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US Readies Longer Range Missile Defense System For Ukraine As G7 Hikes Sanctions

Courtesy of ZeroHedge View original post here.

While President Joe Biden is in attendance at the G7 summit in southern Germany at the start of his week, the administration is planning to soon announce the next major transfer of weapons to Ukraine, but this time an advanced, medium-to-long range surface-to-air missile defense system.

The system being readied would put Ukraine's strike capability into deeper territory far behind Russian lines. According to CNN, "Ukrainian officials have asked for the missile defense system, known as a NASAMS system, given the weapons can hit targets more than 100 miles away, though the Ukrainian forces will likely need to be trained on the systems, a source said."

"The NASMAS system the same one that protects Washington, DC, and the area around the nation’s capital," the report adds. The surface-to-air system is produced by Raytheon in partnership with Norwegian defense company Kongsberg.

Just last week, amid an additional $450 aid package which marked the latest security assistance, the Pentagon reportedly transferred four more HIMARS mobile rocket launchers and artillery ammunition for others. So far Washington has given Kiev missiles with a range of about max 50 miles.

Related to the newest system being readied for the Ukraine battlefield, AFP writes of the US administration:

An announcement is "likely this week" on the purchase of NASAMS, an "advanced medium- to long-range surface-to-air missile defence system", as well as other weaponry to help Ukraine fight Russia's invasion.

This will include "additional artillery ammunition and counter-battery radars", which are used to pinpoint the source of enemy artillery firing.

During the second day of the G7 meeting at Schloss Elmau, Volodomyr Zelensky gave a virtual address urging the West to supply more arms, particularly heavier weapons and munitions.

"Partners need to move faster if they are really partners, not observers," he said, also appealing for air defense systems. He went so far as to suggest that Ukraine's Western backers could help it end the war by winter, despite multiple US and Pentagon officials recently predicting a 'years-long', protracted conflict.

Zelensky in the talk called for continued 'heavy' punitive action heaped on Moscow and that Europe and the US "not lower the pressure" on Putin and his war machine. Thus far the G7 is (predictably) responding positively, not only adopting a document which pledges to support the Ukrainian government "for as long as it takes" – but moving to hike sanctions, including plans to announce a ban on gold imports from Russia.

Further on the price caps on Russian energy which has long been floated but is apparently proving difficult to find unanimity on implementing, "A senior German official, speaking on condition of anonymity consistent with department rules, said the US idea of price caps was being discussed intensely, in terms of how it would work exactly and how it would fit with the US, EU, British, Canadian and Japanese sanctions regimes," according to EuroNews.

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