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Friday Failure – No Stimulus, No President, Have a Nice Weekend!

Not much to say about this mess other than – add some more hedges!

Ex-ish President Trump declared the elctions invalid last night in a rambling lie-fest.  I don't think it would suprise anyone if he sends in the troops this weekend to "oversee" the recounts in the states he lost in.  As noted by Stephen Colbert – this isn't very funny anymore – our Democracy is at stake.  You know, the thing our Founding Fathers fought and died to protect and, when faced with a similar challenge our "Not-So-Great" Generation changes the channel or, at most, fires of an angry tweet or likes an anti-whatever post on Facebook.   Way to revolt, my friends!  

There is still no official President and there won't be one until Trump has exhausted the courts, apparently.  

US election 2020: 'Count every vote' protests sweep cities as Trump calls  for process to be stopped | US News | Sky NewsOfficially it's Biden 264, Trump 214 but Biden is up 12,000 in Nevada with 150,000 mostly blue votes left to be counted.  Biden is 1,0000 ahead in Georgia with 50,000 Atlanta votes left to count – where Biden has been leading 4:1.  Biden is behind by just 20,000 in PA – from 600,000 last night with about 200,000 mostly Dem votes left to count and Trump is up 80,000 in North Carolina with 250,000 votes to count – not likely for Biden and, for some reason, Alaska hasn't been called yet – that's Trumps.

There's no way Trump wins at this point other than reversing the results and now we'll see how far the limits of Presidential power can be pushed to overturn our Democracy.  Trump believes (for good reason) that he owns the Supreme Court.  So much so that his legal team doesn't believe they need evidence to throw out voting results as they are making half-assed challenges all over the country and taking quick losses solely so they can appeal the matter to Trump's Supreme Court, where they expect to get favorable rulings that will invalidate our election.  

The market doesn't seem that upset about it, with the Dow down just 250 points in the Futures but 400 points off yesteray's high.  That's because the Dollar has been in free-fall since election eve as 4 more years of spending like Trump and we'll all be wishing we had more Bitcoins (or Rubles).  

The Dollar was over 100 in Q2 so it's down close to 10% while the S&P 500 has gone from 2,850 to 3,470 – up 620 points or 21.7%.  That's about the usual correlation between the Dollar and the markets – a 2:1 ratio.   Gold is back on the march, gaining $100 this week back to $1,950 and Silver is at $25.80.  That, of course, is good for our Trade of the Year on GOLD, which is moving back towards $30 as the Dollar becomes worth less (worthless?).  

Our Long-Term Portfolio is very happy about the rally – up $555,660 (111%) for the year and we cashed out the old Short-Term Portfolio (STP) on the last dip (10/28) so we'd better take a look at the new Short-Term Portfolio and make sure we have enough hedges in place to protect our $555,660 gains in the LTP.  

So much for the markets being down, we're bursting higher now with Biden taking the lead in Pennsylvania, hopefully gaining a lead that's too strong for Trump to overcome in the courts.  That makes it a perfect time to take advantage and improve our hedges, which we will do.  This is why we pulled our hedges on that great dip – we expected a bounce back and a great chance to re-short.  First we improve the positions we have:  

  • TZA – This is a cheap $4,000 hedge that pays big if TZA jumps up.  The Jan $25 calls are now 0.40 and we paid net 0.40 so the best thing to do is roll those along to 100 April $15 ($2)/25 ($1.10) bull call spreads at net 0.90 so we're spending 0.50 more ($5,000) and now we have a $100,000 spread much closer to the money that covers us through the holidays and hopefully the short Jan $40 calls will expire worthless.  If that $5,000 is our quarterly cost for a $100,000 insurance policy – it's money well spent!  

  • CMG – We thought this would be easy money but they rallied.  I still have faith in the position and let's buy back the short puts and sell more on the next dip as we've already made 76% on them.  

  • SQQQ – Down 40% is an opportunity to roll down!  We paid net $6.35 for the 2022 $20 calls and we can recover $6.80 by rolling them lower and investing an additional $1.30 ($13,000) in the 2022 $15s at $8.10 and that puts us in the money by $40,000  and widens our spread from $50,000 to $100,000 – well worth the investment and we're only partially covered by rollable short calls – so I think we're good here.  Now I'll show you a really neat option trick.  We are going to buy 100 more 2022 $15 calls for $8.10 and we're going to sell 100 2023 (twenty three!) $30 calls for $7.80 so here we're spending just net $3,000 more for another $150,000 in protection.  
  • The key is that the 2022 $15 calls at $8.10 with SQQQ at $18.90 have just $4.20 in premium over 441 days while the 2023 $30 calls are 100% premium over 805 days – so they will decay at about the same rate and our long $15s are deep in the money with an 0.72 Delta compared to the short $30s with an 0.62 Delta so we should stay well ahead with our longs and have lots of fun selling premium along the way.  

While I'd love to sell TSLA Jan $500 calls for $25 I can't because, unlike last time, we don't have gains to play with so we'll stick with these hedges for now and see how the weekend plays out.  

Have a great weekend, 

- Phil


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  1. Good Morning.

  2. The Biden boom is starting :-)

  3. And BTW, Colbert is right, it's not funny anymore. Watching Fox News last night was simply insane. It was one person after another (senators, congresspeople) questioning the results and implying fraud without any evidence. And the Trump family (rightly scared of what is coming) threatening violence. People will get hurt unless they dial down the rhetoric.

  4. It's over now! Biden is winning PA. 

  5. I wonder which circus still will take the yellow clown?????

  6. two more months of trump lying and crying instead of managing virus unbearable 

  7. I find it amusing that the same group that loathes science is really hating math right about now….

  8.  First Female VP.  First ASIAN VP, First BLACK VP all in one shot.

  9. Great move in ACB today if anyone is still involved there. Added more around $4 and am getting $1.50 for short $13 Dec calls today. 

  10. Good morning!

    Biden Boom/StJ – I think the markets have been propped up into the elections (as Trump thinks the DJI is an approval meter) and we're going to sharply correct back down as Trump will contest the election and Biden is going to raise taxes on Corporation and new stimulus won't go to big business and people will worry about rising capital gains and look to take the money and run while they can.  Hard to see why the market WON'T go down….

    Clown/Yodi – Hey don't dis out President!  

    What the...? Seriously? Trump? A clown? Oh HELL No! Clown College is a real  thing. Unlike Trump U. - krusty what the hell | Meme Generator

    Inauguration 2017: Is Trump more Bane or The Joker? |

    See, not funny – scary! 

    A “Stop the Steal” rally at the Pennsylvania State Capitol was one of the nationwide demonstrations on Thursday contesting the process of determining the next president.

    Zhanon Morales supported the vote counting happening in Philadelphia.

    This is why we're bumping our hedges!  

    ACB/Ati – LOL!  I do so love my value plays….

    Congrats to those who stuck it out.  

    ‘It was a cannabis landslide’ on election night: Curaleaf CEO


  11. Seams in Germany over 95% support Biden. Obviously due to no Carnival in Germany in the coming year you always will have some left over clowns.

  12. Wow … you guys really are leading the world in pandelympics … 106k new cases a day and 1141 deaths? Those Rallies he held were literally death traps! 

    Btw. U.K. docs are finding that even a symptomatic cases of this disease leaves damage in the lungs (and who knows where else) on adults and children. The long term effects of this in economically productive people is still a complete unknown. 

  13. nalsg Trumps followers are to dump to see this (no masks) and as you see with Biden they stay even in the car. The man 100% is only out for himself and could not give a dam how many people die.

  14. Virus / malsg – These findings confirm what was previously discovered in other countries. Lots of people will have long term health issues that will add to the cost of this virus – healthcare cost and productivity costs.

  15. Georgia is recounting!

    106,000/Malsg – In the words of Al Jolsen:  "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

    4 months after Dr. Fauci's prediction, US hits 100,000 new COVID cases in a  single day - ABC News

    So we flatten out at 100,000 and then the next surge is 200,000 and the surge after that is 400,000.  What are we, as a country, willing to do to stop that from happening?  So far, nothing…

    Long-term/Malsg, StJ – That's why this record-high market is madness.  I guess we can just print money forever more and live pretend lives with no consequences.  That's what the market is pricing in, so why not?

    Oil facing some reality:

    We need more hurricanes!  

  16. Mask Mandates during 1918 Spanish Flu provoked similar emotions in Las  Vegas then and now | KSNV

    Mask Mandates during 1918 Spanish Flu provoked similar emotions in Las  Vegas then and now | KSNV

    British Columbia and the pandemic of 1918 - The Orca

    This Government is not even doing the basics from 1918!  

  17. Virus/Stj & malsg-  Good morning/afternoon all.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I appreciate all the banter and insight. Scary what’s happening in this country across the board, between Trump and the Republican antics to turn us into a full-blown authoritarian/fascist state and the rejection of science and facts by over half the country, allowing the pandemic to explode out of control. I know there’s a lot of talk and speculation on long term effects from COVID, so I’ll give you my story.  

    In summary, I contracted the virus in mid-March, lasting into April. While never hospitalized, I did have to go to the hospital one night at about the three week point as my breathing deteriorated so badly and became severely labored.  I would say that I had a severe case with all the usual symptoms you read about, but the effect in my lungs was the worst. I’m 41, eat healthy and in shape—prior to falling ill I was running three miles a day, several days per week at a 7 minute pace. I finally started running again in late May, and after five months I’m only able to run about 1.5 miles at a 7m45s pace before I have to stop because I cannot breathe. I’ll still continue running another mile or so, but it’s full of stops and starts. So nowhere near where I was, and I’m beyond frustrated as I can’t seem to get any stronger or faster in my running no matter how hard I try.  Other than that, I do feel good and can’t speak of any other lingering symptoms that many of us read and hear about. Additionally, I took my last antibody test in early September, in which i still had “strong” levels of antibodies (I was not given any numerical values—only “strong”)—which was promising after five months.  

    I’ve been back at work full time since late April and largely living a normal life (living in New York City, we wear masks all the time and take excessive precautions).  I’ve been keeping my office at ~50% density since July when I opened it back up (we are running at around 60 people in the office every day), being diligent about wearing masks when in meetings and common areas, and we’ve managed to avoid any infections at the office.  In early October, when kids went back to school, I put our office on weekly rotations to minimize the impact of an infection office if/when it happens, which is working well so far.  Throwing it out there for the board—for what it’s worth. Stay safe all

  18. Thanks for sharing Marz, so nice to hear that you are taking sensible precautions at work.  Shows what we can accomplish if only we have leaders who make conscientious decisions.  Of course Conscience and Science are not qualities we associate with our current Administration, unfortunately.  

    • There remains plenty of news out there – the election, earnings, and another strong payrolls report among the stories – but the averages are taking a breather today following a major move higher this week.
    • The S&P 500 was up 7.4% from Monday-Thursday this week. Pick your excuse, but if continued dividend government means no major tax changes/hikes, that seems good enough reason to re-allocate a few dollars back into common stocks.
    • Ryan Detrick notes that instances of four consecutive days of the S&P 500 rising 1% or more are extremely rare. This week's occurrence marks only the fourth time since WWII. In the other three cases, the S&P was sharply higher both six and 12 months later.
    • The Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq are all marginally lower at 11:30 ET, and the 10-year Treasury yield is up 5.7 basis points to 0.828%.
    • UBS is cautious on Beyond Meat (BYND +0.3%) ahead of the company's earnings report on Monday.
    • The firm now models Q3 sales +44% Y/Y and EBITDA of $12.3M vs. $12.9M consensus, which assumes a lower than usual contribution margin due to price/mix headwinds (promos, value pack) and higher marketing and logistics costs. Analyst Erika Jackson says on top of foodservice pressure in Q3, gross margin could be a negative surprise. Jackson also notes that some of the larger intra-quarter distribution wins (Walmart, Starbucks) likely won't contribute meaningfully until Q4.
    • UBS is a noted bear on Beyond Meat with a Sell rating on the books.
    • On the other side of the ledger, Beyond Meat has topped revenue estimates the last six quarters. See BYND's full track record of earnings beats and misses
    • CFRA analyst Matthew Miller upgrades Kinross Gold (KGC -2.0%) to Strong Buy on its "compelling valuation and strong visibility for top-tier production growth."
    • Sees 2021 production flat Y/Y, but expects ~12% growth in 2022. In addition, KGC's financial position is "strong with an outlook for robust free cash flow, which supports a reinstated sustainable dividend," Miller writes.
    • Lifts 2020 EPS estimate by US$0.14 to US$0.76 and 2021 estimate by US$0.07 to US$0.94.
    • By Quant rating, Kinross ties for fifth of gold miners with market cap of over $1B, achieving a Very Bullish score.

    • Citing the underappreciated wins in high performance computing, Wells Fargo upgrades Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) from Equal Weight to Overweight with a $100 price target, up from $82.
    • Analyst Aaron Rakers notes that AMD's rising market share is "well known," and that some could argue that the upside momentum in server CPU share gains hasn't happened as quickly as expected since last year's Zen 2 EPYC Rome CPUs.
    • The analyst says "a differentiated view in our call comes from review of AMD's success in the HPC / supercomputing market."
    • Rakers: "Our work leaves us incrementally positive on AMD's current and, more importantly, future competitive / architectural differentiation; increasing confidence in AMD's accelerating server CPU share gains going forward. We also think there is the potential for a more visible data center GPU strategy as an additional positive (e.g., new CDNA-based Radeon Instinct MI100 GPUs coming)."
    • AMD shares are up 2.3% to $84.88.
    • Previously: AMD added to Goldman Conviction List as firm turns bullish on valuation, PC strength (Nov. 04 2020)
    • The big three U.S. drug wholesalers, McKesson (MCK -0.0%), AmerisourceBergen (ABC -0.2%) and Cardinal Health (CAH -0.2%), along with Johnson & Johnson (JNJ +1.5%), have tentatively agreed to collectively pay $26B to settle lawsuits brought by states, counties and cities over their respective roles in the opioid epidemic.
    • Judges overseeing the litigation in federal and state courts still need to sign off on the deal.
    • OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma agreed to an $8B settlement with the feds last month.
    • Other players in the crisis, including Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA +1.3%) and AbbVie (ABBV -1.8%) unit Allergan (Actavis) have yet to settle
    • Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) rises 22.72% in early trading session following its beat on top and bottom lines in Q3 report, with bookings well above expectations and raised guidance.
    • Record revenue of $158.5M (+48.0% Y/Y) beats consensus by $21.26M.
    • Bookings grew 22%Y/Y to $147.3M vs. consensus bookings estimate of $137.4M. The growth was primarily driven by a 13% increase in three growth games- Design Home (+15%), Covet Fashion (+30%), and Kim Kardashian Hollywood (+170%).
    • It marks the transformational shift to digital consumption and online gaming amid the pandemic led lockdown scenario.
    • Gross margin at 63.9% vs. 64.7% a year ago.
    • "We followed up a very strong second quarter with a better-than-expected third quarter that saw year-over-year bookings growth of 22% led by the continued strong performance of our Growth Games," says CEO Nick Earl.
    • Reported net income of $13.4M or $0.07/share, beats by $0.06/share.
    • In the new titles streak, the company introduced a food and décor based game, Table & Taste, that will be the third title launched by the Crowdstar studio.
    • "Table & Taste, which will serve the culinary category and complement our Crowdstar brand perfectly with a larger and more diverse addressable user base," says Earl.
    • The company ended the quarter with $318.1M in cash, which is said to strengthen its acquisition strategy.
    • Raised Guidance: FY20 bookings to range $555.3-$560.3M. Driven by the core brands, Crowdstar and Glu Sports, the company sees a "very strong" finish to the year, and higher growth in 2021.
    • "We have a robust roadmap in 2021 with titles that we believe have the potential to stack bookings and become growth games," says Earl in Q3 earnings conference call.
    • "Glu Mobile remains a cheap stock with another potential catalyst for growth," writes Stone Fox Capital on Seeking Alpha. "Mobile retail sales are set to growth to a $573B market by 2024."
    • Previously: Glu Mobile EPS beats by $0.06, beats on revenue (Nov. 5)
    • JPMorgan analyst Melissa Wedel upgrades LendingTree (TREE +0.5%) to Overweight from Neutral, as the stock's recent pullback give investors an attractive entry point "with LT platform diversification and growth drivers (including increased functionality/potential of MyLT) intact."
    • Wedel's model sees revenue recovering to and overtaking 2019 levels in 2022.
    • Lifts price target to $330 from $280.
    • She points out that TREE's insurance platform "proves stabilizing force w/ L/T growth drivers and stable margins."
    • Still, there's some uncertainty in the near-term for the digital consumer finance marketplace. "While we see a long runway for growth in the long term, the impact of COVID-19 is a near-term headwind, particularly to the consumer segment, in 2021," she writes.
    • "We continue to believe that as MyLendingTree scales and adds additional functionality, it will drive incremental revenue to various product offerings longer term," Wedel adds.
    • LendingTree ranks 13th of consumer finance names with over $2B market cap in terms of SA Quant rating; but it ties with OneMain Holdings for the top-rated stock according the average Wall Street analyst rating:

  19. Peloton still a top idea at JPMorgan with sky-high demand called a good problem

    • Peloton Interactive (NASDAQ:PTON) trades lower as investors weigh some of the supply and wait time concerns highlighted by the company.
    • JPMorgan analyst Doug Anmuth makes the point that perhaps too much demand isn't the worst problem to have.
    • "Indeed, PTON’s customer experience has suffered in the interim, but we also believe the company has experienced a perfect storm of sorts w/much higher-than-expected demand for the new Bike+, port congestion, warehouse closures related to COVID-19, & both West Coast fires & hurricanes. Strong demand for Bike+ is a good problem to have, & we believe both PTON-owned Tonic & 3P partner Rexon are focused on ramping production, w/Tonic’s Shin Ji facility in Taiwan coming online soon & ultimately capable of 1.5M units/yr."
    • Anmuth thinks the dislocation creates an opportunity and the firm is recommending buying on any pullback in shares. JP reiterates its Overweight rating and increase its PT to $145.
    • Peloton also caught price target hikes from JMP (new $142 PT) and Evercore ISI (new $150 PT).
    • Shares of Peloton are down 3.33% premarket to $122.42.
    • Dig into Peloton's sizzling Q3 numbers
    • October nonfarm payrolls+638K vs. 575K consensus and 672K previous (revised from +661K).
    • In October, notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, retail trade, and construction, while employment in government declined.
    • The rise in employment marks six straight months of increases. In addition, the September jobs number was revised up by 11K and August's was revised up by 4K to 1.493M.
    • Unemployment rate: 6.9% vs. 7.7% consensus and 7.9% prior; the broader U6 unemployment rate improved to 12.1% from 12.8% prior.
    • Jared Bernstein, senior fellow at Center on Budget and former economic adviser to Joe Biden, notes that payrolls are still down 10M from the pre-COVID peak. As he puts it: "Job market healing, but not healed."
    • Average hourly earnings edge down 0.1% M/M and decline 4.5% Y/Y; average weekly hours of 34.8 are unchanged but came in a hair better than the 34.7 consensus.
    • The number of people on temporary layoff fell by 1.4M to 3.2M; that's down from the peak of 18.1M in April but is still 2.4M higher than in February.
    • Those experiencing a permanent job loss, 3.7M in October, is little changed vs. September, but is 2.4M higher than in February.
    • The number of long-term unemployed increased by 1.2M to 3.6M.
    • Labor force participation rate increased by 0.3 percentage point to 61.7% in October.
    • Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE:WPM) says it reached an agreement to purchase gold and silver from Caldas Gold's (OTCQX:ALLXF) Marmato mine in Colombia.
    • Wheaton says it will buy 6.5% of the mine's gold production and 100% of the silver production until 190K oz. of gold and 2.15M oz. of silver have been delivered, then 3.25% of the gold production and 50% of the silver production for the remaining life of mine.
    • The company agrees to pay $110M in cash, plus payments equal to 18% of the spot gold and silver price, which will be  increased later to a 22% rate.
    • In a bullish report published recently on Seeking Alpha, Taylor Dart says Wheaton is "on track for an earnings breakout year."

    • "The future of Bentley will be fully electric," Bentley's chief engineer, Matthias Rabe, said during an event outlining the future direction of the 100-year-old company.
    • The luxury carmaker, owned by German automaker Volkswagen (OTCPK:VWAGY), will offer two unnamed plug-in hybrid models starting next year (it currently only offers the Bentayga SUV), with the first full-electric vehicle is expected in 2025. After that, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles will only be available after 2026 and fully electric models by 2030.
    • "Within a decade, Bentley will transform from a 100-year-old luxury car company to a new, sustainable, wholly ethical role model for luxury," Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said in a statement.
    • Fresh off celebrating its 12th white paper anniversary, Bitcoin (BTC-USDrose another 9% overnight to nearly touch $16,000, spurred by a tumble in dollar, ever looser monetary policy and after the DOJ seized a record amount of cryptocurrency.
    • Officials took possession of more than $1B, including 69,000 bitcoins that had been associated with the dormant dark web site Silk Road, marking the largest seizure of crypto in the agency's history.
    • The bitcoins had been stolen from Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht in 2012 and 2013 by a hacker who liquidated some of the coins but left most sitting untouched for years in a digital wallet. Ulbricht was convicted in 2015 of distributing narcotics and money laundering and sentenced to life in prison.
    • Bitcoin's surge widens the crypto's lead over gold as the top asset of 2020, according to Bloomberg, whose Galaxy Crypto Index of digital currencies is up about 120% this year exceeding gold's jump of about 30%

  20. Marz – thanks for the detailed update. There are going to be some serious long term effects of this virus across so many aspects of our lives. 

  21. You have the tza hedge backwards on morning post we paid .75 for the Jan 25 now worth .40 about 1.00 for 15/ 25 April spread

  22. TZA/Bert – Thanks, fixed.  

    Indexes are mostly fixed into the close, not much of a sell-off so we'll just have to see how things hold up next week.

    Have a great weekend,

    - Phil



    Joe Biden Wins 2020 Presidential Election, AP Says

    Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States after crossing 270 electoral votes, the Associated Press said, following a campaign in which he focused on tackling the coronavirus pandemic and pledged to unite a deeply divided nation that voted in record numbers on each side.

    The AP declared Mr. Biden the 46th president after saying he had won Pennsylvania. The Democratic ticket’s victory also makes Sen. Kamala Harris of California the first woman ever elected as vice president.

    President Trump hasn’t conceded the race. His campaign has filed lawsuits to contest the vote-counting process in several states, though it was unclear whether any, if successful, would meaningfully change a state’s results. The campaign has requested a recount in Wisconsin.

  24. NYC looks like Oz after they announced the witch was dead!  

    It's over….

    Here’s what you need to know:


    Even before the news on Saturday that Joseph R. Biden Jr. had defeated President Trump, Biden aides were already arranging for the first critical transition decisions to focus on health care and addressing the pandemic, the central theme of his campaign in the final months.

    They have assembled an internal group of roughly two dozen health policy and technology experts to look at the development and delivery of a vaccine, improving health data and securing supply chains, among other issues.

    “We’re not waiting to get the work done,” Mr. Biden said in a speech on Friday night.

    Among those expected to play a key health care role in a Biden administration is Vivek Murthy, a former surgeon general under President Barack Obama, who has privately advised Mr. Biden for months on the pandemic and is expected to play a large public role as a face of the potential Democratic administration’s response to the virus, dispensing advice on mask-wearing and social distancing.

    Mr. Trump will still have control of the nation’s health apparatus and the bully pulpit that comes with the Oval Office until Jan. 20 — a crucial period for the country’s coronavirus outbreak, given that infections already have hit new highs and colder weather is driving more interactions indoors.

    But the president has largely shuttered the White House Coronavirus Task Force and doubled down on anti-science language, insisting that the country must fully reopen and repeatedly telling voters that the country is “rounding the corner” in the fight against the virus, which has claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives.

    On the campaign trail, Mr. Biden said that he would take a significantly different approach to the virus, moving aggressively to encourage — and possibly mandate — mask wearing and remaining open to imposing restrictions as needed to slow the spread of the virus.

    Mr. Biden’s policy advisers have been developing plans that would go into effect as soon as he took office, including ramping up testing, ensuring a steady supply of protective equipment, distributing a vaccine and securing money from Congress for schools and hospitals.



  25. Let the Trump Revisionism Begin

  26. Interesting new (since 9/1/20)  new show on WGN for 3 hours each night.  NewsNation. Their bias rating

    With a small sample I tend to agree they show little political bias.

  27. should have read new "news" show

  28. Claims that dead people voted went viral. These are the facts

  29. Jared Kushner, Melania Trump advise Trump to accept election loss

  30. rty must have hit a breaker

  31. trump must be furius that vaccine came to late to save him.