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The Buy List – Update 4 (April Expirations)

Last time we did an update was Jan 30tth and the Dow was at 8,000 at the time.

That time we did an early roll to March because we had a nice, high VIX I was worried would evaporate on us (it did) so the idea was to sell while the selling was good.  Of course, since then we've had a bit of a dip and a slight recovery.  It is with some trepidation that I update this list as we're coming off a very strong day and I don't trust the gains so keep in mind this is a list of plays we are watching - NOT an immediate action list.  Always feel free to ask in chat if the exectuion is still good.  It will always depend on how we feel about the market at the time.  Keep in mind we were picking up these stocks following our strategy of "How To Buy A Stock For A 15-20% Discount" a buy/write strategy we have been pursuing since October, when many stocks got attractively low and the premiums to sell became attractively high.

I will point out to members that the chat section contains dozens of addtional plays each week so this is not a definitive list.  Last time I printed the list we were actually waiting for good enttires and we picked up a lot of them third week in February, when the Dow first dove to 7,500 as that seemed like a nice bottom.  Nonetheless, I'll be updating these as if we took the 1/30 entries that were originally posted for consistency.  This is a group of stocks that fit our criteria for solid virtual portfolio holdings that fit our core strategy, most of them are dividend payers that we don't mind owning long-term (and we NEVER write a put on a stock we don't want to own at the strike price).

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