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Then And Now: Top Ten DJIA Leaders By Market Cap

Courtesy of Tyler Durden

With everyone cheering the US economy finally completing its first lost decade, and likely the first of many, it is worthwhile to compare the top ten Dow Jones stocks by market cap today and ten years ago. What is notable is the rotation out of pharma companies, with both Merck and Pfizer dropping out of the ranking, and their replacement with taxpayer capital proxies, in the face of JP Morgan (#4) and Bank of America (#9). As both of these companies have achieved phenomenal profitability (and a resulting stock price appreciation) almost exclusively courtesy of the inverted yield curve and numerous other boons from the Fed, their market cap contribution should be carefully considered for whether it is sustainable or is one-time item (assuming the QE 1.0-xxxx.0 liquidity pump ever runs out). Also notable is CNBC parent GE’s fall from grace, and its over $200 billion loss in market capitalization.

Lastly, over half a trillion in market cap (21%) has been lost by the top 10 companies, even with the Dow at the same level.

source: capiq

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