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Bloomberg To Hike Terminal Costs By 10%, Blames “Competition For Talent”

While everyone was hyper-focused on Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s comments from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, hitting the wires around 1000 ET, a mere 15 minutes later, Bloomberg Terminal customers were greeted with an email about how subscriptions would jump nearly $200 a month starting next year.

According to the email, Terminal prices will increase by 9.65% for those with multiple licenses and 8.46% for single subscriptions. For two-year subscription terms, the increase represents about 4.8% per year. 

Terminal users who renew in 2023 will be hit with a price hike of $195 per month on top of the already base $2,300 per month (without tax). 

Even though Terminal service prices are adjusted every few years, the email blamed the coming price hikes on “expenses for labor and materials have increased significantly, and there is escalating competition for talent.” 

Here’s the email Bloomberg blasted out to hundreds of thousands of Terminal users. 

How many users actually saw the email as it was sent out 15 minutes after Powell’s comments?

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