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Weekly Chartology

Courtesy of Tyler Durden

Here is the latest lay of the land according to Goldman as we head into a week that sees 128 firms report. “Our top-down EPS forecasts of $76 and $90 for 2010 and 2011 reflect +33% and +20% growth, respectively. Our pre-provision and write-down
EPS forecasts are $81 for 2010 and $91 for 2011. Bottom-up consensus forecasts a 39% increase in 2010 to $78, and a 20% increase in 2011 to $95.” We admire the fortitude of Goldman for having a Buy rating on companies such as Amazon (50.6x NTM PE), Textron (45.1x), which will both report on April 22. Oh, and just because the lustre of the whole BRIC concept has disappeared and been taken over by fancier acronyms such as PIIGS and STUPIDs, Goldman is holidng an “Inaugural Goldman Sachs BRICs Conference. Goldman Sachs will host its first BRICs conference in London on May 11-12, 2010. Companies across
industry sectors from Brazil, Russia, India, and China will join leading developed market multi-nationals that Goldman Sachs believes are best positioned to profit from the increasing importance of the BRIC economies.” Goldman’s response to any weakness anywhere in the world: “BRIC.” Nothing has changed for the past decade. However, just like the only Goldman investment thesis from 2005 to 2008 was to short any housing or derivative thereof (in the trading realm this meant using counterparties that have heavy housing exposure, short firms like Merrill and Lehman that have small rolodexes and can’t offload their housing exposure), we wonder just how heavily Goldman is shorting anything having to do with Brazil, China, India and Russia…

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