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Breaking News And Best Of The Web

Courtesy of John Rubino.

A deluge of “best of” articles. Fed says dovish things, stocks pop, gold and silver recover recent losses. Bitcoin tanks. There’s no proof that Obama wiretapped Trump. Dutch voters stick with the mainstream, France next in line. Turkey threatens holy war on Europe.  

Best Of The Web

The broken bond market – Global Macro Monitor

Status quo under increasing attack by ‘populist people power’ – MATA SII

Who the hell would vote for Marine Le Pen? – Daily Beast

A funny thing happens when the US accuses the UK of spying – Wired

Time to get painfully serious: Banks are evil – Peak Prosperity

Another missed opportunity – Credit Bubble Bulletin

Steve Eisman: Smart, lucky, abrasive, and now one of them – Burning Platform

Enter the blockchain – Garret Galland

Blue skies – Hussman Funds

Precious metal investing — the old versus the new – Miles Franklin

Austerity kills and then some – Automatic Earth

Inflation is back, the EU is failing, gold will exceed $10,000 – Goldbroker


Breaking News

The Economy

3/20    UK to trigger Brexit March 29, starting two years of talks – Bloomberg

3/20    When the tidal wave hits, part III – Jeff Nielson – Sprott Money

3/20    Surge in global economic surprises, business confidence continues – Financial Sense

3/20    Wake up! The market’s spilling its guts… – Daily Reckoning

3/20    Greece edges toward another crisis as bailout quarrel persists – Bloomberg

3/20    EU taxpayers brace as deepening banking crisis means euro-TARP looms – Zero Hedge

3/20    US stocks pare drop, bonds rise as dollar slips: markets wrap – Bloomberg

3/20    Say hello to $3 trillion in forgotten debt – Bloomberg

3/20    More proof of Janet Yellen’s idiocy – Daily Reckoning

3/20    Deutsche Bank: “the probability of a negative shock is high” – Zero Hedge

3/19    How bankers became the top exploiters of the economy – CounterPunch

3/19    G-20 drops anti-protectionist pledge as price of US assent – Bloomberg

3/19    Junk bonds plus retail plus private equity equals carnage – Bloomberg

3/19    Signs that the Silicon Valley tech bubble is about to burst – Zero Hedge

Precious Metals

3/20    Silver Standard will shut down its only silver project – Seeking Alpha

3/20    Miles Franklin, and the precious metal bullion industry – 24hGold

3/20    Why is gold still above $1,200 despite strong dollar? – Khaleej Times

3/19    Gold explorers set for 2017’s best week as moribund metal stirs – Bloomberg

3/19    GDX, gold miners to the moon post Fed decision Wednesday – Seeking Alpha

3/19    Better buy: Freeport-McMoran Inc. vs. Barrick Gold – Motley Fool

3/19    Front seat in Shanghai: jig is up – GoldSeek

3/18    Why Yellen’s first bazooka shot didn’t hurt gold – MarketWatch

3/18    Gold bottom is near — key tactics – 321gold

3/18    Silver to climb faster than gold as Yellen wakens bulls – GATA

3/18    Gold futures mark highest finish in two weeks – MarketWatch

Inflation, Deflation, Currency War, Cryptocurrencies

3/20    ECB money piles up in Germany as investors wary of risk – Reuters

3/20    The Fed’s global dollar problem – Bloomberg

3/20    What Sweden’s negative interest rates do to consumers – Wolf Street

3/20    China “prepares for the worst”, will counter all US trade penalties – Zero Hedge

3/20    Fed gets antsy as Southern California inflation nears 6-year high – OC Register

3/20    The German savers who must pay interest to their own bank – DW

3/20    How the Fed operates — and why it’s a problem – 24hGold

3/20    Only 802 people told the IRS about bitcoin—lawsuit – Fortune

Real Estate Bubble

3/20    NAHB Housing Market Index: “builders confidence at 12 year high” – Financial Sense

3/18    Oh sheet, it’s a REIT (the coming crisis) – Capitalist Exploits

3/17    21st century cities without slums – CNBC

3/17    Mortgage rates jump as economy revs up – MarketWatch

3/16    US housing starts total 1.29M in Feb vs. 1.26M starts expected – CNBC

DollarCollapse Podcasts

3/14    Inflation + populism = soaring gold

2/06    Things that WON’T change

12/21  Blow-Off Top

12/01  All Eyes On Italy

11/04  Instability on the horizon

10/04  European banks in the eye of the storm

9/13    Markets explain facts of life to Fed

8/16    A tough time to manage money

7/27    Random violence and political instability: the new normal

7/21    It’s not the event but the response to the event that matters


3/20    Defeat in victory – Jacob InMag

3/20    Germany, Japan push trade pact in Merkel bid to stymie Trump – Bloomberg

3/20    French literary boy wonder Édouard Louis on saving the working class – Guardian

3/20    France’s presidential candidates: The view from abroad – Local

3/20    Can ‘fake feminist’ Marine Le Pen win the female vote? – Guardian

3/20    Donald Trump’s budget is universally unloved – Huffington Post

3/20    Is Donald Trump a realist? – National Interest

3/20    How libertarians can find voter popularity through unification – Libertarian Republic

3/20    Inside Trump’s White House, NY moderates spark infighting – WaPo

3/20    Senator hints that Trump may resign – SHTF Plan

3/20    Democrats must recognize how bad Obama’s policies were – WaPo

3/20    A last chance for resistance – Truth Dig

Offshore Investing

3/06    The richest people in the world want this passport (clue: it’s European) – MarketWatch

3/05    How to find the best offshore banks – Casey Research

2/22    Record Americans say goodbye to Uncle Sam (and the taxman) – Nestmann

2/01    FATCA needs to go, but the FATCA “refugees” are never coming back – Zero Hedge

Clean Tech

3/19    Will a new glass battery accelerate the end of oil? – IEEE

3/18    California just hit an incredible solar power milestone – Think Progress

3/18    Sunny days ahead for solar power – ValueWalk

3/18    Here’s how California ended up with too much solar power – PE

3/16    Cities shop for $10 billion of electric cars to defy Trump – Bloomberg

3/14    Fukushima evacuees forced to return home despite radiation – Guardian

Art of the Collapse

3/17    Gilbert and Sullivan explain Trump lies – YouTube

3/11    ‘Reasons to vote for Democrats’ jumps to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list – CNBC

3/09    Malcolm Evans – Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Daily Blog

3/06    Jeff Sessions at the bus stop – SNL

2/27    Truth… hurts – Zero Hedge

War, Civil Unrest, Privacy, Creeping Fascism, Police State

3/20    Another senior Russian official has died – Zero Hedge

3/20    North Korea tests new high-thrust rocket engine – Bloomberg

3/20    Donald Trump warns North Korea – Boston Herald

3/20    Have you deleted your Google search history yet? – Spread Privacy

3/20    Donald Trump says Germany owes ‘vast sums of money’ to NATO – ABC

3/20    Turkey furious as Kurds rally in Frankfurt with PKK insignia – Yahoo!

3/19    Syria: the micro world war – Ron Paul Institute

Self-sufficiency, Food Security, Survival

3/20    Sugar is at the heart of America’s health problems – Financial Sense

3/19    How rich is your knowledge capital? – Peak Prosperity

3/19    These people eat monkeys and piranhas – WaPo

3/18    Whole-body vibration may be as effective as regular exercise – Kurzweil

3/17    Trump and the GOP Want to Make It Even Easier for Police to Get Military Gear – NYT

3/15    ABC News headed for trial over pink slime report – MarketWatch

CyberWar, CyberTerrorism, CyberCrime

3/20    Russian ATMs spit out cash after malware attack – Zero Hedge

3/19    The risks of a silent US cyberwar against North Korea’s weapons – Normangee Star

3/18    ‘Anonymous’ joins hacker crusade to steal millions – Zero Hedge

3/18    Cyber War I has already begun – Belfer Center

3/18    WikiLeaks Vault 7 reveals CIA cyberwar – AntiWar

3/16    Numerous high-profile Twitter accounts hacked, defaced with Pro-Erdogan Messages

Off-Topic But Brilliant/Challenging/Infuriating

3/20    Worst food crisis since World War II is happening right now – Most Important News

3/20    3 exciting new ways to destroy humanity – Daily Bell

3/20    Seizure-inducing tweet leads to a new kind of prosecution – WaPo

3/20    Drugs are killing so many people in Ohio… – WaPo

3/19    A harvest underneath the ice – Medium

3/19    This is what taking your city back looks like –

3/19    The post-Apocalyptic future of antimicrobial resistance – Wired

3/18    How automated delivery vehicles will transform your city – Medium

3/17    Secret of the crazy tough water bear finally revealed – Wired

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