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Coronavirus stimulus checks: Democrats drafting new $2.2T relief package

By Aman Jain. Originally published at ValueWalk.

coronavirus stimulus checks democrats FDA Vaccine Kanye West economic stimulus package coronavirus stimulus checks skinny second coronavirus relief package factors

With just about a month left until the election and several days left before the House is scheduled to go on recess, Democrats have come into action on the next relief package. Democrats are preparing a new relief bill that would cost about $2.2 trillion and include coronavirus stimulus checks.

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Coronavirus stimulus checks: Democrats drafting new proposal

Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), who is head of the Ways and Means Committee, is leading the effort to draft the new bill. This new bill could be brought up for voting as soon as next week, or by October 2, when the House is scheduled to go on recess for the elections.

“The contours are all there; I think it’s about timeframe and all of that,” Neal said Thursday, according to The Hill.  “The Ways and Means Committee wrote most of it to begin with. So we’re just going to revisit a lot of it.”

Interestingly, Democrats’ new proposal is expected to be in the range of $2.2 trillion, near to the amount that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been asking in the negotiations. This means the bill would be about $1 trillion less than the Democrats’ initial proposal introduced in May, called the HEROES Act.

This new bill from Democrats would include coronavirus stimulus checks, unemployment insurance, support for small businesses, and more. What other things the bill would offer is not known as yet.

Democrats’ new proposal: what does it mean?

The bill, however, is unlikely to get Republicans excited as they have long been opposing the demand of a costly relief package. Democrats are also aware of this. They probably see this bill as an opportunity to put pressure on the Republicans. The Democrats’ new bill would signal their desire to help the economy and Americans.

“It should send a signal to the public as to where we are, and it’s more recent than [the HEROES Act],” Representative Pete Aguilar said, according to The Hill.

In would be interesting to see Republican’s response to this new bill. It is very likely that they could reject it outright, considering they have already trimmed their proposal from over $1 trillion previously to $500…
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Facts Point To BLM’s Disregard For Open-Range Law

By William E. Simpson II. Originally published at ValueWalk.

Bill and Ciscos herd Open-Range Law

Facts Point To Bureau Of Land Management’s Disregard For Oregon/California Open-Range Law

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The BLM’s Pokegama Roundup Of Open-Range Equines Illegal – Shows Poor Wildland Management As Wildfires Incinerate Towns of Phoenix and Talent Oregon

Bill and Ciscos herd Open-Range Law

Author-Naturalist – William E. Simpson II studies wild horses cleaning wildfire fuels off an Oregon forest floor.

California and Oregon’s Open-Range Law

Both California and Oregon have open-range grazing areas along the shared Oregon-California border and fence-line in the immediate vicinity of the Pokegama Wild Horse Herd Management Area (‘HMA’).

This same border and now defective fence-line is supposed to separate the open-range grazing areas and the livestock and equines thereon in Siskiyou County California and Jackson/Klamath Counties in Oregon from privately-owned and managed lands as well as government lands.

The Green Diamond Resource Company has complained that open-range equines (horses), which may include both domestic and wild horses, are trespassing on their private lands. However, fences owned and managed by the Green Diamond Resource Company are also in disrepair and in some areas, missing altogether.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing an extensive roundup of horses in Jackson County and neighboring counties on private land, as a part of the recently announced ‘Pokegama Roundup’.

Most of Jackson County Oregon is, by law, open range, where landowners must maintain “adequate fences” (ORS 607.007(1)) to protect their property before they are permitted to “take up” animals running at large on the open range.  See ORS 607.007 (“’Taking up’ means the intentional exertion of control over an estray animal, including but not limited to the restriction of movement, holding under herd, feeding, pasturing or sheltering of the animal”). 

BLM Proposes To Infringe The Rights Of Jackson County Citizens

The BLM is proposing to round up the horses even though the private land in question is not protected by “adequate fences,” meaning that the BLM proposes to infringe the rights of Jackson County citizens (and others in Siskiyou County California) to run horses on the open range by threatening to seize their private property in violation of law.

The BLM has no authorization under state law to seize horses unless…
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Ten Great Things I Learned From My Father

By Mark Tobak. Originally published at ValueWalk.

Lessons Investment Tortoise Acquisition Crisis Creates Opportunity oasis capital management

My father went to school for three years.

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Then he went to work.

But he attended the school of life until he died.

Here are ten great things he taught me.

Ten Investment Lessons I Learned From My Father

1) Learn To Take Your Losses

Sell falling shares, you take a loss.

Loss hurts.

But if the company folds, you lose all.

Better hurt than lose all.

So Warren Buffett sold his airline stocks.

Dad would have, too.

2) Take Good Care Of Employees

If employees are well cared for they don’t think like employees.

They think like owners.

They care about product.

They care about the company.

A win-win.

Day after day.

Year after year.

3) Nobody Knows You Have It

When I was fifteen I had a summer job in a factory.

I dreaded Friday when I went to the bank.

For the company payroll: denominated in small bills.

Carried in a satchel through bleak Manhattan streets.

Risking robbery or worse.

My father reassured me: “No one knows you have it.”

He knew first-hand.

He survived a war with cloth-covered gold buttons.

His story is here: /

4) Easy To Buy, Hard To Sell

Dad always told me:

“Never be impressed by the people who buy.

Buying is easy.

Selling is hard.”

5) What is Precious Is Always Relative

As a youngster my father learned the old prospector’s lesson about gold and water in “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” (1948).

On a death march water is more precious than gold.

6) Make Yourself Indispensible

You are sent to a concentration camp to die.

But if you work hard and are indispensible you might last a little longer.

Arbeit Macht Frei, if you survive to liberation.

By the long-forgotten Free French Army.

That Rick and Louis join at the close of “Casablanca” (1942).

7) Terrible Experiences Can Strengthen You

Aus der Kriegschule des Lebens.  Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker. —Friedrich Nietzsche

Out of life’s school of war: what does not kill me makes me stronger.

8) America The Beautiful

We judge by contrasts.

If you have been through hell,

America is even more beautiful.

9) Profit

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Coronavirus relief package is no. 1 priority, not campaigning: Bipartisan group

By Aman Jain. Originally published at ValueWalk.

Coronavirus, stimulus checks, bipartisan group, relief package

It’s been almost six months since Congress approved the first stimulus checks. Since then, there have been only empty talks of giving stimulus payments to Americans. Lately, there are reports that members of Congress could go on break without passing another round of direct payments. To avoid this, a bipartisan group has asked the House leaders to keep the members of Congress in Washington until there is a deal on the coronavirus relief package and stimulus checks.

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Why is it important for lawmakers to stay?

The House is scheduled to go on recess from the first week of October so that the members can return to their districts for the election campaign work. In a letter addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a bipartisan group of legislators stressed the importance of remaining in Washington until a deal is reached.

“We strongly believe that until the House has successfully sent new, bipartisan COVID-19 relief legislation to the Senate, our place of duty remains here in the People’s House,” the letter says.

In the letter, the group of 34 Democratic and Republican representatives, said it is their responsibility to stay “at the table until we have delivered the relief they so desperately need.”

Further, the group urged the lawmakers to “set aside electoral politics” and give priority to the “needs of the country before any one region, faction or political party.” The bipartisan group reminded the members that their constituents would not want them to be campaigning at a time when they are struggling to meet their financial needs.

Coronavirus relief package is ‘number one priority’: bipartisan group

Last week, Pelosi already announced that the House would stay until there is a deal. “We are committed to staying here until we have an agreement, an agreement that meets the needs of the American people,” Pelosi told CNBC.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, however, expects most lawmakers to return to their districts at the scheduled recess, i.e. October 2. But, he believes the members would be called back, in case there is a deal.

“It tells members, ‘Look, we know the election’s coming up, we know you want…
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Senator Sinema Tells Mnuchin and Powell She Lived in an Abandoned Gas Station as a Child; Asks What they Plan to Do About Wave of Coming Evictions

Courtesy of Pam Martens

Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Fed Chair Jerome Powell looked genuinely troubled as Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona shared her traumatic childhood during yesterday’s Senate Banking hearing. The witness panel included both Powell and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Sinema first asked Mnuchin and Powell if they had ever been evicted from their home. Both said no. She then shared this:

“Well, as you may know, I was homeless for a number of years as a child. And I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I know the challenges that Arizona families are facing right now and it’s an important perspective for people here in Washington to understand.

“When I was in elementary school, my Dad lost his job and my parents got divorced. We lost our car and our home and we were homeless for almost three years. We lived in an abandoned gas station without running water or electricity.”

The New York Times has suggested that Sinema has embellished this story, but concedes that she and her family did live in an abandoned gas station; that it was a trying time; and that she had the grit to go on to graduate high school at age 16, as valedictorian of her class.

Sinema was making the case that dramatically more stimulus from Congress is urgently needed. She said “According to the Census Bureau’s household Pulse Survey, over 300,000 Arizona families missed their July rent payments. Two-thirds of those households are families with children.” Sinema went on to remind Mnuchin and Powell that Arizona’s unemployment insurance, at $240 a week, is the second lowest in the nation and without Congress passing a continuation of the prior unemployment supplement of $600 a week, the eviction crisis is destined to get worse.

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Dalio On A “Military War” With China “Will Ve Much Worse Than Most People Imagine”

By Jacob Wolinsky. Originally published at ValueWalk.

Ray Dalio American - Chinese Relationship

Following last week’s chapter, I wanted to flag that Ray has published the latest installment of his “Changing World Order” study today, which focuses on American – Chinese relationship and various “wars” between the two nations.

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The American – Chinese Relationship

Ray Dalio explores the American – Chinese relationship in the context of his universal principles: relationships, power and war. Key takeaways from the chapter include:

The Technology War:

  • The technology war is a much more serious war than the trade war because whoever wins the technology war will probably also win the economic and military wars.
    • The US appears to now have greater technology abilities overall, though it varies by type of technology, and it is losing its lead.
    • There is a tech decoupling going on that is part of the greater decoupling of China and the US, which will have a huge impact on what the world will look like in 5 years.
    • If the US shut-off Chinese access to essential technologies that would signal a major step-up in war risks.

The Trade-Economic War:

  • Moves to cut off essential imports from either side would signal a major escalation that could lead to a much worse conflict. Both countries, especially China, are shifting to more domestic production and “decoupling.”
    • Over the next five years we should see both countries to be more independent from each other.

The Geopolitical War:

  • It is Ray’s belief that China has a strong desire to not have a hot war with the US or to forcibly control other countries (as distinct from having the desire to be all that it can be and to influence countries within its region).

The Capital War:

  • The two main capital war risks are of being shut off from capital (which is a greater risk for China than it is for the US) and losing one’s reserve currency status (which is a greater risk for the US than for China).
    • The United States’ greatest power comes from being able to print the world’s money (i.e., from having the world’s leading reserve currency)

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Finally, coronavirus stimulus checks negotiations are back on the table

By Aman Jain. Originally published at ValueWalk.

coronavirus stimulus checks negotiations chances coronavirus stimulus checks days Claim Coronavirus Stimulus Checks August

Republicans and Democrats started negotiations on the next relief package in late July. After about two weeks of negotiations, the two sides went on recess with no decision on the relief package. Since then the two sides haven’t resumed negotiations. Now, there are hints that the two sides could restart negotiations on the next coronavirus relief package and stimulus checks.

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Coronavirus stimulus checks: Mnuchin, Pelosi to resume talks

On Thursday at a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin informed that he had been speaking with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the past few days. Mnuchin said she has agreed to resume talks on the coronavirus relief package.

“I’ve probably spoken to Speaker Pelosi 15 or 20 times in the last few days … and we’ve agreed to continue to have discussions about the CARES Act,” Mnuchin said.

Pelosi also informed reporters yesterday that she expects to restart negotiations with Mnuchin “hopefully soon.” Pelosi’s remark may suggest her willingness to talk on the overall price of the package, which has been the sticking point in the negotiations so far.

“I’m talking to my caucus, my leadership, and we’ll see what we’re going to do,” she said, according to the New York Times. “But we’re ready for negotiation. That’s what we’re ready for.”

What can we expect now?

Pelosi may be ready to resume negotiations on the coronavirus relief package and stimulus checks, but it does not really appear that she wants to compromise on anything below $2.2 trillion. This is because on Thursday Pelosi directed House Democrats to a draft a new bill that would cost about $2.2 trillion.

It is the same amount that Pelosi has been demanding lately for the relief package. In May, the House Democrats passed a stimulus proposal, the HEROES Act, costing more than $3 trillion. This new $2.2 trillion bill could also mean that Pelosi wants to start negotiations with this new bill as a base.

So far, the White House has offered a compromise on $1.3 trillion. Democrats, however, have rejected this offer, as well as a higher package costing about $1.5 trillion introduced by a bipartisan group a couple of…
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NCCMP Commends Worker Health Coverage Protection Act Introduction

By Jacob Wolinsky. Originally published at ValueWalk.

worker health coverage protection act #TheGigIsUp paid leave paid sick leave remote employees Gig Economy Workers

The National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans Commends Senator Durbin and Senator Cortez Masto for Introduction of the Worker Health Coverage Protection Act

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Statement On The Introduction Of The Worker Health Coverage Protection Act

Washington, D.C. – September 24, 2020 – The National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans (NCCMP) Executive Director Michael Scott issued the following statement commending Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Catherine Cortez Masto for introduction of the Worker Health Coverage Protection Act:

“The “Worker Health Coverage Protection Act” will provide vital assistance to millions of American workers and their families who face loss of health coverage due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which has resulted in an unprecedented collapse of the U.S. economy, putting more than 61.9 million hard working Americans out of work in the twenty-seven weeks ending September 19th. This compares to the worst twenty-seven weeks during the 2008-2009 financial crisis of 16.9 million unemployed.

“The bill will allow workers who have lost their jobs or have had a severe reduction in hours to maintain their current health coverage without interruption. Like the similar provision in the Heroes Act, the bill would provide premium assistance for 100 percent of the cost of COBRA coverage for up to nine months. This assistance will ensure stability for workers and their employers as we continue to address the immediate crisis and work toward economic recovery.

“We commend Senator Durbin and Senator Cortez Masto for their commitment to ensuring health coverage for American workers and their families, and applaud the introduction of the Worker Health Coverage Protection Act.”

About NCCMP: The National Coordinating Committee on Multiemployer Plans is a non- partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt social welfare organization created in 1974 with members, plans, unions and contributing employers in every major segment of the multiemployer universe. The NCCMP is the only national organization devoted exclusively to representing the interests of multiemployer plans, organized labor and the job-creating employers of America who jointly sponsor them, and the more than 20 million active and retired American workers and their families who rely on multiemployer retirement and welfare plans. The NCCMP’s purpose is to assure an environment in which multiemployer plans can…
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Everything you need to know about paying for a business

By Walid Al Hajj. Originally published at ValueWalk.

paying for a business Net Net Stock Strategy

Buying a business brings about an exciting change in your life, but first you have to look for one to buy and finish paying for it. A lot has to be done to complete the transaction. Here’s everything you need to know about paying for a business when you find one you want to buy.

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You may want to check out our full guide to buying a business here before you read up on paying for one.

Paying for a business: looking at purchase prices

As you narrowed down your list of businesses to buy, you probably looked at the price tag associated with each one. However, you won’t know until you dig into the financials whether the business is actually worth what they are asking for it.

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For this reason, you shouldn’t focus too much on the price tag when you’re looking at businesses to buy. You might decide to rule out a business with a price tag that seems like it’s more than you can afford, but since you will probably have to line up financing for it, that price tag can be a bit deceptive at first.

After all, if a business is healthy and making good profits, you will be able to pay it off much faster than if it isn’t in good condition. That means you really need to understand how the business is valued before you can decide if it is worth the price they are asking for it.

Understanding business multiples

The basic foundation of figuring out how much to pay for a business is to look at…
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TGIF – Ending the Week With a Whimper

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

In Monday's "The Week Ahead – 200,000 Deaths Weigh Heavily on the Market," we knew the 200,000th American death would put Covid back in the news cycle and there wasn't much chance of Powell making us feel any better as the Fed is pretty much out of firepower and Congress is MIA as far as stimulus goes and NO ONE is actually doing anything about the virus except for claiming what a great job they've done fighting the China virus – but we won't name names as that would just embarrass a normal human being who had either empathy for their fellow man or the intelligence to realize their incompetence has killed twice as many peeople as the Vietnam war – and this one is still going on – and we've all been drafted!  

As we noted in Monday's Report:

“We have a very serious situation unfolding,” said Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s regional director for Europe. For the first time, he wore a mask at the press conference on Thursday. “The September case numbers should serve as a wakeup call for all of us.”

Relax Chicken Little, The Interoperability Sky is NOT Falling! - Great  Lakes Health ConnectI'm sorry, I know this is depressing and not what we want to talk about in a stock market newsletter but this is REALITY and, as an investor, you can't afford to put your head in the sand and hide from unpleasantness because denying the reality of the situation can lead to even more unpleasantness in your portfolio when ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.  

As noted above, the global markets are only down 2% since Wuhan was first locked down on January 23rd yet the Global Economy has taken a 20% hit in Q2 and

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Phil's Favorites

Why do bankers behave so badly? They make too much money to ask questions


Why do bankers behave so badly? They make too much money to ask questions

Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock

Courtesy of Mark Crosby, Monash University

Over the past 16 months journalists have been scouring through more than 2,000 Suspicious Activity Reports originally sent by banks to the United States Treasury, before being leaked to Buzzfeed and then passed along to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

The reports relate to more than US$2 trillion in transactions over the period from 2000 to 2017. Some of these transactions will already have been investigated, and may be legitimate. In the cas...

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Coronavirus stimulus checks: Democrats drafting new $2.2T relief package

By Aman Jain. Originally published at ValueWalk.

With just about a month left until the election and several days left before the House is scheduled to go on recess, Democrats have come into action on the next relief package. Democrats are preparing a new relief bill that would cost about $2.2 trillion and include coronavirus stimulus checks.

Q2 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

Coronavirus stimulus checks: Democrats drafting new proposal

Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), who is head of the Ways and Means Committee, is leading the effort to draft the new bill. This new bill could be brought up for ...

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Kimble Charting Solutions

Key Inflation Indicators Facing Big Test In September!

Courtesy of Chris Kimble

Inflation has long been a word that the Federal Reserve uses but the general markets have forgotten about.

Why? Well because it’s been virtually non-existent for years. Key indicators like commodities (i.e. copper) have been in a down-trends and the Materials Sector (XLB) has lagged… until this year.

In today’s chart 3-pack, we take a look at the Equal Weight Commodity Index, ...

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Zero Hedge

Sweden Dominates Drug-Deaths In Europe

Courtesy of ZeroHedge View original post here.

As highlighted by the latest edition of the European Drug Report, Sweden is the country with the most drug-induced deaths per million of the population in Europe.

In 2018, 81 people died per million inhabitants, ahead of the United Kingdom's 76 drug-induced deaths per million. Finland and Ireland jointly had the third-highest death rate with 72 deaths per million.

You will find more infographics ...

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Digital Currencies

The Great Unbanking: How DeFi Is Completing The Job Bitcoin Started

Courtesy of ZeroHedge View original post here.

Authored by Paul De Havilland via,

While most of us will prefer to forget the horrors of 2020, DeFi may well prove to be the guarantee of a better, more liberated future...


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'Colossal Backdoor Bailout': Outrage as Pentagon Funnels Hundreds of Millions Meant for Covid Supplies to Private Defense Contractors


'Colossal Backdoor Bailout': Outrage as Pentagon Funnels Hundreds of Millions Meant for Covid Supplies to Private Defense Contractors

"If you can't get a Covid test or find an N95, it’s because these contractors stole from the American people to make faster jets and fancy uniforms."

By Jake Johnson

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley hold an end of year press conference at the Pentagon on December 20, 2019 in Arlington, Virginia. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Instead of adhering to congressional inten...

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How and when will we know that a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective?


How and when will we know that a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective?

How much longer must society wait for a vaccine? ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI/Getty Images

By William Petri, University of Virginia

With COVID-19 vaccines currently in the final phase of study, you’ve probably been wondering how the FDA will decide if a vaccine is safe and effective.

Based on the status of the Phase 3 trials currently underway, it i...

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Chart School

Stocks are not done yet - Update

Courtesy of Read the Ticker

There are a few times in history when a third party said this US paper (stocks, funds or bonds) is worthless.

Here is two.

1) 1965 Nixon Shock - The French said to US we do not want your paper dollars please pay us in gold. This of course led to the US going off the gold standard.

2) 2007 Bear Stern Fund Collapse - Investors said their funds collateral was worth much less than stated. This of course was the beginning of the great america housing bust of 2008.

In both cases it was stated .."look the Emperor is naked!"... (The Empe...

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The Technical Traders

Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling System Suggests Market Peak May Be Near

Courtesy of Technical Traders

Our Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling system is suggesting a moderate price peak may be already setting up in the NASDAQ while the Dow Jones, S&P500, and Transportation Index continue to rally beyond the projected Fibonacci Price Expansion Levels.  This indicates that capital may be shifting away from the already lofty Technology sector and into Basic Materials, Financials, Energy, Consumer Staples, Utilities, as well as other sectors.

This type of a structural market shift indicates a move away from speculation and towards Blue Chip returns. It suggests traders and investors are expecting the US consumer to come back strong (or at least hold up the market at...

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Lee's Free Thinking

Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia - The Branch COVIDIANS Are Still Burning Down the House


Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia – The Branch COVIDIANS Are Still Burning Down the House

Courtesy of Lee Adler, WallStreetExaminer 

The numbers of new cases in some of the hardest hit COVID19 states have started to plateau, or even decline, over the past few days. A few pundits have noted it and concluded that it was a hopeful sign. 

Is it real or is something else going on? Like a restriction in the numbers of tests, or simply the inability to test enough, or are some people simply giving up on getting tested? Because as we all know from our dear leader, the less testing, the less...

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Insider Scoop

Economic Data Scheduled For Friday

Courtesy of Benzinga

  • Data on nonfarm payrolls and unemployment rate for March will be released at 8:30 a.m. ET.
  • US Services Purchasing Managers' Index for March is scheduled for release at 9:45 a.m. ET.
  • The ISM's non-manufacturing index for March will be released at 10:00 a.m. ET.
  • The Baker Hughes North American rig count report for the latest week is scheduled for release at 1:00 p.m. ET.
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Mapping The Market

How IPOs Are Priced

Via Jean Luc 

Funny but probably true:


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