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Holiday Budgets Rebound From COVID Slump

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As summer solstice marks the official beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere, holiday season is quickly approaching. After two summers with subdued travel due to Covid-19, Statista's Felix Richter reports a significant rebound in travel activity is expected this year.

Infographic: Holiday Budgets Rebound From Covid Slump | Statista

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According to findings from Europ Assistance’s 2022 Holiday Barometer, 71 percent of Europeans and 60 percent of Americans are planning a trip this summer, up 14 and 10 percent from last year, respectively.

That puts travel intentions across Europe even higher than 2019, while the U.S. still trails pre-pandemic holiday activity.

A look at average holiday budgets also indicates an end to the pandemic travel lull. While European travelers plan to spend an average of $1,900 this summer (ranging from $1,020 in Poland to $2,922 in Switzerland), American respondents have set aside $2,758 for their summer holidays this year.

These are significant increases over last year’s travel budgets, while still trailing pre-pandemic levels in most cases.

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