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Watch: Navy Seals In Helicopter Swoop Down On Yacht In Newport Beach

The stunning video you’re about view isn’t members of the US Navy Seals commandeering a Russian yacht or one belonging to a drug kingpin of the Sinaloa Cartel but instead conducting a demonstration in Newport Beach, California, for a fundraising event.

TMZ said Navy Seals demonstrated a maritime fast rope exercise onto a yacht in Newport Beach as part of a SEAL Future Foundation fundraising dinner that was held at Lido Marina Village. 

Onlookers around the marina were in shock, as many had no idea Navy Seals boarding a yacht, guns drawn, was merely an exercise for the fundraising event. 

“Of course, those in the Marina who might not have been privy to the demonstration were probably dumbfounded … you hear commotion from onlookers who clearly think this is some sort of raid,” TMZ said. 

Here’s a raw video of the exercise that looks like a Michael Bay war film. 

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