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Tuesday Wrap-Up

It’s Google time!

Who cares what the Fed did anymore, that’s old news – Google will make or break the market for the rest of the week. Greenspan didn’t listen to me and he hiked another .25 and, of course, the markets were not too pleased (even though they knew it was coming).

The oil inventories are tomorrow but the big remaining indicator is Fridays Job number. New unemployment claims have been very low for the past two weeks which may indicate a stronger than desired (0ver 280K) job number that will signal more Fed moves ahead.

A combination of worries that the new Fed will be the same as the old Fed plus the anxiety over job growth sent the markets down in the afternoon.


I am just sitting here waiting for the Google numbers, it’s been 5 minutes, seems longer – this is very exciting!

And it’s a Miss! Oh no, run away!!! A huge miss, $1.54 vs. $1.98 expected. I knew I should have kept those puts… Oh well, the real trick is how will the rest of the market react. This should be great for Yahoo, since this will prove Google is not taking their market share but Yahoo is selling off in sympathy. These are all preliminary reactions and may be straightened out in the morning so we will have to wait and see. Nobody knows how to read an earnings report.

I think they halted the stock… That’s bad! I will give my 4:30 impression: If the growth curve is blown, this stock can go well below the 40 week ma of $360, it will take a lot to figure the new value, not to mention a move like that will wipe out $25Bn of wealth from the market so there may be real hell to pay tomorrow.

Funds that stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars will be sure to try to prop this up overnight so there may be a great shorting opportunity in the morning. On the other hand, further reading of the report may show some strength that is being missed at first brush.

It is possible that this is just the result of options expensing since I’m sure Google has a lot of that to catch up with.

I will check it out in the morning to see if there is still a trade to be made.…
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What Will Greenspan Do?

Today is the day. Mr. Greenspan’s last Fed meeting.

CNBC has been making much of the fact that when Volker handed the reigns over to Greenspan, the dollar crashed and the markets quickly followed. Hopefully things won’t go to hell quite so fast during this transition but, if the dollar does start falling, get out of everything!

Greenspan is faced with a little conundrum today. If the Fed raises rates and they’ve overdone it (they may have already overdone it) then his legacy will be a mess. If they stop suddenly, the markets may see that as a sign that we are already in some sort of crisis and it will have the opposite effect.

My solution is simple: The Fed ends today’s meeting with no rate increase but Allan says: As the data at this moment is inconclusive, we will leave rates unchanged but with a bias towards another rate hike at the next meeting should Mr. Bernanke feel that the additional data mertits a change at that time.

This would let Greenspan step down and graciously leave the final hike or two decision in the hands of his successor. It would be a vote of confidence for Bernanke and a huge boost for the markets as clearly the end is finally near (which, ironically, would be better than if it were already here).

So far, Allan isn’t returning my calls but he does have all morning to get in touch with me so we can hammer out his farewell address…


My thanks to Trader Mike for running down this nugget:

According to the NY Post, Google’s long-simmering click-fraud problem could explode into a billion-dollar headache for the Web giant, some Web marketing experts are warning. In fact, a growing number of Google-watchers claim the search giant is ignoring the click-fraud issue because it’s so large.

Click-fraud happens when surfers click on Goggle advertisers with no desire to get to the advertiser’s site. Knowing Google charges advertisers based on how many surfers click on their ads, the fraudsters click on the ads simply to drive up the advertiser’s costs.

The fraud also falsely inflated Google’s revenues. The estimates on the Street, if even close to being true, could rock the stock market darling, set to announce fourth-quarter results Tuesday.

“If Google were to implement a method for stopping click fraud today, it would lose 30
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Monday Mop-Up

OK, that went pretty much as expected.

What else could you expect though with oil at $68? Once again, if you take out the tremendous gains in oil stocks then you do not have a very pretty market at all!

There were many individual signs of strength, most encouraging was a fairly strong showing from Apple (my major concern of the morning), which gained 4% for the day and stayed strong against a declining Nasdaq rally in the afternoon. After sweating my decision to buy in for a few days, my AAPL $80 calls rocketed to $1.25 for a 50% gain today!

The Dow is resting at 10,900 and needs just any excuse to move back to 11,000 while the other indexes are rolling right on to new highs as long as the Dow doesn’t pull their chains down.

Gold finished at $567, looking strong all day. Don’t forget gold poker rules and be ready to sell at any moment but ABX and BVN are both being held back and are acting like horses at the gate, ready to fly up at the slightest provocation.

I am fairly confident that things will go well this week but also happy I have cash ready to go either way because we can’t control the economic numbers in case they are determined to surprise us.

Another thing we can’t control is Greenspan, who is quoted as having said: “If you think you you have a clear idea of what I said then you must have misunderstood me.” I want to say he won’t be missed but Mr. Bernanke could always screw up so badly that we pine for Uncle Allan so let’s not jinx it.


Yahoo sat the day out, a bad sign with the upgrade but there is no reason to get out yet. If you are bored with the leap you can sell the $35 call for $1.05 for a quick 15% but it makes it a little complicated if the stock takes off on you.

EBAY was down all day and the $42.50 puts ended up at $1.65 for a 120% gain in just 8 hours!

I got out of the XOM calls for $2, more than double as soon as it turned down at 10am, as I often say, greed is not good and the options finished the day at $1.55. Often the…
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Directionless Monday

The Nikkei is up moderately (90 pts is moderate for them) and the Chinese markets are closed for their new year. Europe is flat to down a bit so there is certainly money that can head this way if it was meant to.

The market of the year should be India, the government is pushing very hard at Davos and around the world to be counted among the world leaders and a lot of the other Asian investors are seeing India as the value play of the region.

There is too much going on data-wise this week for the US market to be able to do much today. As long as the Dow holds 10,900 today I have no reason to sell.

Today we have Personal Income and the more important Personal Spending Reports. Both should be up a bit from last month (reflecting Christmas season).

On Tuesday we get 3 major reports, the Employment Cost Index (ECI), the Chicago PMI (which needs to be above 60) and the Consumer Confidence Report which needs to grow from last month’s 104 (which is a very good number and tough to beat). Even more important is the 2:15 FOMC Meeting where we will finally get to hear the rate decision buried in the tea leaves of Greenspan’s final statement.

I am begging Mr. Greenspan one more time to pause and let the markets fly free!

Tuesday will be capped off in the evening by the State of the Union address which does make me a little nervous as I doubt Mr. Bush has any real plan that will give the markets confidence. No matter what Bush says, all that people will be talking about on Wednesday morning is Google!

On Wednesday we will have our usual Crude Inventories but we also have the ISM Index which needs to at least remain above 54 or we will start worrying about those GDP numbers we ignored on Friday. Also by Wednesday we should have a sense of what OPEC is doing in their meeting this week – my guess is for a nice drop after an uneventful meeting and another round of builds in inventory.

Thursday will be a day off from data with just Jobless Claims but Friday is a very big day with Non-farm Payrolls (that needs to get back over 200K), the Unemployment Rate, Hourly Earnings, Average Work Week, Consumer Sentiment…
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Weekly Wrap-Up

What a way to end the week!

We quickly blew through my 10,850 target and never really came down so all trades were on and I hope you put that cash to good use…

I got very nervous at about 1pm when oil spiked and the markets turned down but then very happy when they bounced back up before 2pm. The oil price is still based on fear rather than fundamentals and it seems that the markets are getting used to the fear. As I said earlier, the oil producers (oops I mean rebels over whom they have no control) have to take it up to the next level and actually disrupt production or the jig will soon be up.

This is a very odd rally and can easily be derailed by the rash of economic news coming down the pike next week. Traders chose to ignore the declining (and possibly erroneous) GDP in favor of a 2.9% increase in new home sales, although the builders didn’t seem to get overly excited about it.


PFE was hot all day and even got additional good news at the end with an approval on inhaled insulin which I think will lead to magazine covers that say Pfizer’s back so I’m only 30% out so far with my double.

MSFT was a home run today! The March $27.50s have gone from .25 when picked on 1/25 to .75 so far. If I only got this one trade right all month I would feel that I had done my job!

Yesterday’s suggestion to at least take the MSFT Feb $27.50s for .15 actually did better with a 400% gain in one day. The best thing about big cap options is they are so liquid when you trade them so you can lock in profits at any point.

Gold did not hold $560 today and the sector was flat but 11/22 TOTD MRB went up 23% and is now close to a clean double! NAK picked up another 6.6% as well so don’t knock these little stocks… ABX showed how excited it can get at $562 as the stock ran up 5% in the morning peak but it immediately gave it back when gold dropped.

CY dropped off a bit today but I already halfed out of that so I’m holding on to see if it gets good press on the weekend.

11/17 not…
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Friday Morning

WOW! I just lost my whole blog for the day!

Don’t even ask how stupid I was but I just can’t do it again right now so I will give a down and dirty summary.

Things don’t look as strong as I would like. Japan is on fire (up 569 pts) and I do have some concern as to how much of the world’s money will be left for US equities.

Also, the GDP was much lower than expected which is good if you want the Fed to pause but bad as it could signal a real collapse in housing.

Today is the day to get all those things we’ve been tracking this week if the Dow breaks and holds 10,850 (yes, I raised it) against this semi-bad news. Unless that happens – stay in mainly cash!

This could be the start of a Japan-style rally if we can get the press on board although they will probably cry bubble the second the Dow crosses 12,000.

The difference between the US and Japan is that, in Japan, they call a 40% rally a “recovery” and they say that 2-3% inflation is “healthy.” When the Japanese Fed raises rates, consumers say “oh great, now I will make more money on my savings account!

Oil going over $68 will hurt us so watch out for that.


BYD and MGM look very hot.

Steel stocks are in play. X has a p/e of 5, what’s not to love?

Stay away from builders until we know what the fed is doing although many are ready to take off on any good news.

PFE should have an amazing day. This was a 1/13 TOTD. If you are not in it you can take advantage of some early confusion about an approval to pick up the March $25s.

All that glitters will be our gold stocks if we hit $565. BVN is still the best looking if it can break up from $28. I think the whole group is being manipulated down at the moment. NAK is a great buy and hold even though it has run up a lot since we picked it.

XOM is already talking down oil prices. They sandbagged earnings last quarter to keep them down to “just” $10Bn but I think the number this quarter are going to give the anti-oil folks conniptions. I’m going to take the $62.50
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Thursday Wrap-Up

The Dow did exactly what we expected today, bouncing twice off the 10,825 mark but finishing right against it. As I said, the other indexes are ready to rock and roll and just need the confirmation from the Dow to head back to their highs.

Tomorrow might be the day – we will have to wait and see.

Oil stayed up all day which really confused the sector who opened as if it was going to plunge.

Gold hugged $560 and will have to make a decision soon.


My personal intraday trade of the day is a great example of using the Valero rule to maximize profit. At 10:30 the gas inventories came out and Valero obviously liked it so I quickly checked the sector for the most beaten down company which was BTU. I picked up the calls and exited at about 1:30 when VLO turned down for a huge profit.

Although all of the potential trade of the days held their own today, you can see the negative effect that the 12pm rejection of 10,825 had on them. TIE took off so fast that I missed it so I bought ATI, who is pretty much in the same place but less well known.

AIR had a terrible day because they are raising capital with convertible notes. This is ridiculous as they need money because they are growing at warp speed. I will be looking to pick these up when they settle down. This is what happened to PLAY back in October and became a great opportunity to buy in.

MSFT came in a little light on revenues but in-line for earnings so it will all be up to the conference call to see where this will go but I think guidance will rule the day and the stock will go up.

OXPS gained an amazing 10% for the day! There is some merit to buying what you use.

AAPL is taking on water from all sides, now they say Google will have a tunes site and Microsoft will be coming out with an IPod-like device. This is what happens when you are number one but I couldn’t take it any more and I picked up a small batch of $80 calls for .80.

TXN is firmly on the mend. I think that MSFT just not having a disaster signals that all is well in tech-land.

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Thursday Morning

Wow, the pre market is what Cramer calls “En Fuego” – one can only assume that things are going well in Davos. Today our world business leaders are discussing video games. Perhaps they will discuss the Trillions of hours of lost productivity they are causing (I know the Chinese are actually concerned about this).

Europe had > 1% gains across the board and the Nikkei grabbed another 250 pts so we will get a strong open. China is slowing down a bit which is a very good thing on the whole and lots of speculative money may begin to migrate back here.

Gold is going to have a critical retest of $560 today. Is it a floor or is it a ceiling? GFI announced a 6x increase in earnings but they are already up 50% since we pointed out the potential on 12/6. GFI is not a good stock at all, trading at 500x earnings but this should lift the whole sector as analysts (other than me) missed this by a mile.

Oil is seeking the market’s comfort zone (Shieks own stock too!) and seems to be finding it at $65. This is still a ridiculous fear driven price that has no foundation but what can you do?

Interest rates, unemployment reports and durable goods orders are the data of the day. Last month the durable gains were entirely from Boeing so AIR and TIE may be in for another nice pop.

Speaking of durable goods, CAT just raised guidance 10% – that is uber bullish! That should assure some upwards Dow movement today, but I refuse to get excited until we test my 10,825 target successfully.

Remember, holding over 10,825 will be a rally cry for all the markets, in a perfect world we will hit that todoay and follow up that with an upside surprise from MSFT tomorrow that will propel us right back to where we were 10 days ago before this sell-off started!

But that’s not going to happen. 8-(

Nobody bought our notes this week! This is the first sign of the apocalypse. Oil is still above $65 and, worst of all, Bush is speaking at 10:30 – that guy is stock market poison!!!

Cash, cash, cash and cash. Day trade some picks but be ready to sell – please!!!


Selling the DIA puts and keeping the calls was my play of the week!…
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Google Watch

I guess we need to do this every day as it is so volatile…

Google is very unlikely to beat earnings since the mean estimate is for $1.76/share and the whisper # is $2.

How they can possibly do this when the projections for revenues are less than last quarter is beyond me anyway since they “only” earned $1.35 last quarter, and that was a blow-out number.

Yahoo only earned .68 per share of Google so even if Google took Yahoo’s entire profits and added it to their 3rd qtr they still wouldn’t beat the whisper number for this quarter.

Google is suffering from expectation inflation with about another penny per month being added to the estimates.

Check out the Analyst Estimate section in Yahoo:

and look at the Earnings History Surprise row. Notice the narrowing trend downward? Yahoo went from a 14% surprise up last quarter to a -5% miss this quarter – If Google does that the Titanic will look unsinkable by comparison.

Here’s the real problem. Earnings for the first 3 quarters were: $1.29, (+4%=) $1.36 and (+10%=) $1.51 yet we expect a 33% jump in the 4th to get to $2.

Google doesn’t do traditional advertising so they don’t get a “Christmas rush.” In fact, it could be argued that the average person spends LESS time clicking ads on Google during the holidays and more time on Amazon or Ebay.

Maybe holiday advertisers step up their Adwords fees to attract more people during the 4th quarter and that will save them but it’s hard to see the driving force for growth that will equal last year’s buzz (they only went public that September) that will give them the same kind of kick this year.

On the bright side, the trend I noticed back in November continues as Google is leading CME around by the nose. If GOOG goes up, buy CME, if GOOG goes down, sell CME – it’s ridiculous but it works! Also, CME earns more per share today than Google is projected to earn for 2006…

Wednesday Wrap-Up

The bond sale went badly today. That is the real story of the day.

Money is flying into copper and gold which both hit new highs today.

Homebuilders got trashed by a weak housing report and oil sold off on inventory builds.

This was a great day!!!! If you had told me all that was going to happen today, even though I said some of it was going to happen this morning, I would have predicted a 50-100 point drop in the Dow and other indexes following down. The fact that we were a little under flat all day was a very pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow will be Telling Thursday (I need better alliteration) but a couple of good earnings reports could make for some real excitement.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you about Google! I came up with an interesting play today. I took the March $490 calls for $15.60 and I sold the Feb $480 calls for $12 to cover my $410 puts which are nicely up from $12 I came in at. My logic is that the worst case is the stock tanks and I lose the calls but only $3.60 on the spread. On the other hand, if it goes up the March will hold it’s value and give me a lot of leeway no matter what the price. Best case scenario is that Google goes up but can’t break $490 until after expiration…

Wasn’t cash a great trade today? Isn’t it relaxing to have actual money when the market is all over the place?

The gamble of the day – BNI, paid off in less than 30 minutes and gave us a nice 20% return. We can do that one again tomorrow if the market recovers.

BVN did not disappoint with a 1.5% gain, but NEM and GG actually did better. PD was the real star of the commodity stocks with another 2.5% while PCU is still lagging behind.

We await GM earnings, I am blown away by all the people who put money into this company today! Kirkorian bought 12M shares this week, which probably accounted for 25% of the buys so I think that’s a top, although he may actually know something coming into earnings tomorrow…

NFLX finished the day up 15% as expected – there was no way into this stock though as it stayed high all day long.

You would think…
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Zero Hedge

Why Is Maduro Still Pushing The Petro?

Courtesy of ZeroHedge View original post here.

Authored by William Luther via The American Institute for Economic Research,

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Mary Anastasia O’Grady writes that Venezuela’s “National Superintendency for the Defense of Socio-Economic Rights is reportedly pressuring stores to accept the government’s new digital fiat currency, the petro.” The Venezuelan government claims its digital...

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The Technical Traders

Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part IV

Courtesy of Technical Traders

As we continue to get more and more information related to the Coronavirus spreading across Asia and Europe, the one thing we really must consider is the longer-term possibility that major global economies may contract in some manner as the Chinese economy is currently doing.  The news suggests over 700+ million people in China are quarantined.  This is a staggering number of people – nearly double the total population of the entire United States.

If the numbers presented by the Chinese are accurate, the Coronavirus has a very high infection rate, yet a moderately small mortality rate (2~3%).  Still, if this virus continues to spread throughout the world and infects m...

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Why Trump's post-impeachment actions are about vengeance, not retribution


Why Trump's post-impeachment actions are about vengeance, not retribution

President Trump fired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman for testifying in his impeachment trial. AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

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Since the end of his Senate impeachment trial, President Donald Trump has carried out a concerted campaign against ...

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Deep learning AI discovers surprising new antibiotics


Deep learning AI discovers surprising new antibiotics

A colored electron microscope image of MRSA. NIH - NIAID/flickr, CC BY

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Imagine you’re a fossil hunter. You spend months in the heat of Arizona digging up bones only to find that what you’ve uncovered is from a previously discovered dinosaur.

That’s how the search for antibiotics has panned out recently. The relatively few antibiotic hunters out there ...

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King Dollar Going To Lose Strength Here? Gold & Silver Hope So!!!

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The US$ trend remains up, as it has created a series of higher lows since the start of 2018. The opposite can be said for the Euro, as it has created a series of lower highs since early 2018.

The US$ is currently testing the top of its 18-month rising channel, as the Euro is testing the bottom of its falling channel.

What King$ and...

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The Daily Biotech Pulse: Heron Pain Drug Review Extended, Disappointment For Teva In Tourette Syndrome Study

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Digital Currencies

Altcoin season 2.0: why bitcoin has been outgunned by crypto rivals since new year


Altcoin season 2.0: why bitcoin has been outgunned by crypto rivals since new year

‘We have you surrounded!’ Wit Olszewski

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When bitcoin was trading at the dizzying heights of almost US$2...

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What US companies are saying about coronavirus impact

By Aman Jain. Originally published at ValueWalk.

With the coronavirus outbreak coinciding with the U.S. earnings seasons, it is only normal to expect companies to talk about this deadly virus in their earnings conference calls. In fact, many major U.S. companies not only talked about coronavirus, but also warned about its potential impact on their financial numbers.

Q4 2019 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

Coronavirus impact: many US companies unclear

According to ...

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Chart School

RTT browsing latest..

Courtesy of Read the Ticker

Please review a collection of WWW browsing results. The information here is delayed by a few months, members get the most recent content.

Date Found: Tuesday, 01 October 2019, 02:18:22 AM

Click for popup. Clear your browser cache if image is not showing.

Comment: Wall of worry, or cliff of despair!

Date Found: Tuesday, 01 October 2019, 06:54:30 AM

Click for popup. Clear your browser cache if image is not showing.

Comment: Interesting.. Hitler good for the German DAX when he was winning! They believed .. until th...

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Members' Corner

How to Stop Bill Barr


How to Stop Bill Barr

We must remove this cancer on our democracy.

Courtesy of Greg Olear, at PREVAIL, author of Dirty Rubles: An Introduction to Trump/Russia


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Lee's Free Thinking

Why Blaming the Repo Market is Like Blaming the Australian Bush Fires


Why Blaming the Repo Market is Like Blaming the Australian Bush Fires

Courtesy of  

The repo market problem isn’t the problem. It’s a sideshow, a diversion, and a joke. It’s a symptom of the problem.

Today, I got a note from Liquidity Trader subscriber David, a professional investor, and it got me to thinking. Here’s what David wrote:


The ‘experts’ I hear from keep saying that once 300B more in reserves have ...

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Mapping The Market

How IPOs Are Priced

Via Jean Luc 

Funny but probably true:


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