Back in January, Portfolio ran something on all the Goldman Sachs (GS) conspiracy theories out there.

But since then, Goldman Sachs conspiracy theory-ism has beeen taken to many more levels. They’d have to update it big time*, with the stuff about the rogue programmer and everything in Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone piece.

Barry Ritholtz asks: "Is Goldman Stealing $100 Million per Trading Day?"

(Interlude for ominous music…)

We’re going to go out on a limb and say the answer is: no. But there are some postings on the ever-reliable Daily Kos, so maybe there’s something to it. We don’t know. Ritholtz apparently suspects more will be coming out on this in the coming days… Ok.

*Other possibilities of wrongdoing include the collapse of the oil market, fomenting dissent in Western China, and the death of Michael Jackson (which Goldman may or may not have orchestrated in order to decrease order volume on that day).