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Phil: Be the House Not the Gambler at the Fintech Conference in Vegas


Phil gave an excellent, educational presentation called "Be the House Not the Gambler: Using Stock Options to Significantly Boost Your Portfolio Performance" at the FinTwit Conference hosted by Lupton Capital and Benzinga on May 14 in Las Vegas. The video is set to start playing at 5:30:45, when Phil takes the stage (but you can see previous presentations by backtracking).

9:00 AM Opening Remarks with Jonah Lupton, Entrepreneur & Investor
9:05 AM Wagging the Dog: How to Profit From Derivative Driven Moves in the Market with Steven Place, Founder, Investingwithoptions.com
10:00 AM The MarketWebs & The Path of Least Resistance, Christian Fromhertz, CEO, The Tribeca Trade Group
10:55 AM Fireside Chat with Gareth Mann, Founder & CEO, AlphaStream & Spencer Israel, Executive Producer, Benzinga
11:25 AM Sponsor Pitch: Carolyn Bao, VP of Marketing, MooMoo (NASDAQ: FUTU)
11:33 AM Sponsor Pitch: Greg King, Founder & CEO, Osprey Funds
11:41 AM Sponsor Pitch: Scott Acheychek, President, REX Shares
11:49 AM Sponsor Pitch: Justin Giles, Director of Contributor Community, Seeking Alpha and J Mintzmyer, Founder & Head of Research, Value Investor’s Edge
12:04 PM Sponsor Pitch: Justin Banks, CEO & Founder, Wolves of Wealth & Dillon Miller, Admin, Wolves of Wealth
1:15 PM The Holy Grail For Investing with Mark Minervini, Author, Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard & Think & Trade Like a Champion, Gav Blaxberg, CEO, WOLF Financial, and Richard Moglen, Stock Trader, Educator, Co-Founder, TraderLion
2:10 PM Be The House – NOT The Gambler. Using Stock Options To Significantly Boost Your Portfolio Performance with Phil Davis, Founder, PhilStockWorld
3:05 PM Closing Remarks with Jonah Lupton

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