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Is This The Final Nail In The Trump “Documents” Coffin?

Quint! I’m getting tired of chopping you up. Thought I’d try fire for a change. Wesley Snipes Blade

How many times do we have to keep saying, GOD-DAMN! Now that oughta do it!? If cats have 9 lives, Trump is on what, 12 by now? But this time I think he inadvertently made an offer that even Merrick Garland can’t refuse.

First a brief precis. Following his electoral humiliation and failed coup attempt, Traitor tot started dropping some 10 gallon hints he was thinking of taking presidential papers back to Florida with him. Every single lawyer in the Trump west wing told him not to be an imbecile. Pretty much every piece of paper he touched, other than Charmin and picnic plates were the sole property of the National Archives. And they had a pretty good idea of what there was….

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