Fourth Bus Of Illegal Migrants From Texas Border Arrives In Washington DC


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Washington DC has just received its fourth busload of ‘undocumented’ migrants from Texas – a ‘special delivery’ from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that contained roughly 10 passengers, according to Fox News.

The buses are being sent by dint of an order from Abbott imposed earlier this month week tasking the Texas Division of Emergency Management with providing charter buses or flights to transport illegal immigrants released into the US by the Feds over to Washington DC.

Source: Fox News

As we noted, Abbott issued the order in response to President Biden’s decision to lift Title 42 – the Trump era CDC order that was invoked in March 2020 to effectively stop illegal immigration into the US by ensuring only ‘essential’ travel occurred across the border. Now that it’s being lifted (a little more than a month from now, on May 23), immigration experts (and even the administration) expect a surge of migrants to come across the border following a lengthy backlog.

As the latest busload arrived, the Central American Resource Center, a social services organization, arrived to support the migrants as they disembarked. The non-governmental organization provided the migrants with food and water, then took them to Union Station to eat and use the bathroom.

While some in the media have questioned the legality of Gov. Abbott’s order, it’s worth remembering that transportation of illegal migrants from one state to another part of the country isn’t new or unique. In fact, as has been widely reported, the federal government has been transporting thousands of migrants across the country to different states via bus and plane as part of a plan that was initially kept quiet until the whistle was blown by the media.

What’s more, as even MSNBC acknowledges, the trips to Washington DC are “completely voluntary”.

Typically, MSM reports about migrants focus on gang violence as the primary reason driving them to the US. But Fox News interviewed one 23-year-old man who had traveled from Venezuela who unsurprisingly told them that the country’s collapsed, socialist-run, economy was what drove him to head for the US.

Here’s more from Fox:

“There’s not just one simple reason for somebody to leave their country and come here,” the migrant told Fox News Digital through a translator. “Because of the corruption and because of the really high food prices in Venezuela right now,” he was motivated to make the journey north to the U.S. to find work.

“You can work for an entire month and only make enough money to feed your family, really, for one day,” he added.

The trips from Texas to the US capital aren’t the only cross-border ventures involving migrants: the Biden Administration recently restarted sending migrants to an airport in suburban New York.

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