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Liz Cheney Enters Second Stage Of Grief, Blames ‘Very Sick’ Republicans For Her Loss

After Liz Cheney’s devastating primary defeat last Tuesday, the deposed neocon princess held her chin high as she entered the first stage of grief – denialsuggesting she could primary Trump in 2024, and comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln in a cringeworthy concession speech that rewrote history to fit her narrative.

On Sunday, Cheney entered the second phase of grief following her 37-point loss to attorney Harriet Hageman – anger.

In an interview with ABC‘s “This Week,” Cheney blamed “very sick” Republicans for booting her out of the Senate (Of course, the Wyoming Republican Party had long since disowned Cheney for voting to impeach Trump).

“It says that clearly his hold is very strong among some portions of the Republican Party,” Cheney said, referring to Trump – before dismissing her crushing defeat as an outlier.

My state of Wyoming is not necessarily a representative, sort of, you know, sample of the party,” to which anchor Jon Karl shot back that it’s one of the most red states in the country.

And I think it says a couple of things: I think it says people continue to believe the lie, they continue to believe what he’s saying, which is very dangerous,” she continued. “I think it also tells you that large portions of our party, including the leadership of our party, is very sick.”

As the Washington Examiner notes:

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, was the No. 3 House Republican and was a staunch ally of the 45th president. She broke with Trump after he began denying the outcome of the 2020 election and fully denounced him after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Trump’s most loyal congressional allies tried to oust Cheney from her leadership position in February 2021, but the vote to remove her as House GOP Conference chair was unsuccessful. Her standing with GOP colleagues weakened in the months that followed, as members grew frustrated with her continued comments regarding the former president and her support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) Jan. 6 commission.

Cheney also said that GOP “election denier” Senators like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz have “made themselves unfit for future office,” because they “took steps that fundamentally threatened the constitutional order and structure in the aftermath of the last election.”

Which is odd because we don’t recall Cheney denouncing Democrats for “fundamentally threatening the constitutional order” when they denied the results of the 2016 election. 

Take it away, Vox (!?!):

“The bad news for Never Trump Republicans this week wasn’t just that Liz Cheney lost the primary for her Wyoming congressional seat on Tuesday. It wasn’t even that she lost by such an overwhelming margin. It was that her loss fit a pattern in which the GOP’s voters have roundly rejected Republican after Republican who voted to impeach Trump. Only two of the 10 House Republicans who did so will even be on the ballot in November — one of whom is running in a district that Joe Biden won by more than 10 percentage points in 2020.

It’s clear at this point that the Republican Party is a pro-Trump party, and that its voters recoil from candidates who are ardently opposed to the former president. The results of this primary season — and Cheney’s loss in particular — show a Never Trump wing on the verge of extinction.”

We can’t wait for the bargaining stage…

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