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Bezos Blasts ‘Disinformation’-Spreading Biden Over Latest Inflation Blame “Misdirection”

Courtesy of ZeroHedge View original post here.

The constant gaslighting of America over whose fault the soaring cost of living just went to '11' on the 'do you think we are all f**king stupid' scale. As Matt Margolis points out, it has been a wild ride for the blame-shifting until now…

In the course of a year, we’ve gone from “inflation will be transitory,” to “inflation is a good thing,” to “inflation started under Trump,” to “it’s Putin’s price hike.”

Polls show that no one was buying the blame-Putin strategy, so Biden and the Democrats are now accusing oil companies of price gouging.

And now the blame for the worst inflation in 40 years is being placed squarely at the feet of "the wealthiest corporations" because  – according to President Biden – they are not paying their "fair share." We summed up the global response to this farcical statement from The White House with one word.. "What?"

Ignoring the fact that his administration unleashed literally trillions in free shit into the economy since his term began and the price of everything started exploding higher…

So presumably, given President Biden's new explanation, the following chart suggests that the "wealthiest corporations" must have been paying their fair share for the last decade because inflation was 'under control'?

Which prompted no lessor example of everything the Left hates about America – a self-made billionaire and former world's richest man – Jeff Bezos to tweet back at the President (in an admittedly unusual move for the Amazon founder), criticizing his comments as "misdirection":

This is the Amazon founder’s first public spat with Biden and came on a day when Bezos was quite active on the social-media platform. In addition to sparring with Biden about inflation, Bezos engaged in conversations with other Twitter users about space squirrels and dyslexia.

Brian Wesbury – an 'economist' – had some words of wisdom to share with the President…

But remember, Biden has 17 Nobel-prize-winning economists who are sure his Build Back Better plan will 'cost nothing and will lower inflation'? Just don't show them this tweet by Kyle Bass…

However, we must not lose track of the fact that when Jeff Bezos is mocking Biden, you know it’s bad…

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