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When the Going Gets Tough – We Get Compliments!

"Today reminds me of that Barrons commercial…”The market goes up you make money, the market goes down you make money….but this time it’s because of PHIL, HAPPY, and ZMAN." – Bryan E.


Every once in a while, one of our members takes the time to say something nice and I really appreciate it, little things like that give me a nice boost of positive energy during the day.

One thing I've noticed is that we get more compliments in a down market than an up one and I think I have an idea why:


Unlike most "hedge" funds, we actually DO hedge our virtual portfolio AND teach our members to hedge so that we can make money in both directions.  Although generally we make a bit less in a bearish trend (as we are long-term bullish) it tends to be appreciated a lot more during those times

  • KeyserSoze Posted August 28, 2007 at 9:12 am | Permalink 
    • Great post to put things into perspective, especially the way wealth is “created” on paper. One of the many strengths of the site (in addition to the strong community and profitable trading strategies/ideas) is the energy you put into sharing the economics and finances behind the numbers. This, and previous posts like it, really helps understand the “why” behind what’s going on with the economy and markets in ways that I don’t see anywhere else.
  • Greg Reiman – Posted August 28, 2007 at 9:21 am | Permalink
    • Phil: I second KeyserSoze, your site would be worth the subscription price just for the morning commentary and daily wrap up, as a road map of what is happening and where we are likely to be headed. You are able to put it all in perspective in a way that I could not no matter how much news I read.
  • mrn – Posted August 28, 2007 at 9:24 am | Permalink
    • The fact that you try to give the NAKED and UGLY truth, is the #1 reason that I subscribe to this site and have tried and canceled dozens, literally, of others that are premaoil, permagold, permaequity, PERMABULL!!!!
    • Keep up what you’re doing: Tell the truth about the markets, money and stupid human behavior – especially mine when I make stupid trades that violate the rules and the discipline you teach!!!

  • albo – Posted August 28, 2007 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    • I also agree with Keyser’s comments. Thanks for the time, energy, and effort
      you put into this site. I really appreciate everything you do, especially your
  • jeddah62 – Posted August 28, 2007 at 10:27 am | Permalink
    • Phil: Another cheer from the crowd!! In a nutshell, I could not trade without PSW. Your insight into “why” things work is outstanding and has changed the way I approach investing. Just hoping PSW doesn’t get to big and unwieldy as I’m sure you are in high demand.
    • PS: the “un-cheerleading” you speak of has saved my butt several times. Thanks again ..
  • chix0r Posted August 28, 2007 at 11:50 am | Permalink


    • I’d like to give more kudos to Phil and others on this site. I’ve learned so much since subscribing at the beginning of the year. I’ve learned the value of hedging and covers and made profitable adjustments to my trading tactics as well as investing strategy. The daily analysis/remarks are fantastic and the continued retrospective follow-up is like nothing I’ve read elsewhere. Keep up the good work!



I suppose it's a sort of camaraderie under fire – when the Dow is dropping 300 points and people are making money, they just tend to appreciate it more but I want all the members to know how much I appreciate them as we near the first anniversary of our member site

Happy Trading and Options Sage have already joined our community as regular writers and both did a fantastic job of covering during my vacation – their bottom call on August 16th was legendary!  We have a major site redesign coming up to reflect the larger community we are building and we will be adding additional writers over the course of the next year and we want to thank you for "investing" in building an educational recourse with us that is NOT like all the other sites out there.



We promise to continue to improve the site but we will never lose site of our mission – to teach our members to be the best traders they can be – it's a VERY rewarding job so thank you all for the opportunity to make this the focus of our days!

"There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity." – Buck Rodgers (not that one!)


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    Sign up today for an exclusive discount along with our 30-day GUARANTEE — Love us or leave, with your money back! Click here to become a part of our growing community and learn how to stop gambling with your investments. We will teach you to BE THE HOUSE — Not the Gambler!

    Click here to see some testimonials from our members!

  1. Good morning, and I want to be sure to add my thanks to the chorus of kudos, this place is very special.

  2. This Site is awesome, I’ve learned so much and made some money in the process.

  3. I second that size123. I learnt so much and gained so much : financially and knowledge wise from this site and Phil in particular. Financial part is measurable and the knowledge acquired here, simply cannot be measured by any yardstick, since it will always fall short.

  4. Phil, In addition to the kudos you all deserve for your trading prowess and teaching a “blind” man how to fish, I wanted to thank you for the tremendous asset you have been in my life to help me appreciate life so much more, give value to my family and try to be a good person, even learning the feel good feeling of good karma. I am so blessed to have met and LISTENED to you. The only disagreement we will always have and NEVER be able to resolve is having your wife drive you everywhere! I am really going to have to gel out for that to happen.
    But thank you more than you will ever know for what I am learning outside of fishing.


  5. Phil, I too want to thank you, Happy & Sage. Until I joined here, I didn’t know how to hedge at all. I am learning everyday and making me a better trader.


  6. I also want to express my gratitude to you all. I have also learned so much. I was actually up .5% yesterday.
    It is so nice to finally be in control and not at the mercy of the waves.

  7. Adding my kudos .I don’t comment much but I follow the blog everyday and also have been profitable. Busy with my son’s wedding ( in 3 weeks). After that I can trade everyday- just haven’t had the time to trade. Being new to trading, I am learning so much, even though some of the comments and trades, I do not understand- I’m getting there. Thanks to all in addition to our leader-PHIL.

  8. Slimer, nothing wrong in letting your wife drive, especially like Phil you make every minute count!

    Phil your time management, grasp of a very wide range of subjects and your kindness in replying to everyone even after hours makes you unique! I am so glad I “stumbled” upon your website on Seeking Alpha. Not sure about your bow tie though!

  9. Wife driving – If she drives, bless her heart, I only have time to close my eyes and hold on for dear life.

  10. Phil –

    have been watching AA recently…beat up pretty bad, came back a bit, broke through, and now coming back to test its’ 200 day ema. Good long term play if it holds this test?

  11. Wow, thanks all!

    Just to be clear, Tina only drives in the daytime, when I can read. At night I’m the anchor driver, especially when I have to be the more or less designated one!

    AA – see next post but not too bad.