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Global Expansion Is in Sync, Even If Everything Else Is in Chaos (Bloomberg)

With the first-quarter earnings season coming to a close, the verdict is in on the synchronized global expansion: It’s alive and well.

Unemployment in the U.S. Is Falling, So Why Isn’t Pay Rising? (Bloomberg)

The U.S. economy is behaving mysteriously. Usually wage growth accelerates when the job market is tight: Employers have to pay more to attract and retain workers. But even though the unemployment rate hit a decade low of 4.4 percent in April, average hourly earnings grew just 2.3 percent over the past year—compared with an annual rate of more than 4 percent the last time the jobless rate was this low.

Rupee Plunges Most in 11 Months as Risk Off Hits Indian Markets (Bloomberg)

India’s rupee tumbled the most since June last year as local shares joined a global selloff triggered by concern over political turmoil in the U.S. and Brazil.

ECB Could Start Considering Stimulus Exit At Next Meeting (Associated Press)

Officials at the European Central Bank have indicated that their next meeting would be a good time to consider shifting toward an exit from the stimulus efforts that have boosted the economy.

Trump has a shocking conflict of interest with China (Business Insider)

Remember when Donald Trump promised to label China a currency manipulator "on Day One"? Whatever happened to that promise?

The Volatility Buyer Known as '50 Cent' Just Had a Huge Payday (Bloomberg)

The mysterious volatility buyer or buyers dubbed “50 Cent” because of their propensity for buying large blocks of VIX call options priced at roughly a half-dollar each, had their best day of 2017 on Wednesday.

New York City is the world's most expensive place to build (The Real Deal)

New York City isn’t just the most expensive place to build in the world — it’s also one of the most “overstretched” in terms of skilled construction workers available, according to a new report.

Finance Elite in Vegas: Long Live Trump! Or Pence. Whichever (Bloomberg)…
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Financial Markets and Economy

Wall Street is freaking out about a 'Motown Slowdown' — but the US auto industry is actually in fantastic shape (Business Insider)

Over the past few months, a grim narrative has dominated reporting about the US auto industry.

The sky is about to fall. Profitless Tesla is on the verge of eating Ford and General Motors' lunch, even as both legacy carmakers make billions, even as Americans continue to buy pickup trucks and SUVs.

Dollar’s Extended Rally Comes to a Halt (The Wall Street Journal)

The U.S. dollar erased the postelection rally that sent the currency to its highest level since 2002, in one of the clearest signs that investors have lost faith in the so-called Trump trade.

Three popular tuna brands conspired to fix prices, court records allege (The Washington Post)

Here’s the funny thing about canned tuna: Even as Americans lost their taste for the fish and demand dropped steadily for years, the price of a can seemed to hold steady or rise.

World's rich confident they can scale wall of global risk: survey (Reuters)

The global economic, financial and political landscape has never been shakier, but the world's rich are confident they can steer through the fog of uncertainty in the coming year "without so much as a dent in their finances", a survey showed on Wednesday.

Fed's Rate-Hike Odds Tumble After Washington Chaos Hits Bond Market (Bloomberg)

The bond market is interpreting what could be the deepest crisis of Donald Trump’s presidency as throwing the Federal Reserve off its path for interest-rate increases this year.

Here's what the stock market did during Watergate — and why (Yahoo Finance)

In the 1970s, the U.S. stock market endured one of the longest and most brutal bear markets in its history. After the Dow nearly topped 1,000 — topping out at 990 — for the first time in 1966, it would not regain this level on a closing basis until 1982. It would never trade below that level again.

Now we know what it takes for Wall
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Special Counsel Appointed; More Undisclosed Contacts Between Team Trump and Russian Officials


Daily Reads: Special Counsel Appointed; More Undisclosed Contacts Between Team Trump and Russian Officials

May 18, 2017

Courtesy of Bill

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Stakes have been raised --> Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is scheduled to address the Congress today, appointed former FBI head Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate potential ties between Trump and Russia. The New York Times reports that Trump was told of the move late in the day, and appeared "calm, determined to push his agenda and uncharacteristically noncombative" when he heard the news.

The staff at Lawfare Blog have some initial reactions to the report, and offer some insight into the scope of Mueller's mandate. They also raise questions about his work at a law firm that represents some of the central figures in the investigation.

18 more undisclosed contacts --> In an exclusive for Reuters, Ned Parker, Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel report that "Michael Flynn and other advisers to Donald Trump’s campaign were in contact with Russian officials and others with Kremlin ties in at least 18 calls and emails during the last seven months of the 2016 presidential race." The previously undisclosed contacts "form part of the record now being reviewed by FBI and congressional investigators probing Russian interference in the US presidential election."

And according to McClatchy's Vera Bergengruen, before Trump was sworn in, Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser, demanded a halt to a planned military action against ISIS that Turkey opposed. The catch: Flynn hadn't disclosed that he'd been paid $500,000 to represent the interests of the Turkish government. Bergengruen writes, "Some members of Congress, in private conversations, have even used the word 'treason' to describe Flynn’s intervention…"

Koch brothers ready major push on tax "reform" –> TIME's Philip Elliott writes: "Coming soon to your television, smart phone, front door, mailbox and landline: a multimillion-dollar push for tax reform, courtesy of the political and policy network backed by the billionaire Koch brothers." According to the report, their push will largely echo Trump's outline, and is based on the premise that "government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem."

But her emails --> A joint investigation by…
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Financial Markets and Economy

Bond Traders' Bonuses Set to Rise 15% as Banks Resume Big Raises (Bloomberg)

Wall Street bond traders who survived years of slumping revenue are on track to receive some of the financial industry’s biggest bonus hikes for 2017 as banks increase total incentive payouts the most this decade.

U.S. Gas Gains on Potential Marcellus Shale Pipeline Delay (Bloomberg)

U.S. natural gas futures surged after federal regulators limited construction on a pipeline, a move that may delay new Appalachian supplies from reaching the market.

Dollar Pares Loss, Euro Drops Toward 200-Day Moving Average (Bloomberg)

The Bloomberg dollar index nursed slight losses in a subdued trading session as focus shifted away from the greenback, with markets seeking fresh drivers after position rebalancing following the French presidential vote appeared to have run its course.

Reasons to Like the Euro Again (Bloomberg)

It’s always worth re-evaluating one’s views, and my latest revision is that the euro currency is better and less vulnerable than I had thought. I still believe its creation and later expansion were mistakes, but I now see them as much smaller mistakes than before.

Japan May Rekindle Its Love Affair With French Bonds (Bloomberg)

Having sold French sovereign debt for the fifth month in a row in March, Japanese investors may start to rekindle their interest in the bonds, according to fund managers interviewed by Bloomberg including Nissay Asset Management and Amundi Asset Management.

China Metals Bulls Aren't Panicking Just Yet as Rally Fades (Bloomberg)

A gauge of six metals on the London Metal Exchange slumped Monday to its lowest in four months amid a collapse in copper and aluminum prices. 

Ultra-Wealthy Investors Facing Lower Returns Ahead, KKR Says (Bloomberg)

Returns for ultra-high-net-worth investors such as wealthy families may be poised to decline, according to a new report by KKR & Co.

Goldman to IEA See Oil Bulls Back on Top as Cuts Dent Stockpiles (Bloomberg)

Oil is trading near $50 again, OPEC seems to be losing

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Recommended: After James Comey’s Firing, Who Will Stop Trump’s Tinpot Dictatorship? (The Intercept)

American checks and balances are out of whack. The firing of the FBI director is only the beginning. There will be more sackings; more political corruption; more abuses of power. And, again, we can’t say we weren’t warned. Tinpot Trump, cautioned John Dean back in January, “is going to test our democracy as it has never been tested.” Whether American democracy is up to that test is another matter. [Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Financial Markets and Economy

U.S. Commerce's Ross says 3 percent GDP growth not achievable this year (Reuters)

The U.S. economy will fall short of the Trump administration's goal of 3 percent growth this year and will only achieve that when its regulatory, tax, trade and energy policies are fully in place, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Tuesday.

What Happens When Central Banks Stop Buying Bonds? (The Wall Street Journal)

Central banks have been the world’s biggest buyers of government bonds, but may soon stop—a tidal shift for global markets. Yet investors can’t agree on what that shift will mean.

The Surprising Losers From the VIX’s Decline (The Wall Street Journal)

The low level of the market’s so-called fear gauge, formally known as the CBOE Volatility Index or VIX, is a divisive issue on Wall Street. Some assert that the lowest values in nearly a quarter-century signal investor complacency.

Puerto Rico Bonds That Were Bought Up by Hedge Funds Slide to New Low (Bloomberg)

Prices of bonds from Puerto Rico’s record $3.5 billion municipal junk offering in 2014 are tumbling to fresh lows.

Libya Pumping Most Oil Since 2014 Even as Dispute Slows Recovery (Bloomberg)

Libya’s crude output exceeds 800,000 barrels a day and could be even higher if not for internal disputes that led to losses in production by Wintershall AG.

Auto Loan Fraud Soars in a Parallel to the Housing Bubble (Bloomberg)

Borrower fraud in U.S. auto loans is surging, and may approach levels seen in 

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Headline News: Comey, You're Fired

Into the Abyss: Trump Fires Comey (TPM)

There is a glorious swirl of irony, disingenuousness and bad faith in the vortex of opinions about James Comey and the notional rationale for firing him. Speaking just for myself, after Comey’s October 28th letter to Congress, I thought and think that by all rights he should have resigned. I think I wrote shortly after Trump’s election that by rights Comey should be fired but that it would be a national calamity if he was. An independent FBI Director was critical to the security of the nation as soon as a countdown started for Trump to become President of the United States.

F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump (NY Times)

President Trump on Tuesday fired the director of the F.B.I., James B. Comey, abruptly terminating the top official leading a criminal investigation into whether Mr. Trump’s advisers colluded with the Russian government to steer the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

After Comey, Here Are the Options for an Independent Russia Inquiry (NY Times)

President Trump’s firing of the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, on Tuesday escalated calls among Democrats to appoint a special counsel to oversee the investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia, especially given Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Financial Markets and Economy

U.S. Commerce's Ross says 3 percent GDP growth not achievable this year (Reuters)

The U.S. economy will fall short of the Trump administration's goal of 3 percent growth this year and will only achieve that when its regulatory, tax, trade and energy policies are fully in place, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Tuesday.

An Emerging-Markets Rally Belies Worrying Economic Fundamentals (Bloomberg)

Emerging-market bulls from UBS Asset Management to JPMorgan Asset Management often say that developing-nation economies are solid enough that they can handle rising rates in the U.S.

Shale Drillers Are Outspending the World With $84 Billion Spree (Bloomberg)

U.S. shale explorers are boosting drilling budgets 10 times faster than the rest of the world to harvest fields that register fat profits even with the recent

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Financial Markets and Economy

Oil steadies but rattled by concern about OPEC's clout (Reuters)

Oil rose on Tuesday but faced headwinds from concern over slowing demand and the rise in U.S. crude output that has shaken investors' faith in the ability of OPEC to rebalance the market.

Investors Lighten Up on U.S. Stocks, Bet on Europe (The Wall Street Journal)

Investors are pulling money out of the U.S. stock market at one of the highest rates in years, moving billions of dollars to other markets and scaling back a long-held bet that U.S. growth would bring superior returns.

Iron Ore Sags Again as Forced-Sale Speculation Gathers Momentum (Bloomberg)

Iron ore futures are under pressure again in Asia — signaling a possible return to the $50s for the benchmark spot price — as concern builds about the outlook for rising supply and China’s clampdown on leverage ripples through markets, possibly triggering forced sales.

Visiting the White House Can Boost Your Stock Price. So Who’s Visiting Trump? (Bloomberg)

New research shows that visiting the White House during the Obama years yielded a payoff in the stock price of the visitor's company. Will the same be true of the Trump years?

BOE Preview: Pound, Gilt Yields Seen Capped on Brexit Caution (Bloomberg)

The Bank of England is likely to revise higher its inflation outlook for the year, though Governor Mark Carney is bound to talk down expectations for a rate increase anytime soon, analysts say ahead of this week’s monetary-policy review.

Goldman Says Fed Hikes, Commodity Gains to Come Hand-in-Hand (Bloomberg)

Commodities investors needn’t fear the Federal Reserve. Raw materials perform best when the U.S. central bank is hiking rates, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which used the findings of a study to buttress its overweight call on the asset class while acknowledging risks to its view.

Traders Stake $12 Billion on Dollar Extending Gains Versus Yen (Bloomberg)

Investors bet at least $12 billion this week on the dollar extending its rally against the yen, as the odds improve for a Federal Reserve rate increase next month and technical charts favor bulls.

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Financial Markets and Economy

There's a new front in the brutal battle among America's stock exchanges (Business Insider)

There's a new front in the brutal battle among America's stock exchanges.

Bats, which is America's second-largest stock market and is now a part of Chicago Board Options Exchange, is proposing an alternative to the closing auction at the end of the trading day.

Dollar Gains as Traders Seek Equilibrium Levels, Fresh Drivers (Bloomberg)

The dollar gained versus all of its G-10 peers as Treasury yields rose, with markets seeking fresh drivers and equilibrium levels after a strong U.S. employment report on Friday and as French election risk evaporated.

Why stocks aren't going anywhere lately (CNN)

In the past week, the Federal Reserve expressed confidence in America's economy, the U.S. unemployment rate hit a 10-year low, and the presidential election in France showed that the tide of anti-European Union populism may be ebbing.

China Stock Shakeout Creates Most Divided Market in 15 Years (Bloomberg)

As Beijing intensifies a campaign to clean up markets and reduce leverage, state-owned enterprises that dominate old growth industries, such as banks and commodity producers, have been among the worst hit, while new-economy shares remain in favor among overseas investors.

Gundlach makes bearish call on stock market as S&P 500, Nasdaq hit records (Market Watch)

Prominent investor Jeff Gundlach offered a bearish call on U.S. stocks on Monday at the closely followed Sohn Investment Conference in New York.

Want more portfolio diversification? Try different weights, not different assets (Market Watch)

Every investor knows that a diversified portfolio is key to managing risk and increasing the odds of holding a winning investment, but beyond spreading their money across different asset types, experts say that increasing diversity within asset classes — or even individual indexes — can mean the difference between lackluster and gangbuster returns.

Carney and the Bank of England Ready to Play It Safe (Bloomberg)

Even the usually outspoken Governor Mark Carney has kept stumm. In comments so far this year, he’s broken with previous form and

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Financial Markets and Economy

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data (The Economist)

A NEW commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow. A century ago, the resource in question was oil. Now similar concerns are being raised by the giants that deal in data, the oil of the digital era. These titans—Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft—look unstoppable. They are the five most valuable listed firms in the world. Their profits are surging: they collectively racked up over $25bn in net profit in the first quarter of 2017. Amazon captures half of all dollars spent online in America. Google and Facebook accounted for almost all the revenue growth in digital advertising in America last year.

Saudi Arabia and Russia Signal Oil-Cuts Extension Into 2018 (Bloomberg)

Saudi Arabia and Russia signaled they could extend production cuts into 2018, doubling down on an effort to eliminate a supply surplus just as its impact on prices wanes.

Hedge Funds Bail Just Before OPEC-Driven Oil Rally Vanishes (Bloomberg)

Hedge funds jumped out of the oil market just in time.

Before West Texas Intermediate crude nosedived on Thursday, wiping out the rally driven by OPEC’s deal, money managers slashed bets on rising prices by 20 percent, according to U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data.

U.K. Consumer Spending Weakens With Sharp Slowdown in April (Bloomberg)

U.K. consumer-spending growth slowed in April and is forecast to remain weak in the coming months, according to a report from Visa.

China's April trade growth slows as commodities, electronics demand cools (Reuters)

China's import growth slowed faster than expected in April, as inbound shipments of commodities such as iron ore and copper weakened, while export growth more than halved, in line with a general cooling in demand for electronic gadgets.

Chinese Tycoons Plant Money Management Flags on Wall Street (Bloomberg)

When a new hedge fund opened in Mountainside, New Jersey, a leafy suburb that still holds an annual little-league parade, few would have guessed where much of its funding came from: Chinese billionaire Cai Kui.

U.K. House Prices Post
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Financial Markets and Economy

Traders Are Fleeing the Options Market (The Wall Street Journal)

Falling volumes and spiraling costs are pushing trading firms out of U.S. options, raising concerns about fragility in a market that investors rely on to protect portfolios.

Goldman says oil prices on the brink of ‘capitulation’ (Market Watch)

After crude-oil prices took a beating over the past week, falling to their lowest level since before OPEC-led a deal to curb output in November, analysts at Goldman Sachs say crude may reaching a “capitulation” point.

FX Traders Losing Confidence in Dollar With Few Catalysts to Buy (Bloomberg)

Dollar bulls have reason to be gloomy after the greenback ended last week little changed against a basket of peers following a three-week decline. 

Investors are both bullish and skittish about share prices (The Economist)

Ten years ago this month investors were pretty confident. True, there were signs that problems in the American housing market would mean trouble for mortgage lenders.

One of the biggest pillars of the stock bull market is crumbling (Business Insider)

Since the start of the eight-year bull market, one of the most reliable drivers of stock returns has been the willingness of companies to repurchase their own shares.

Iran Will Go Along With Whatever OPEC Decides on Crude Cutbacks (Bloomberg)

Iran will go along with whatever decision OPEC makes at its meeting later this month on whether to extend oil production cuts beyond June, Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said.

U.K. Consumer Spending Weakens With Sharp Slowdown in April (Bloomberg)

Its index showed spending rose an annual 0.5 percent in April, down from 1 percent in March and marking one of the slowest rates of growth in the past three years. Weaker household demand is also taking a toll on retailers.

Stocks are stuck in a 'Seinfeld market' (Business Insider)

The stock market had a lot in common with acclaimed sitcom "Seinfeld" last week. Except instead of laughing, investors simply yawned.

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Financial Markets and Economy

OPEC Boss Embraces Shift to Top Diplomat (The Wall Street Journal)

During a turbulent year for oil prices, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ top official, Mohammad Barkindo, has embraced a role as the global energy industry’s chief diplomat.

Eurozone ‘still fragile’ despite growth spurt, warns European Central Bank (The Telegraph)

Europe’s sovereign debt crisis might seem like a distant memory as the eurozone economy ...

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David Zervos: Deregulation Will Have A Profound Effect On The Market

By Mauldin Economics. Originally published at ValueWalk.

With prospects fading for much of the Trump legislative agenda, the post-election rally looks to be on shaky ground. Yet hope remains. And it doesn’t depend on the House or the Senate.

Trump still runs the executive branch, and that gives him control over the government’s many regulatory agencies.

stevepb / Pixabay

Speaking at the Mauldin Economics’ Strategic Investment Conference, hedge fund manager Mark Hart and investment strategist David Zervos both think deregulation is the key that can lift the US economy out of slo...

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Zero Hedge

Trump Responds To UK Accusations Of Suicide Bombing Leaks

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here.

Overnight saw one of the closest intelligence-sharing partnerships tested as never before in the fight against global terrorism, as Prime Minister Theresa May confronted President Donald Trump over U.S. media leaks from the Manchester bombing probe.

As Bloomberg reports, police investigating the suicide bombing that killed 22 people at a pop concert in the city in northern England have suspended sharing information with the U.S....

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Financial Markets and Economy

Investors Just Pulled the Most Cash From Small Caps in a Decade (Bloomberg)

Investors pulled $3.5 billion from the biggest exchange-traded fund that tracks the Russell 2000 Index last week, spooked by the steepest selloff in the domestically focused stocks since before Donald Trump’s surprise election win.

Japan manufacturers' mood slips despite economic recovery: Reuters Tankan (Reuters)

Confidence among Japane...

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Chart School

Gold supply and demand battle near resolution

Courtesy of Read the Ticker.

Energy builds up during a long slow sideways pattern which allow money managers to accumulate or distribute float, very soon either the demand or supply side is going to get knocked out. Soon we well have a winner! Both the moving averages and Gann angles show the tight APEX, a break out either way will happen. Our bias is to the upside.

If you review a hand full of gold stocks (say ABX, NEM, GG, HMY) you can see higher lows, and consolidations tightening after a period of volatility, this means those that wish to sell from the recent rally have done so, there done! Now the time for the next move is very near. The good news is that most big money managers missed the 2016 rally, and they are getting ready for the next move higher (we believe).


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Members' Corner

Robert Sapolsky: The biology of our best and worst selves

Interesting discussion of what affects our behavior. 

Description: "How can humans be so compassionate and altruistic — and also so brutal and violent? To understand why we do what we do, neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky looks at extreme context, examining actions on timescales from seconds to millions of years before they occurred. In this fascinating talk, he shares his cutting edge research into the biology that drives our worst and best behaviors."

Robert Sapolsky: The biology of our best and worst selves

Filmed April 2017 at TED 2017


p.s. Roger (on Facebook) saw this talk and recommends the book ...

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Swing trading portfolio - week of May 22nd, 2017

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This post is for all our live virtual trade ideas and daily comments. Please click on "comments" below to follow our live discussion. All of our current  trades are listed in the spreadsheet below, with entry price (1/2 in and All in), and exit prices (1/3 out, 2/3 out, and All out).

We also indicate our stop, which is most of the time the "5 day moving average". All trades, unless indicated, are front-month ATM options. 

Please feel free to participate in the discussion and ask any questions you might have about this virtual portfolio, by clicking on the "comments" link right below.

To learn more about the swing trading virtual portfolio (strategy, performance, FAQ, etc.), please click here ...

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Digital Currencies

Bitcoin Soars Above $2000 For First Time Ever

Courtesy of Zero Hedge

Bitcoin is now up over 100% in 2017, amid global political uncertainty and increased interest in Asia, suddenly spiking above $2000 this afternoon for the first time ever...

That is a year-over-year gain of more than 350%. The move comes, as CoinDesk notes, amid a broader boost in the cryptocurrency market, which broke the $60bn barrier today. The increase has taken place amid strong surges from Ripple's XRP, which seeks to lower costs in enterprise cross-border payments, and ethereum's ether token, a cryptographic asse...

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Beyond just promise, CRISPR is delivering in the lab today

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Beyond just promise, CRISPR is delivering in the lab today

Courtesy of Ian HaydonUniversity of Washington

Precision editing DNA allows for some amazing applications. Ian Haydon, CC BY-ND

There’s a revolution happening in biology, and its name is CRISPR.

CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”) is a powerful technique for editing DNA. It has received an enormous amount of attention in the scientific and popular press, largely based on the promise of what this powerful gene e...

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Kimble Charting Solutions

Brazil; Waterfall in prices starting? Impact U.S.?

Courtesy of Chris Kimble.

Below looks at the Brazil ETF (EWZ) over the last decade. The rally over the past year has it facing a critical level, from a Power of the Pattern perspective.


EWZ is facing dual resistance at (1), while in a 9-year down trend of lower highs and lower lows. The counter trend rally over the past 17-months has it testing key falling resistance. Did the counter trend reflation rally just end at dual resistance???

If EWZ b...

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Mapping The Market

Bombing - Right or Wrong?

Courtesy of Jean-Luc

I am telling you Angel – makes no sense… BTW:

Republicans Love Bombing, But Only When a Republican Does It

By Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

A few days ago I noted that Republican views of the economy changed dramatically when Donald Trump was elected, but Democratic views stayed pretty stable. Apparently Republicans view the economy through a partisan lens but Democrats don't.

Are there other examples of this? Yes indeed. Jeff Stein points to polling data about air strikes against Syria:


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In My Top Strategies for 2017, Phil's chapter is Secret Santa’s Inflation Hedges for 2017.

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·       How 2017 Will Affect Oil, the US Dollar and the European Union


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All About Trends

Mid-Day Update

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