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Phil’s Stock World’s LIVE Weekly Webinar 6-14-2023

PhilStockWorld's LIVE Weekly Webinar 6-14-2023


  • 0:00:00: Portfolio reviews. MoneyTalk show’s coming soon.
  • 0:03:00: Logitech.
  • 0:05:00: $700 a month portfolio, we've had a nice run. SPWR, SOFI. Planting trees. Stocks can be mispriced for a long time.
  • 0:11:00: Butterfly, income, long-term and short-term portfolios.  Apple, International Paper, and Pfizer. Income portfolio, long-term portfolio, short-term portfolio.
  • 0:13:30: Logitech, CEO left, but it’s a good little company. Selling the $55 puts.
  • 0:20:00: Balancing act. Hedging.
  • 0:22:00: Short-term portfolio, long-term portfolio, JPMorgan.
  • 0:29:20: Hedges.
  • 0:29:50: Portfolios, Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Citibank, Jackson Financial, other REITS.
  • 0:42:40: Malls. TD Bank.
  • 0:47:20: Review of stocks.
  • 0:57:40: Fed-Time. More stocks.
  • 0:58:00: Maintaining rates. Dollar. Jackson.
  • 1:10:00: Federal Reserve officials agreed to hold interest rates steady but signal they're leaning towards raising the next month if inflation doesn't cool.
  • 1:12:20: Core inflation, PCE inflation. Housing market.
  • 1:20:00: Monetary policy, unemployment rate, inflation.
  • 1:23:50: The Fed. Consumer spending, mortgage rates, growth; labor market remains tight, inflation pressures continue to rise.
  • 1:29:00: The economy is facing headwinds, tighter credit conditions, data dependent, blah, blah, blah. Portfolio plan.
  • 1:40:00: Stay tuned. We're gonna pick some stocks, and next week we're gonna pick some more.


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