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Breaking News And Best Of The Web

Courtesy of John Rubino.

US stocks near record. Bitcoin falls from recent high. US jobs growth disappoints, but wages jump. Global debt continues to soar. US retaliates against alleged Russian hacking. Fake news debate rages.  

Best Of The Web

Black magic fraud to be exposed in 2017 – gold up 300x – Egon von Greyerz

The economic risk of ignoring arithmetic – John Hussman

Michael Belkin interview – King World News

The death throes of “money” – SilverSeek

“European break up no longer unthinkable” – Zero Hedge

The false economic recovery narrative will die in 2017 – Alt Market

As we enter 2017, keep the big picture in mind – Peak Prosperity

“There is something strange going on… something doesn’t smell right” – Zero Hedge

My political-financial road map for 2017 – Nomi Prins

How to make America great again with other people’s money – Club Orlov

Fears of a ‘massive’ global property price fall – Telegraph

Happy New Year! – FOFOA

Currency and the collapse of the Roman empire – Visual Capitalist


Breaking News

The Economy

1/11    Banks forced to cover tracks of China’s forex regulator – Reuters

1/11    Hideous constellation of threats and challenges facing Mexico – Wolf Street

1/11    1930s-like demographic headwinds are restraining the US economy – Bloomberg

1/11    Italian bond yields slide after court decision avoids early elections – Zero Hedge

1/11    China’s S$5.5 trillion wealth products reel as bond binge unwinds – Straits Times

1/11    Chinese banks’ liquidity squeeze: worse than you think – Bloomberg

1/11    Goldman “concerned” as Risk Appetite Index hits record high – Zero Hedge

1/11    Steen Jakobsen on “the Nixon doctrine”, Trump, equities, gold – Mish

1/10    China vows to contain corporate debt levels as inflation heats up – Reuters

1/10    These factors could send S&P 500 30% lower – Lombardi Letter

1/10    US unemployment rises despite demand for waiters, waitresses – Lombardi Letter

1/10    Britain’s dangerous post-Brexit borrowing binge – Bloomberg

1/10    China’s banks more squeezed than you think – Bloomberg

1/10    Bill Gross thinks Dow 20,000 wrong round number to focus on – Forbes

Precious Metals

1/11    Gold hits session high as Trump provides no new economic info – Kitco

1/11    Frank Holmes: gold rally extremely likely in January and February – SafeHaven

1/11    Market intervention crushed profit margins – SRSrocco Report

1/11    This key precious metals indicator is screaming “buy!” – Casey Research

1/11    A time for caution, though gold stocks look like good buys – Streetwise Reports

1/11    Torex: there’s gold under them there ‘sills’ – Seeking Alpha

1/11    Strong year for gold despite post-election stress – Seeking Alpha

1/11    Gold is cheap insurance no matter what the Fed will do – Forbes

1/11    The last time this indicator was at these levels gold surged 485% – Silver Doctors

1/10    Gold hits highest in over a month on weaker dollar, Brexit concerns – Reuters

1/10    Gold: the rate hike rally continues – 321Gold

Inflation, Deflation, Currency War, Cryptocurrencies

1/11    Mexican peso falls to record low as Trump speaks – Yahoo!

1/11    Get ready for China’s hot new export product: inflation – Wolf Street

1/11    Euro may not exist in 10 years, France’s Macron says – CNBC

1/11    China launches bitcoin “market manipulation” investigations – Zero Hedge

1/11    Emerging-market currencies slide amid caution ahead of Trump – Bloomberg

1/11    Trump growth bump boosts risks of rate-hike error – Bloomberg

1/11    Death by dollar – Seeking Alpha

1/11    Pound’s decline deepens as currency reclaims dubious honor – Bloomberg

1/11    Dollar’s reserve currency status destroys U.S. manufacturing – GATA

1/11    Here’s why bitcoin prices fell sharply last week – Fortune

Real Estate Bubble

1/11    Suddenly, home sale agreements are falling apart across the US – Bloomberg

1/06    Mall companies fall as Sears announces plans to close stores – Bloomberg

1/05    Six reasons construction boom won’t last – Mish

1/05    Refinance window closing fast: applications plunge 22 percent – Mish

1/04    Manhattan resale home prices tumble the most in four years – Bloomberg

DollarCollapse Podcasts

12/21  Blow-Off Top

12/01  All Eyes On Italy

11/04  Instability on the horizon

10/04  European banks in the eye of the storm

9/13    Markets explain facts of life to Fed

8/16    A tough time to manage money

7/27    Random violence and political instability: the new normal

7/21    It’s not the event but the response to the event that matters

7/01    Brexit was just the beginning

6/25    The deeper meaning of Brexit


1/11    Trump addresses Russia, ethics in wide-ranging press conference – NBC

1/11    NYT accuses CNN, Buzzfeed of peddling “fake news” over Russia report – Zero Hedge

1/11    4chan claims to have fabricated anti-Trump report as a hoax – Zero Hedge

1/11    From Brexit to Trump, polarization heightens risk – Bloomberg

1/11    Le Pen says all French banks have refused to meet with her – Bloomberg

1/11    Is Italy’s 5-star movement going legit? – Foreign Policy

1/11    The internet won’t let Trump get away with insulting Meryl Streep – Wired

1/11    Activists hope to turn Trump’s inauguration into massive riot – Zero Hedge

1/11    The liberty movement in the Trump era – Rare

1/10    The year of the outsider – David McWilliams

1/10    How Goldman Sachs became overlord of the Trump admin – Wall St. On Parade

1/10    Glenn Greenwald blasts “fake news” peddling Washington Post – Zero Hedge

Offshore Investing

12/23  The best countries for your escape plan – International Man

12/21  Do you have an offshore backup plan? – Sovereign Investor

12/17  If Europe goes down, we go with it – Nestmann

12/16  The real winner of the US elections – Mountain Vision

Clean Tech

1/11    UAE plans to invest $163bn in renewable energy projects – Energy Business Review

1/10    Sunedison said to exit India with sale of projects to Greenko – Bloomberg

1/10    The irreversible momentum of clean energy – Science Mag

1/09    Infinite solar power technology could completely change our future – Futurism

1/06    Israel harnessing sunshine with world’s tallest solar tower – Star Tribune

1/05    It’s final — corn ethanol is of no use – Forbes

1/05    Residential solar specialist sungevity’s reverse merger is canceled – Greentech Media

Art of the Collapse

1/07    Trump’s Twitter account was hacked by four-year-old? – New Yorker

1/06    Trevor Noah quizzes Congress: ‘Why are Americans mad?’ – Huffington Post

War, Civil Unrest, Privacy, Creeping Fascism, Police State

1/11    Chinese bomber flies around contested Spratlys in show of force – Reuters

1/11    Greece: severe weather places refugees at risk, government under fire – Guardian

1/11    US intel report: “era of American dominance drawing to a close” – Zero Hedge

1/11    Three strikes—you’re out! – International Man

1/11    The utter stupidity of the New Cold War – CounterPunch

1/11    Democrats are playing with fire on Russia – Hill

1/11    The Titanic sails at dawn – FFF

1/11    Getting rid of social networking surveillance – Nestmann

Self-sufficiency, Food Security, Survival

1/08    US seafood consumption up, but many still making unhealthy purchases – Mercola

1/08    A month without sugar – New York Times

1/06    As Calpers flails, don’t bank on your pension – Investor Place

1/03    How to survive a mass shooting – Survival Sullivan

1/03    Say goodbye to kale: the superfood trends for 2017 – Telegraph

1/03    SRSrocco top 2016 posts & my commentary for 2017 – SRSrocco Report

12/31  How to set up a prepping budget – Survival Sullivan

12/24  How physical inactivity increases risk for chronic diseases – Mercola

12/23  Healing tonic that helped climbing expedition conquer Everest – Alternative Daily

CyberWar, CyberTerrorism, CyberCrime

1/10    Two arrested for hacking emails of Mario Draghi, Renzi – Zero Hedge

1/09    US intelligence: 30 countries building cyber attack capabilities – ZDNet

1/09    Woman in middle of cyber war: the hacker who denies helping Russia –

1/08    Watch out hackers: Deploying ransomware is now a crime in California – Ars Technica

1/06    Intel report says US identifies go-betweens who gave emails to WikiLeaks – CNN

Off-Topic But Brilliant/Challenging/Infuriating

1/11    EU proposal would kill spam in all forms without consumer opt-in – Mish

1/10    Mind-blowing AI announcement from Google – Gil Fewster

1/10    An expert called Lindy – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

1/10    Scientists find Alzheimer’s drug makes teeth grow back – Telegraph

1/09    Wrinkles could be a thing of the past – Telegraph

1/09    How ‘Sherlock of the library’ cracked the case of Shakespeare’s identity – Guardian

1/08    Giant iceberg poised to break off from Antarctic shelf – Guardian

1/08    Forty years later, FDA finally restricts use of antibiotics in livestock – The Fern

1/06    3,000 ride-sharing cars could replace 13,000 New York City taxis – Mish

1/03    Insurance claim adjusters replaced by “IBM Watson explorer” – Mish

1/03    Marijuana industry bracing for push toward legalization in 2017 – MarketWatch

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