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Tip Poorly? 80% Of Delivery Drivers Admit To Stealing Customer’s Food 

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The smell of mouthwatering food is hard to ignore for a delivery driver. At least that's the suggestion of a new study that found a shocking amount of drivers are snacking on a customer's food. 

The survey was conducted by Circuit Route Planner, a mobile navigation app for drivers, that gathered information from more than 500 delivery drivers. The study didn't say if the delivery drivers worked for DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, and UberEats.

Of the drivers surveyed, 80% admitted to eating customers' deliveries, while 23% purposely damaged packages, 17% stole food, and 17% resealed boxes. 

Circuit Route Planner said the study's key takeaway is that "delivery drivers are not all angels on the job, with some admitting to damaging packages and having inappropriate communication with customers." 

Perhaps the reasoning behind delivery drivers taking a slice of the customer's meal is in response to poor tipping and or the customer being rude. 

Other delivery drivers said tip bating (a practice where customers change their tip amount after the delivery is complete) and wrong addresses were most annoying. 

Poor tipping was the most common response for why delivery drivers might not like their customers. Beyond tipping, over half of the respondents encountered a "Karen" at least once a month. 

The next time you order food, tip well and be polite because you never know what the delivery driver will do to your food. 

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