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NYSE TICK Divergences Predict End-of-Day Selloff


NYSE TICK Divergences Predict End-of-Day Selloff


One of the screens that we at Fibozachi continually monitor throughout the Cash session is the NYSE TICK. 

The hackneyed cliche of "volume precedes price" is certainly true more often than not, however, it is far from foolproof.  We prefer to modify this tired cliche by saying that: "buying and selling pressure precedes price."

The snapshots below (from today’s session) clearly illustrate how this critical relationship (between the TICK and price action itself) plays out on a daily basis.


– Please click on any of the snapshots below to open a large, crystal-clear picture –


ESH10 (S&P 500 E-Mini) with TICK Highs & Lows Overlayed onto Price


mint Scalper 1 Minute


NYSE TICK 1-Minute


mint TICK 1 Minute


Disclosure: during any given session, we may trade any of these instruments bi-directionally.  We are currently flat and merry at the time of publishing …


For similar technical takes, market calls and insights; please visit our brand new website, www.fibozachi.com.  There, you can view both our complete body of analytic work as well as detailed explanations of the unique design development and technical methodologies within the proprietary technical indicator packages that we use daily to perform a comprehensive technical analysis of stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, futures and FOREX across interval periods of time, tick and volume.

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