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The PhilStockWorld com LIVE Weekly Webinar 5-24-2023

The PhilStockWorld com LIVE Weekly Webinar 5-24-2023

Timeline of major topics:

0:00:00 Technology, Dow down, Petroleum status report, the Fed
0:04:00 Oil, price of gasoline, exports
0:07:45 S&P index without the very large cap stocks is not performing that well.
0:09:00 Covid, get your boosters, we can't afford a lockdown.
0:16:00 Economy, inflation, Ukraine
0:18:40 McDonald's salad
0:19:20 Coca-Cola
0:20:00 Change, IBM, Bill Gates
0:23:30 Artificial Intelligence
0:27:38 Technology, Jackie’s internship with Chubb, the insurance company, experience with Ai
0:35:40 Ai can teach options. “Please explain a bull call debit spread as if I were a 12-year-old.”
0:37:40 Humans will still be needed, computers’ abilities evolve.
0:44:20 Bing chat.
0:49:15 Not learning to use AI now is like ignoring PCs when they came out.
0:55:45 Bing
0:58:55 The Fed, review
1:15:00 ChatGDP writes these things. Fed review continues. Inflation, wages, productivity.
1:28:50 Productivity, unemployment, economy, social upheaval.
1:36:50 McDonalds, fast food, saving on labor with Ai
1:40:30 Portfolio
1:46:00 Great time to have cash. It's going to be bad for six months.
1:49:30 Patience.

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