Nomura: “Fed Is Shorting S&P Calls”-Dynamic Remains Locked-And-Loaded


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The earlier spike in US futures – following somewhat optimistic tones from Putin – have all been erased by actual events and the reality of significantly more unhappy America than expected (from UMich)…

However, as Nomura's Charlie McElligott details below, there is a much stronger dynamic at play that is driving the daily roller-coaster in stocks – and may well continue through the FOMC next week (and the massive $3.3 trillion options expiration next Friday).

US Equities refuse to break-down and it need be noted, considering and thanks in large part to a lot of “contras”:

2) horrific Equities sentiment (our multi-asset SPX Sentiment Indicator at just 16.1%ile since 2004),


3) the absolute nothing-burger in the Ukraine “talks” yday, 

4) the 40 year high US CPI print, 

5) worsening Commod supply / demand realities extending the “inflation overshoot” risks and 

6) Treasury Yields pushing back near local highs again on 

7) re-escalation of “hawkish” CB expectations (pushing back up to 4.5 implied Fed hikes by July and 6.5 by Dec, with VERY real Delta of a 50bps in May)

so the “range trade” remains intact, even if you expand it out to 4400 ($2.4B $Gamma).

This continues to evidence a previously-noted dynamic about “day trading” of options into this frenetic headline backdrop, where short-dated Puts are by-and-large “working” and convex, perpetuating the persistent Dealer “Short Gamma” / “Short Delta” dynamic amplying the illiquidity into concerns of global CB tightening on inflation overshoot and Ukraine…but as soon as we see relief rallies, the downside stuff gets monetized fast, while also bleeding OTM downside Puts—all of which kicks-off more (positive) Delta / buying.

That Dealer covering of “Short Delta” (hedges) then too forces covering / buying in sized-up buyside “dynamic Short” hedges in futs / ETFs / singles / baskets (which is simply another form of “Short Gamma” in the marketplace), accelerating into the occasionally vicious rallies we’ve been seeing—but from there, what keeps happening is that these rallies are 1) either being De-Grossed into and / or 2) sees traders back reloading their Downside / buying Puts by end of day…

This means my ad nauseum “Fed is shorting SPX Calls” dynamic remains locked-and-loaded, as Equities relief rallies only allows them more “rope” to really lean-into “hawkish” rhetoric locally, in order to sustainably move FCI tighter and help soften the “demand” side of the Inflationary equation over the coming 2-3-4 months, keeping a lid on Equities exuberance.

Finally, McElligott notes that next week’s Op-Ex is the real opportunity to see a more sustained Equities rally, because alllllllll of that downside loaded into on Fed FCI tightening and Ukraine escalation (SPX downside 3900 strike @ $1.4B Gamma, 4000 @ $2.4B, 4100 at $3.2B, 4200 at $3.8B) is at real risk of melting / decaying into expiration with Vanna- and Charm- “kickers”

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