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Navy Recruiters Stalking “Top Gun” Moviegoers

Courtesy of ZeroHedge View original post here.

Published reports give no indication of whether theaters are being compensated for their cooperation, or whether they’re giving away the space for free, out of a warped sense of patriotism. The war-flick opportunism comes at a time when the Navy—like other branches—is facing a challenging recruiting environment. 

As Nicholas Slayton explains at Task & Purpose, recruiters’ presence at theaters is a sequel in itself, reprising a tactic employed at screenings of the 1986 original. Top Gun: Maverick is a smash hit, hauling in $160 million in its four-day opening. That’s Tom Cruise’s best ever, which says a lot.

To gain the military’s cooperation in making a film—which boosts realism and cuts production costs—movie-makers must submit their scripts for approval by the Pentagon’s Entertainment Media Office. Glen Roberts, who runs the office, told The Guardian his mission is to “project and protect the image of our armed forces.”

Twitter’s @ian_tb03 spotted these two Navy recruiters who’ve strategically positioned themselves by a theater’s bathrooms—er, we mean, “heads”:  

Via @ian_tb03 on Twitter

Admittedly, the recruiters may be onto something…

If the movie whips you into a patriotic fervor that has you yearning for adventure on the high seas and above it, please note: Your Navy experience may bear little resemblance to what’s depicted in the slick Tom Cruise blockbuster.

Then there’s the chance that, after you’ve ceremoniously sworn to “support and defend the Constitution,” you’ll be ordered to violate it by engaging in warfare unauthorized by Congress—such as the Navy’s 2018 strike on Syria, in response to a chemical attack by the Assad government that never happened

Other branches are following in the Navy’s Top Gun: Maverick recruiting wake. While the movie glorifies Navy pilots, that isn’t stopping this Air Force recruiter from horning in on the action: 

While Navy life may not be all that’s advertised, at least the Twitterverse is having fun with the recruiting campaign…

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