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2022’s (Lack Of) Data Privacy Makes 1984 Look Quaint In Comparison

Big Brother watching you is old news. We grew up on it, we frequently make jokes about the FBI agent in our phones and — if you permit me the honesty — I don’t really care if Biden + Friends happen to see my search history, God bless and God-speed to the Commander in Chief if he clicks the link to the Chris Chan documentary in my recent history. The scarier snooper, the one they neglected to warn us against when we did our 1984 readings, is the omnipresent meat-smoking aficionado who goes by Mark Zuckerberg. We’ve already covered the danger that the Facebook x Police collab can pose to privacy. While that case pertained to abortion, you should still be wary of the risk that your private conversations could be made public. End-to-end encryption isn’t the end-all answer…

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