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CCP To Release Top Gun-Esque Aerial-Action Thriller, Featuring Stealth Fighter

Beijing banned Chinese moviegoers from Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster this summer, “Top Gun: Maverick,” because Tom Cruise’s character (“Maverick”) wore a flight jacket with flag patches of Japan and Taiwan. With Cruise’s flick banned, the next best thing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could do is produce a Top Gun-esque air force film of its own, expected to be released later this year. 

CCP’s mouthpiece Global Times said a fifteen-second teaser for the Chinese military film “Born to Fly” has been released, featuring the country’s most advanced stealth fighter, the Chengdu J-20, along with the story of how Chinese scientists, engineers, and military personnel developed the fifth-generation fighter jet. 

“The movie presents the struggles of Chinese scientists and engineers as they work to catch up with the times in stealth jet research and advancement after the country experienced a technological blockade under the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (COCOM) and Wassenaar Arrangement,” Global Times said. 

Global Times added: “The film will present the power and speed of China’s latest fighter jets as well as reveal the work and life of a test pilot, a representative of the contemporary PLA Air Force.”

The war flick comes as China rapidly modernizes its armed forces at an unprecedented pace. Threats of war between the US and China surged earlier this month when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, forcing China to conduct an abrupt military drill around the self-governed island. 

Some in the West believe Beijing’s economic and military weight could shift the balance of power in the decade ahead. As we’ve pointed out, the US-led “unipolar world order” is transforming into a new “multipolar world system.” 

The superpower showdown appears full steam ahead as China attempts to one-up the West with a pro-war propaganda movie of its own. 

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