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GM – Call of the Month

The ship just keeps taking on water – soon the rats will start leaving the ship.

Flip floppy Keybanc gave the first downgrade but expect Deutche, Bear and Lehman to trip over themselves to slap a sell on this disaster before all the magazines come out with their ridiculous upgrades in print.

Up Whah? you say. That’s right (and you really should read this every day, you’d be right on top of this stuff), there were 3 October upgrades on this stock with Keybanc (and I will use the work coincidently rather than suspiciously) upgrading last option day – driving the price up to $30 before changing their mind 7 days later (and here I will use the phrase “like schmucks” rather than suspiciously) just in time to wipe out everyone who bought on their first recommendation.

So a big Bahhhh! to Keybanc and all the sheep who follow them! Read my earlier posts but be careful, everyone has bid up the puts since my original post!

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