
    58 years old. Spent 35 years working in the data networking industry, primarily as a front line manager. Last 5 years as a project manager. Got downsized in 2009, knew there were no more jobs like that around. Worked as a crew leader for the 2010 Census which was a 5 month part time job. Rookie trader and have alot to learn. Seeking to make regular income trading. I'm excited to be part of PSW. 

  58. Name: Jacalyn
    Location: Trapped in MD
    Former Occupation: One of the Swarm of “Leeches” Phil wrote @ in his 3/30/12 article
    I consider myself an Outlier, lucky to have been in the right place at the right time with lots of blind ambition.  Now after 30 years I can no longer in good conscience “prey” on people’s fear and greed.  I know too much…  I feel a kindred spirit when reading what comes out of Phil’s heart and brain.   It's time to do it for myself, so now begins my next 10,000 hours to success.
    Currently  : Created and Launched  iPhone mobile app: 24hrshotgun ( and trademarked the quip “Don’t Shoot the Bullet” ™
    Personal: Single mom, one son.  Enjoy traveling, reading, working out, golf, Independent films and still love Disco!

  59. Age 62
    Transplanted NY'er in Dallas, Texas
    Notre Dame alumni, philosophy major, finance and economics degree from Texas, graduated law school in 2007.  I'm an education, reading and exercise fanatic.  In financial software inductry, esp. programming and software since 1974.  Been following Phil's delayed publications in Seeking Alpha for over a year and committed myself to his strategy with cold cash in August of 2011.  You don't need to agree with his politics (although I personally do) but his message of being "the banker" works. SELL PREMIUM.andpurchase at a discount (thru writing puts)  Monthly goal is 6 percent profit a month, doubling my nest egg every year.  Became a paid subscriber just two weeks ago and have already made up for my next 3 years dues with CMA and PCLN put profits. I learn a new strategy and associated twists everyday following the blog.  My expertise is in banking and financial corporations. 

  60. Name: Julia (Surprise, surprise)
    Age: 56
    Live: New Zealand
    Was once a nurse, stockbroker, fund manager. Then went to art school (photography major).
    I love traveling and knitting. Hope to fund my lifestyle through trading – it's an ongoing quest!

  61. Name: Chuck Hinners

    Age 68

    Live Dataw Island SC

    Golf is war and I live on a battlefield in SC.  Graduated UW Madison Business June 9, 1969, hence my handle.  My main disability is Law Degree which corrupts one's mind and soul.  Here to learn to protect my money from financial criminals.  It's good to be the house!

  62. ScreenName: GrassHopper67

    RealName: Joseph

    Hometown: Louisville, KY

    Lives in: Asia

    New Investor as of 2017 – I am here to learn and share ideas. If I am critical, it is because you either are misleading your followers or I am genuinely trying to understand your perspective.  It is up to you to decide.

    After reading A-Z on investing and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information and misinformation on investing.  I am narrowing my focus to selling Option premiums and Futures.  As for Options, I am gravitating towards selling Options versus buying.  This is due to my recent membership @ PSW and Phil’s approach on Being the House and not the Gambler.  And, as for Futures, I am diving into energy and indexes.  I must confess, I am loving Futures and spend many hours in this space, which is killing the time I spend on studying Options. But ultimately, I’d like to have a solid understanding of selling Option premiums, coupled with effective strategies for rolling them. If you want to know more about myself or a PSW membership, let me know. You can start with a free newsletter which is very informative and does NOT come with all the sales hype you find elsewhere. 

    With that said, I look forward in enhancing my knowledge of this new industry and perhaps, one day, be a leader in helping others reach their financial goals. 

  63. Real name is Eric, born 1960, raised on Jersey Shore, attended private grade school, public high school, University of Virginia, and then Rutgers School of Law.   Thus I bounced between the life of the privileged conservative, and that of the not so privileged liberal,  (if you can call attending law school being underprivileged).  At any rate, you can guess which side I came down on. 

    Had a  good career as a lawyer for 10 years in NJ  concentrating in real estate zoning litigation but always wanted to be a developer (being a lawyer was intellectually fulfilling but lacking in a number of other areas.)  Cut my teeth on a 24 unit mid-rise condo project on the beach before moving to Colorado Springs with my new wife in 1997.  (She was also a lawyer, with an MBA, and the "bag of chips".) 

    After losing our son at premature childbirth, we adopted two children from Kazakhstan.  The oldest, now 17, turned out to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and required (requires) significant oversight.  So I stopped practicing law and focused on real estate development.  Small projects in CO and NM led to big projects in NC.  in 2007 we moved to NC so that I could more directly oversee my growing real estate empire. Then the Great Recession hit and we lost 80% of our net worth.  Good asset protection, some free legal work, and a little luck helped us avoid bankruptcy and finally recoup enough to allow us to live off the income if invested properly, 

    Unfortunately, intellect and other skills developed as a lawyer and developer do not translate well to the stock market, or at least not day trading, so I gave that up to simply work on creating an income producing portfolio.  Then I started following Phil a couple of years ago, and did the OOP last year.  Now I am trying to up my game at something I enjoy, and gives me the flexibility to assist my disabled son, while providing some income to support my family.

    My son and I just moved to Phoenix, and my wife and daughter will follow when they finish selling off all the stuff we accumulated and the house.  Time to down-size, get our  daughter into college in a couple of years, and hopefully transition our son into some sort of vocation and semi-independent living, so that my wife and I can move to Mexico, eat ceviche and sip margaritas.  Trade well.

  64. An adulterated version of Forrest Gump. Grateful.