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Bird Flu Fever – Catch It!

What, don’t like my ad slogan?

Well you should start liking it for your virtual portfolio.

GILD is going to be on fire today with scare stories coming out of China and an agreement with Roche to start making boatloads of Tamiflu (which the government will guarantee to buy) as will BCRX who can actually test for the stuff and went into a Cramer driven frenzy last month only to be oversold back down to $11 (pre recommendation level) this week.

I’m going to make the BCRX Dec. 10s my Trade of the Day but only if you can pick them up for no more than a .75 premium – stock could open anywhere but will be a good runner.

Go for 20% profit and set a 10% trailing stop. Resistance at 50 dma is $12 so look out for that but if it breaks through it on volume we should be looking at a very good day!

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