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Top Trade Tuesday – Q4 2020

Not much excitement today so a good time to review.

So far, the first 3 quarters of 2020 have been very successful with 36 (94.7%) of our 38 Top Trade Ideas already winners for $591,527 in profits - no wonder it's our most popular feature!  It's important to note that these are nice, simple trades we do on mostly blue chip stocks and we don't even adjust them - that's how we can do things if we simply pick strong Fundamentals and that's what our Top Trades are all about - spreads that we feel are most likely to produce winners over time.  

Top Trade Reviews are very useful when you are looking for trade ideas to fill in portfolio gaps.  Looking at the last review, I see T is cheap again, INTC is down, WBA cheap, and VIAC still cheap.  Going back in time and getting back into stocks that have performed in the past is a great way to fill in the gaps in your portfolio.  Just yesterday, in fact, we added INTC back into our Long-Term Portfolio (and it was a Top Trade Alert - again!).

We were very cautious in Q4 of last year so I'll be curious to see what we picked.  We had lightened up our portfolios into the quarter, much as we did this year as well.  By the way, I know our Top Trade Picks are erratic because we don't let an arbitrary schedule like "every week" dictate when we find a great pick.  We're not getting 94.7% right because we take the best of whatever we see on a Friday.  WHEN we see a great deal - THEN we make it a Top Trade Alert - if there are no good trades in a month - so be it. 

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