Thanksgiving is but a few days away. We celebrate by the giving of thanks for whatever bounty has come your way. It is a warm and wonderful holiday full of family and tryptophan and good cheer.

Black Friday, the day after turkey day, is the official kick off of the season I like to call “Shopmas.” The media will have blanket coverage of all things retail. The intense focus with be a potent combination of PR hype and wishful thinking that if history holds will be entirely wrong.

The annual fabrication of seasonal retail sales data is an American holiday tradition.  Sometime over the next week, you can expect to see/read/hear the following lie: “Retail sales over the holiday weekend were surprisingly strong, up XX percent from last year. This bodes well for the upcoming holiday shopping season.”

If this were written accurately, it would instead read something like this: “We don’t know how strong Black Friday Sales were just yet, and wont for a few days. We don’t know how this holiday retail season will stack up against last year’s; we certainly haven’t the foggiest clue as to how the rest of the holiday season will go.”

This has been a pet peeve of mine for too many years to count; see the “previously” list at end.