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"I’ve been here for 2 weeks now and have booked more gains than any 2 week period since 1999.  You guys are smart traders.  Everyone seems to bring something. Thank you all – I appreciate the forum and the advice.  The best thing about Phil’s site is learning how to evaluate your own strategies with the benefit of others’ experience and research.  The give and take is priceless – extraordinary."

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"This is why I love this site. Blunt truth. While all these financial thieves don their $150 Armani ties and tell you to stay calm, much like the day after 9/11, you tell people to save themselves. Your site is quite possibly one of the best blogs around. Thanks for keeping it "real" and educating many of us lemmings. Keep up the good work."

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"I’ve been investing for over 35 years and have learned more from Phil, OptionSage, Tom2oc, Zman and the other great contributers to this blog, in the last 6 months, than any other source anywhere."

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"I have paid many dollars for education, coaching and stupidity! 🙂 I have also followed dozens of advisories, coaches and newsletters. This is by far the most educational site with the best strategy for this type of whipsaw market!

I’ve already started recommending you to my trading buddies. You better get this site ready for some major traffic as people catch on to what you’re doing!"

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"Thanks Phil for the XOM 72.50 puts suggestion and your sound money management advice!!! I have increased confidence when selling because of your 20% profit rule. This will definitely help pay my first ski trip to Colorado next week."


"On behalf of all those who love your work but don’t have a virtual portfolio yet, I just want to say that you provide an education as good as anything I’ve learned in business school."

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"This is an excellent site. Very informative and a great read."

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"Just get me in Phil, I would miss the humor the most. Don’t stop your twisted humor, add more!!!"

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"I respect Phil’s opinion – please continue the great advice. I am relatively new to options, great info!"

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"I really appreciate your last couple of picks like MRVL, TIE, SIRI and yesterday’s ICE etc… I (or we) don’t need you to pick the whole market (as Cramer ), just that when you forsee a good one,kindly share it with us. Your blog is my first site on the morning, at lunch, and when I get home."

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"Great site, I like how you qualify some of your suggestions to indicate that they’re just for play money. Nice input from others as well. I don’t know enough to add much besides confirming my educational status! Right now I would equate myself more as a sponge, so I appreciate your (and others) wisdom. Btw, congrats….it appears you have quite the following (and well deserved)."

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"Thanks for the great opportunity, I’ve been reading you for a few months, before the traffic was so heavy; some of your ‘commenters’ bring really valuable insights to support your already great package. Thanks again, did I say that already? Thanks."

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