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Stray Thoughts

DIS – I am so glad I’m going to get another chance to buy this stock. The stock is going down due to disappointing movie revenues at the same time that they have the Chicken Little huge success and Narnia coming out next month. The stock was due for a retraction off the 200 dma of $26.25 anyway so I’m going to jump on this one around $24 if I can.

Let the Google bashing begin! Forbes is first out of the gate with “Google’s Empty Stocking” in which they say:”Froogle is the weakest of the group,” says Jupiter Research analyst Gary Stein. My real short-term concern is that whether Google or MSFT buy AOL, it will hurt Google’s stock.

Check out: http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-googometer0506.html

I don’t see how the Nadaq can not have an HP effect today even though futures are very flat.

GE just raised growth guidance by 40% – BUYBUYBUY

GM – You know how on the Titanic, after they hit the iceberg and the ship started going down, one half of the ship started going up?

Yeah, it’s kind of like that… The CEO yesterday saying bankruptcy talk was “overblown” is kind of like the Captain telling everyone not to hurry because there are plenty of liferafts. If by “overblown” Wagoner means not the 100% certainty people are starting to believe in, then maybe he has a point – 98% certainty tops!

The CEO will have to go down with the corporate ship but expect “drastic” measures to be taken soon. The only way to save this company is to wreck the union and they have to be pretty deep in cold water before that will ever happen.

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