Membership Plans for Every Step in Your Trading Journey

$ /mo
Stay up-to-date on market developments
Features include:
  • Immediate access to Phil's daily market-open review
Top Trades
$ /mo
Get unique actionable trading opportunities
All features of Report plus:
  • At least 2 TOP PREMIUM trade ideas each month, straight from Phil
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Trend Watcher
$ /mo
Insightful intraday commentary from Phil and our members
All features of Report and Top Trades plans plus:
  • Read Phil's and our member's intraday market commentary
  • Join our weekly LIVE trading webinars
  • Follow our Virtual Portfolios
Most Popular
$ /mo
Join our trading community
Features include:
  • All features of our Report, Top Trades, and Trend Watcher plans
  • Join our vibrant trading community
  • Ask questions in our member's chat room
$ /mo
Get Phil in your corner
All features of Basic plus:
  • Access special premium content
  • Direct immediate access to Phil
  • Personalized coaching and prioritized messaging
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Gain access to expert analysis and commentary from experienced traders and financial experts. Our team monitors market trends, analyzes key indicators, and provides timely insights and recommendations to help you make informed trading decisions.

Comprehensive Resources

Get access to a range of tools and resources to help you stay informed and up-to-date on market trends, including daily market updates, weekly webinars, and exclusive member-only content.


We offer affordable membership options to suit every budget. Our membership fees are a fraction of what you would pay for similar services from other providers, making an excellent value for traders and investors of all levels.

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Plan Benefits Report Top Trades Trend Watcher Basic Premium
Ideal For
Casual traders Casual traders Beginning traders Intermediate traders Professional traders
Daily Market Review
Read Phil's morning insights on what to expect in the market
Unique Trade Opportunities
At least 2 actionable monthly trade opportunities straight from Phil
Live Weekly Webinars
Watch Phil's weekly trading sessions where he shares his thoughts, strategies, and process
Replays only Replays only
Virtual Portfolios
Access Phil's virtual portfolios where he maintains a list of trades (profitable or not) and provides expert analysis on their progress, adjustment actions, and more
Phil's Intraday Commentary
Read Phil's intraday commentary on market moves, news, and other investing topics
1 hour delay 15 minute delay
Participate in our Trading Community
Join our member chatroom and interact with Phil and our members: ask questions, discuss new trades, and get feedback from Phil
15 minute delay
Quarterly/Annual Billing Discounts
We know you'll be satisfied - save money by choosing a quarterly or annual billing plan
Monthly cost

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All of our membership plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. We will credit the prorated value of your subscription to extend the length of your new plan.

  • Absolutely! We're sure you'll be satisfied with your membership but in the event that you aren't or your life circumstances change, we'll refund the prorated remainder of your subscription cost. We believe in the value we offer!

  • Yes! We encourage you to try one of our monthly payment plans to determine which of our plans offerings is right for you. If you know what plan you want, we offer significant discounts for customers who sign up for one of our quarterly or annual payment plans.

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