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Bernanke’s Savior From Embarrassment: 1999 Hookers

Courtesy of RobotTrader

Funny how Bernanke was skewered today on his inept mismanagement of the credit crisis and subsequent bust and bailouts.  Of course, in order to avoid outright humiliation and embarrassment, he ordered the boys at Goldman to vacuum pump some key stocks in order to stave off an unfriendly market reaction to his miserable testimony.

And what better sector than the “Supermodel” semiconductors?  After all, it is the most favored group in history, since it already has the envious record of participating in the biggest bubble of all in 1999, along with subsequent mini-bubbles the last 10 years.

He immediately instructed the GS Prop Desk to start dryhumping these so they would immediately show up on all the stock scans this morning as to day’s “momentum play”.

The 19-year old joystick junkies just love chasing these drama queens:

And check out FSLR, another broken down high baller who checked out of rehab today:

And hey, if that doesn’t work, then watch out for some more sector upgrades tomorrow so Bernanke can further “resubstantiate” his reputation…..

Looks like he had a head start already on the mortgage insurers today:

MTG, RDN, ABK, MBI, etc.

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