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Inflation Is Top Concern Among Americans As COVID Takes Last Place

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A new survey from Pew reveals that inflation is the top concern Among Americans, while COVID-19 has fallen to last place.

70% of Americans polled between April 25 and May 1 said inflation was a "very big problem," while 23% said it was a "moderately big problem."

Meanwhile, just 19% said Covid was a "very big problem," while 31% said it was a "small problem." 12% said Covid was "not a problem at all."

Oddly, Pew didn't ask about the war in Ukraine.

When broken down by political party, inflation is the top national problem according to Republicans, while Democrats are mos concerned about gun violence, healthcare affordability and climate change.

"Democrats are nearly four times as likely as Republicans to rate climate change as a very big problem (63% vs. 16%)," Pew reports. "Republicans, by contrast, are far more likely than Democrats to view illegal immigration as a very big problem (65% vs. 19%)."

Caring less and less

Over time, Americans have been caring less about Covid, unemployment, and racism.

It will be interesting to see what's bothering Americans most in the next Pew poll, which will undoubtedly include a question on Roe vs. Wade in light of the leaked Supreme Court decision. For now, however…

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