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Monday Money Show Special – Live Trading Challenge

Image result for live trader challengeI'm participating in the Live Trading Challenge this morning.

After giving a 4-hour seminar yesterday morning, today I'm going head to head with other speakers to see who can make the most money in one hour of trading.  If you lose $10,000 you're out but, other than that, there aren't too many rules. I know I can lose $10,000 (that's easy!), it's the random hour thing that bothers me.  

As you know, though we do like to have fun playing the Futures, I'm a long-term Fundamental Investor at heart and the most important thing I teach people about day-trading, especially the Futures – is knowing when not to play.  We like to see a good set-up and have news AND strong resistance lines to back up our play and, when we have them, I call them out – but certainly not on demand on 9:30 on a Monday morning – so we'll see how it goes.  

As I will be the sole Fundamentalist, I'm intending to grab stocks that are likely to move in the morning so, looking at the morning's news, we have:

Image result for Fed speakOverriding all that is the Fed's Bullard speaking at 8:30 and he has been reliably doveish recently, boosting the markets but the Futures are already up 166 points on the Dow 25,500 with the S&P (/ES) testing 2,760 and Russell (/TF) is back at our shorting line at 1,555 so I'll be a lot happier shorting than going long – but who knows where we'll be at 9:30 (3 hours from now)?

On the earnings, none of those companies really interest me but we'll still see if there's some kind of overreaction we can play against.   I heard a good rumor that Liquid Metal (LQMT) is going to be working with Apple (AAPL) on an IWatch, which would be and incredible boost for a penny stock we already love (my kids own 10,000 shares each at 0.13), so I might add some of those if they aren't too high at the bell. 

Meanwhile, we discussed a bunch of trade ideas during our seminar so I'm going to summarize a bit below, in case you are interested in joining in the fun!   Of course we went over our Money Talk Portfolio, which are the trades we only initiate live on that show – tha'ts up 74.5% so far and we 6 solid bullish plays in there plus one hedge (SQQQ).  

To hammer home the point of how these trades work, we reviewed the trade ideas we had for people who attended our seminars at the last 3 Trader's Expos (2015 – 2017) and they were:

  • Buy 100 AAPL at $114.84 ($11,484)
  • Sell 1 Jan 2017 $100 puts for $9.25 ($925) 
  • Sell 1 Jan 2017 $115 calls for $15.20 ($1,520) 

We know that went well, AAPL was miles over the conservative target and the trade returned $11,500 from a $9,039 entry but we also collected $384 in dividends for net $11,884 which was up $2,845 (31%) in 16 months (an August 4th show in 2015) – not bad for a conservative play.

  • Buy 10,000 HOV at $1.71 ($17,100) 
  • Sell 100 Jan 2017 $2 calls for 0.45 ($4,500)
  • Sell 100 Jan 2017 $1.50 puts for 0.35 ($3,500) 

That trade netted in for $9,100 and paid $15,000 back as Hovnanian (HOV) was well over $2 last Jan.  The stock is back around $1.70 but they don't have leaps anymore – possibly because we exploited them for a fantastic $5,900 profit 64% in the same 16 months.

So, for new plays using a similar strategy, we went with:

  • Buy 100 shares of AAPL for $175.50 ($17,500) 
  • Sell 1 2020 $140 puts for $9 ($900)
  • Sell 1 2020 $180 call for $24 ($2,400) 

That puts you into 100 shares of AAPL at net $142.50 ($14,200) with an obligation to buy 100 more if AAPL is below $140 so the "risk" is owning 200 shares of AAPL for $141.25 – which is 19.5% below the current price.  When your worst-case scenario is owning 200 shares of AAPL at a 20% discount – it's a good trade!   

To the upside, if you are called away at $180 that's $18,000 so $3,800 profit (26.7%) plus 7 anticipated 0.63 dividends for another $441 (3.1%) so we're just under 31% overall for 22 months and, if we're lucky, we'll see a special dividend from AAPL as they repatriate their cash.

  • Buy 2,000 CLF for $7.49 ($14,980)
  • Sell 20 2020 $5 calls for $3.85 ($7,700)
  • Sell 20 2020 $5 puts for 0.90 ($1,800) 

Here we're in for net $5,480 and, if called away at $5 (33% below the current price), we'll get $10,000 back for a $4,520 (82.5%) gain in 20 months – so you can see why we gave HOV the heave-ho for Cleveland Cliffs (CLF).  Then we moved on to looking at our more advanced strategies:

  • Sell 20 FCX Jan 2018 $5 puts for $2.16 ($4,320)

That was it.  At the time Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) was down at $6.92 and there were rumors they wouldn't survive but we thought they would and took advantage of the net $2.84 entry that required just 0.52 ($1,040) in margin.  Gains, of course, were 100% as the short puts recently expired worthless with FCX at $15 at the time.

As a new trade, we went back to our original Trade of the Year on L Brands (LB) as they still have a decent entry at $48.71 so we put together the following play:

Finally, using our "7 Steps to Making 30-40% Annual Returns", we used one of each style to add new trade ideas for GE (GE) and HanesBrands (HBI):

  • Buy 1,000 shares of GE for $14.49 ($14,490) 
  • Sell 10 2020 $18 calls for $1.50 ($1,500) 
  • Sell 10 2020 $15 puts for $2.50 ($2,500)

At $18 or better, we get $18,000 back plus $480 in dividends against our net $10,490 entry for a profit of $7,990 (76%) over 20 months and, now that the scary earnings have been restated (see article above) I think GE will begin marching back up – and with easier comps to beat too!  

  • Buy 10 HBI 2020 $15 calls for $6 ($6,000) 
  • Sell 10 HBI 2020 $23 calls for $2.20 ($2,200) 
  • Sell 10 HBI 2020 $20 puts for $3.35 ($3,350) 

Though we are obligated to buy 1,000 more shares at $20 if HBI goes lower, the first 1,000 shares worth of calls are netting us in for just $450 so, even if assigned, we'll be in just 1,000 shares for net $20.45, which is about the current price.  When it came time (Thanksgiving) to officially announce our Trade of the Year, we used HBI instead of LB because it was cheaper at the time.  If this trade returns it's planned $7,000 for a $6,550 (1,455%) profit in 20 months – you'll probably agree with the choice!  

If you want trade ideas like these every day – come join us at!


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    Click here to see some testimonials from our members!

  1. Good morning!

    I'm at the Money Show and, if anyone has a good trading idea for the open – please let me know.  Needs to make money in one hour…

    What a silly contest – may as well be playing craps for an hour! 

  2. Phil, how about shorting /RB…it’s monday. 

  3. Phil, good luck on the trading challenge.  Paper trading contest?  If paper trading, take a look at NVR, a $3000/share stock with low volumes.  On Friday NVR was down 3% for a reason I couldn't find, you might see a bounce in the morning

  4. Phil – WHICH HOUR IS IT? Opening?

  5. Or does it start at 10:30 EST an hour in?

  6. Nat, it’s 10:30 per the post. Random hour

  7. I went to the link at the top of the post, it said 9:15 – 10:30am

  8. Yes it's 9:15-10:30 but starts officially at 9:30 – with real money.

    /RB is good but has to still be high at the open and Dollar weak this morning.  Dollar up might be good (89.60).

  9. Nasdaq almost back to the highs!

  10. I see /CL oversold in a 5 min chart here so you might see a bounce but could stay that way for a while. Worth keeping an eye on though.

  11. Phil, the Guru who wins the contest can extrapolate to levels of crazy not seen since, well now.  "My trade ideas are worth 2000% a month based on my day trading expertise bla bla bla." only $1000 bucks and you can share in my greatness.

    Guru … winner of 1 hour trading bonanza**

    **extrapolated by 8 hours trading, 40 hours per week on average, results may not match promises made

  12. Phil – Dollar index down, commods straddlin. Since Friday closed UP on weak volume, Asia and Europe are UP today along with US futures. Ceteris Paribus…

    "if an investor bought the S&P 500 at the previous day's close and then sold it at 10 a.m., every single trading day since 1983, a $100 investment would be worth $949 today, making it the single best portion of the trading day." – Bespoke Investment Group Data

    Take that for what its worth.  There is a corollary called the "weekend or Monday morning" effect. Ceteris Paribus…Friday closed UP, Monday 1st hour DOWN then go golfing and hit your tee and IV…

    Last three times out…

    Fri 2/2 huge DOWN; Mon 2/5 huge DOWN; so CONTRARIAN to normal viz. not Ceteris Paribus

    2/5 9:30 2734; 10:30 2761; 11:30 2745:  1st hour UP; 2nd DOWN

    Fri 2/9 huge bottom out then bounce UP; Mon 2/12 UP 

    2/12 9:30 2654; 10:30 2622; 11:30 2644: 1st hour DOWN; 2nd UP 

    Fri 2/16 UP Mon 2/19 DOWN 

    2/19 9:30 2735; 10:30 2720; 11:30 2728; 1st hour DOWN; 2nd UP

    Fri 2/23 SP500 closed UP at 2747.30; Futures UP at 2759.50;

    Mon 2/26 ???; 1st hour should be DOWN.

    It could open 2761 then pop up to 2765 on hopeful mutual fund and foreign money inflows, then the bots kick in and down till 10:30. Play the pop, then dip.

    YMMV or results may vary, previous returns are no guarantee of future performance, ask you Doctor if Selatopen and Selonmonopen are right for you. And you know what they say about Mondays… Out

  13. Phil  (trading challenge on Monday Morning)

    Take a look at LABU

    Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3X ETF LABU

  14. I told you in the Friday´s chat.

  15. Good Morning.

  16. Phil, well you got yourself in a most ridiculous game. Poker suits you better. Only futures could safe your neck there. For a long shot I would aim for GE. But stocks do not fly in an hour. MO stock could do.LMT. ALB down today BRK/b up, LTC positive, MCD up, MU up, QCOM promissing, UAL up,

  17. FTR….?  :)

  18. …earnings are tomorrow….

  19. …never mind…;)

  20. well…. GE, TEVA, FTR

    All look like POS stocks while the market is flying again..

    Maybe we should have recommended shorting them the first hour instead ;-(

  21. Needs to break 2760.50 

  22. Thar she blows arghhhh scurvies

  23. Hoist yer harpoons laddies

  24. A little late for the challenge, but what about MIC?  

    The logic behind the dividend cut seems responsible.  Is this a buying opportunity?   

    Buy Stock @ $42, Sell Dec $40 call @ $3.50

  25. 2755 at 10:28 don't be greedy

  26. Competition over at 10:30???

  27. 2753 is nice but your HOUR was UP at 2755. 

  28. Now screaming back to 2760, see what happens if you get greedy

  29. Grass, MIC nice pick up. Stock goes from 80 to 40. Strong adjustment. They have 1100 employees,

    Cutting the div. from 14 to 10 is hard for investors holding the stock at say 80. But still paying a div. of 10 is quite some div. for a company! If there is blood on the street might be a good move to buy.

    Always worth a toss with a small entree Buy stock at +- 42 and sell the 40/35 c/p Dec. for 8.35 puts you in to this stock at about 34 $ and you obligated to get the stock at 35. Not a bad toss for a small entree.

  30. Hola people!

     I lost the challenge because I picked the NASDAQ short and it popped of the open. It didn’t come back fast enough for me to make money though I left it on and now it’s profitable.   Took 100 GE March $13.50 calls for 0.95, those are down too but I like them.   

    I have another seminar to give at noon and I’ll try to check in in a little while.

  31. Now over 2762, bulls and bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered. This could turn out an ugly day, and week. TBD.  But that opening hour was an example of the 1st hour and weekend effects which we posted at 9:24.  Here's how it played out…

    9:31 in at 2757.25 buying the POP; hopefully to 2765 as predicted.

    9:40 out at 2765 (discipline), selling the drop at 2766, went to 2766.75 meh. 

    10:28 or :31 out at 2755 (man's got to know his limitations)

    Pop = 7.75 pts

    Drop = 11 pts

    Big SP500 = 29K margin $25 per 0.10 tick = $250 per point x 18.75 = 4687.5 or 5X a MINI

    Mini SP500 = 5.8K margin $12.50 per 0.25 tick = $50 per point x 18.75 = 937.5 or 1/5th of a BIG.

    2 mini's at $11.6K would have fetched $1875 or 16.16% return for one hours "work".  No wonder this economy is ass backwards, upside down and so fucked up.  Time to hit the tee, IV and Out.

  32. As I said Phil this is poker not trading!!!!!

  33. Thanks Yodi.   I didn't consider the puts, cos the last few stocks that reduced/cut dividends kept going down FTR, GE, GNC, etc…  

  34. And /CL did pop…

  35. Yodi - "As I said Phil this is poker not trading!!!!!"

    What is Arbitrage? The simultaneous buying and selling of assets in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.  Think about that, variations in margin or spread.

    So at the end of the day, there was no tangible end product and some of those actors made something, out of nothing, while the brokers made a killing.  Regardless of the methodology used, timing is everything. 

    If your looking for a tangible end product, such as derives from trade, barter or mercantilism, viz. real economic endeavor, refer to my comment above. Get in the car and back on the hamster wheel. Out.

  36. Grass GE is really a pussle to me. I like to compare this stk with Siemens, which is going full guns, even promissed the clown to open more facilities in the US, so I ask myself what is going on with GE??? I think they need some fresh leadership.

  37. GE / I concur, and adding fuel to the fire with the SEC investigation, how low will they go?  

  38. I certainly think GE has been mismanaged.  But they still own some very valuable, high quality businesses.  I sold some Jan 2019 $13 puts for $1.05.

  39. scottrade is no more

  40. And on Monday, Trump continued on this theme, saying he would have acted to stop the gunman had he been there - even if he was unarmed and facing near-certain odds of death.

    "I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon," Trump told a gathering of governors at the White House.

    "And I think most of the people in this room would have done that, too."


    Imagine the Pillsbury Dough Boy running towards a gunman.

  41. Yodi - "GE is really a pussle to me. I like to compare this stk with Siemens, which is going full guns, even promissed the clown to open more facilities in the US, so I ask myself what is going on with GE??? I think they need some fresh leadership."

    Sorry Yodi, but I love a good pussle…. Like Phil says, honey badger don't care. A lone honey badger can take on a coalition or pride of lions, sleuth of bears or crash of rhinos. A clan of honey badgers? Well they go for your balls, and rarely back down much less lose to any of the above.

    GE is in the same sinking boat with Siemen's, however the above law of the jungle applies. The latter is re-aligning, structuring and engineering to NOT resemble the large, slow, traditional monopolistic conglomerate.

    By breaking up into smaller pieces of the puzzle, smaller more efficient business units can be more nimble, quick and effective in responding to market gaps and customer needs.  GE needs to follow Siemen's lead in this respect. 

    German's Tell GE What's Wrong

  42. What happened to ?

    Albemarle Corporation ALB

    Down 10

  43. and SQM. must be lithium was overheated

  44. Advill – USD/MXN – "I told you in the Friday´s chat."

    Where is the reference in Friday's chat?

  45. Natt aslong as GE does not apply the same trick as GM bancrupt the stock srew the stock holders and than isue new stock, which up to today I can not understand, I feel GE will be OK.

  46. QC and BDC – ALB – MS downgraded on oversupply concerns, and ALB said take your lithium, by upping the div +5%. 

  47. MIC – the CEO may not be totally on top of his business

    "Another issue that may have spooked the market is the company’s abrupt 180-degree turn from just one quarter ago. In the company’s Q3 investor call, CEO James Hooke said the dividend was safe."

    “People slashing their dividend saying we're going to slash our dividend to deploy capital internally, I don't think you'll see us do that,” Hooke said. “I don't think we will get into any of those fads.”

    But, the stock goes ex-dividend on March 2nd so if you own the stock on that date you will receive the 'old' dividend amount of $1.44 per quarter.  Maybe there is a smart way to play with options?

    Rider: No smoke without fire


  48. Thanks for the laughs this AM. Doughboy running? I'm in TCI @ 80 degrees (finally). Keep it coming!! SO good to be out of the country and out of the insanity. Everything except GE flying higher-yes! Later, the beach is calling me.

  49. The Nattering Naybob 


    Thanks ALB

  50. PCLN earnings on Feb 27 after market close. Option pricing indicating a move (either direction) of around $122. Current stock price $1907.

  51. Tangled, Pirati – "Imagine the Pillsbury Dough Boy running towards a gunman."

    No, I really can't imagine another (Shrub) spineless draft shirkin jellyfish like the Pillsbury Orange Dough Boy doing that.  Wasn't this 43 and 45's theme song? and Out.

  52. Winston,

    Hi thanks for the aditional input on MIC entered with a small position will see what gives, still think they will not leave 1100 workers out in the cold.

  53. Nattering / comment


    It ´s after your last one 

    advill [Your comment is awaiting moderation.]
    February 26th, 2018 at 6:23 am | Permalink | Tweet thisIgnore this user

    Phil / Ideas for your  trading contest:

    U.S. Mexico relation in a new low today, MXP can have violent moves and some U.S companies could be affected in the opening today like  F




  54. On my way back should be home before three

  55. DF/Phil – 13% drop on earnings miss of, depending on service, one penny to a tenth of a penny… going forward with lowered guidance and cost cutting. still value in them or too fraught with danger?

  56. Advill – "[Your comment is awaiting moderation.]"

    And that is why I can't see your comment on Friday's chat, it awaits moderation.  Seems the moderation, needs some moderating.

    Moderation: Things can get out of hand if done too much, and things can get neglected if not done enough. 

  57. Nice reversal in GE so far.

  58. Sure, Trump would have 'stormed in' without a weapon, just like he jumped at the opportunity to serve his country with a weapon.

  59. SEER


    Here !   HERE !

  60. He would probably get a doctor's note for a bone spurs that day!

  61. StJL, Seer, QC - Sure, Trump would have 'stormed in' without a weapon, just like he jumped at the opportunity to serve his country with a weapon….  Here, here… He would probably get a doctor's note for a bone spurs that day!

    IMHO with the exception of "I'm just a typical American boy" the song linked above is apropos for 43 and 45, what say ye?

  62. I'm back! 

    Nasdaq just under that 7,000 mark – amazing.  AAPL big help today.  

    I didn't know Buffett was on CNBC in the morning, talking up the market – never would have shorted in that case.  That on top of Bullard was a huge bull push.  Low volume trend continues:

    Date Open High Low Close* Adj Close** Volume
    Feb 26, 2018 275.93 277.53 275.26 277.29 277.29 39,257,963
    Feb 23, 2018 271.79 274.71 271.25 274.71 274.71 77,570,800
    Feb 22, 2018 271.10 273.05 269.64 270.40 270.40 110,511,300
    Feb 21, 2018 271.90 274.72 269.94 270.05 270.05 98,883,700
    Feb 20, 2018 272.03 273.67 270.50 271.40 271.40 86,369,700
    Feb 16, 2018 272.32 275.32 272.27 273.11 273.11 160,420,100
    Feb 15, 2018 271.57 273.04 268.77 273.03 273.03 111,200,300
    Feb 14, 2018 264.31 270.00 264.30 269.59 269.59 120,735,700
    Feb 13, 2018 263.97 266.62 263.31 266.00 266.00 81,223,600
    Feb 12, 2018 263.83 267.01 261.66 265.34 265.34 143,736,000

    TEVA was a good call for a bounce, Jabob.

    GE/Yodi – I did go for them, profitable now on 100 March $13.5 calls at 0.95, now $1.19 but too late to make me a winner. 

    That was a good call as I explained to them I am a Fundamental investor and a silly sell-off like GE was having this morning was a great example of how to take advantage of a misplaced market reaction.

    FTR $9 – seems odd to see it this high.

    LB/Jabobo – $65 is fine with me.  I can't believe someone goes to the effort of putting out a note to "downgrade" from $67 to $65!

    MIC/Grass – Up 8.5% on the news so people do like it.  Remind me tomorrow and I'll take a closer look. 

    And great analysis by Yodi!  

    F'd up/Naybob – They just keep throwing money at us.  

    GE/Yodi – They cut half their divisions and are restructuring the 3 they have left.  Takes a while to pull off a change like that in a $126Bn company (that was $250Bn).  JCP is a $1.29Bn company and people gave them a couple of years!  

    Good call on GE, Albo.

    Good point on GE, Naybob.

    ALB/QC – They ran up on an upgrade and now gave it all back on a downgrade.  

    Morgan Stanley Downgrades Albemarle On Supply, Pricing Concerns

    Keep in mind this was an $80 stock until lithium mania and hit $144 for no particular reason and now back at $110 is about right but $100-$120 should be normal – not $120-140.

    Out of country/Pirate – Yes, I found UK and France so relaxing in the summer – just good to be away from it and remember what the real world is like!

    PCLN/Winston – Good luck! 

    DF/Scott – Also on the list if you remind me tomorrow.  

    Moderation/Advil – Sorry, missed that one. 

  63. FTR  Expecting earnings improvement trend to continue

    TSLA at 358

  64. Phil – what was the other guys end result with the 10K in one hour?  They have a brief video of you on their Facebook page.

  65. abx guy on bloomberg now

  66. abx president..sorry

  67. I really can't understand why ABX can't catch a bid. Seems so cheap but nobody cares. Dangit!

  68. AAPL on a tear – guess more people took notice of BRK buying them

  69. FTR – They seem to be late in announcing a dividend….  

  70. Batman--I will be shocked if they don't cut it completely.

  71. Wow, Dow up 400 points.  Nas 6,995.

    Other guy/Naybob – They lost $100.  I thought you'd have to go $5-10K to win so I went for it hard and got burned. That was my mistake.

    ABX/Jabob – Up 0.40 today!  

    What a crazy day – this market is non-stop. 

    LTP up 10.4% but STP took a hit on the hedges, now up just 11%.

  72. phil--you mean 4c ;-(

  73. Phil – "Other guy/Naybob – They lost $100. "

    So my call at 9:24AM, way too late to be of any use..

    "It could open 2761 then pop up to 2765 on hopeful mutual fund and foreign money inflows, then the bots kick in and down till 10:30. Play the pop, then dip."

    and pop n drop result which played out like the Devil on the fiddle…

    "2 mini's at $11.6K would have fetched $1875 or 16.16% return for one hours "work". "

    Would have taken the cake. Whaddya gonna do? Good times ol chum, we'll double end em all in Vegas, in the contest and the book that is. Time for my IV and Out.

  74. And I guess that proves.. even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then. Out

  75. Draft dodger / Naybob – But these guys wrap themselves in Old Glory every time they can… And don't hesitate to send guys do the job they refused to do. Of course Obama didn't serve either, but at least he didn't use family connections to avoid going with the bottom 90%!

  76. I'm confused… Are we bearish or bullish?

  77. FT: Qualcomm wants over $90/share from Broadcom

    Feb. 26, 2018 1:47 PM ET|About: Broadcom Limited (AVGO)|By: Brandy Betz, SA News Editor 

    Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) would agree to Broadcom’s (NASDAQ:AVGO) acquisition offer if the price were raised to $160B (including $25B in debt), which equals out to above $90/share, according to FT sources

    Broadcom is currently offering $79 per share ($142B), so Qualcomm wants at least 15% more. 

    Sources say Broadcom has made enough progress in addressing potential antitrust issues that the talks have shifted to price negotiations. 

    Broadcom calls Qualcomm’s price talks “engagement theatre” and says it doesn’t believe the letter released earlier today was “designed to lead to a prompt agreement.” 

  78. Phil,

    There is an 0.18 spread between /RBH8 and /RBJ8 with 2 days until expiration on the /RBH8. One of those prices has to be wrong and I’d favor closer to 1.82 than 2. What do you think? Is there a play there?

  79. The Force of Decency Awakens

  80. This Ivanka Trump answer is exactly why nepotism laws exist

  81. Armchair trades

    MO BX and NLY I do hold already.

    I have put the following armchair trades on my watch list.

    SO 44.03 sell Jun18 46/44 c/p for 2.48. Combined monthly return 2%

    GIS 51.61 sell Jul 18 55/50 c/p for 3.98 CMR 1.94%

    PG 81.58 sell Jul 18 85/80 c/p for 4.50 CMR 1.53%

    T 37.40 sell Jul 18 38/35 c/p for 2.60 CMR 1.9%

    All above are on the lower side of the scale!

    MO always a good play when on the lower side of the scale.

    BX, NLY, also a good contenders. But NLY you should play out to Jan 20

    As always do your own homework.

  82. Nice yodi

  83. Good morning!

    Seems we're kind of drifting into Powell's testimony (10am) so we'll just have to see what happens.

    Dow rallies nearly 400 points, major averages down just 3% from all-time highs

    Global FANG Index Just Hit a Record High

    Bank of Korea Keeps Rate Unchanged in Lee’s Final Policy MeetingWith only modest inflationary pressure, the BOK will continue to move cautiously in coming quarters, given external risks related to trade, monetary policy and geopolitics, Tuuli McCully, head of Asia-Pacific Economics at Scotiabank, said before the decision. “We expect the next rate hike to take place closer to mid-2018,” McCully said.

    Apple(AAPL), Samsung Open Their Wallets, Boosting World's Economy. (videoCompanies across the developing world are stepping up investment to meet rising demand from industrial economies in what’s shaping up as a further spur to already buoyant global growth. Big industrial economies including the U.S. and Japan led the recent recovery in capital expenditure. Now, such investment is broadening to emerging countries with Morgan Stanley’s tracker of economies not including China now at its highest level since 2011. "It is going from synchronized growth to synchronized capex," said Chetan Ahya, co-head of global economics at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong.

    Apple(AAPL) just misses a new all-time high after Buffett boasts a big stake

    U.S. Wireless Carriers Plan to Launch 5G With ‘Pucks’ Not PhonesAT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., conceding that phones won’t be available in time for the launch of fifth-generation mobile service this year, plan instead to offer 5G through portable hotspots called pucks.

    Don’t Misjudge Trump’s Trade TiradeThe president may be shifting the discussion more than GOP elites think is possible.

    Blessed by Xi Jinping: The New Captain of China’s EconomyPresident to hand reins to former schoolmate, party loyalist Liu He.

    World's largest asset manager says get ready to 'stomach complete losses' in cryptocurrencies