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PhilStockWorld’s LIVE Weekly Webinar 6-21-2023

PhilStockWorld's LIVE Weekly Webinar 6-21-2023


  • 0:00:00: Markets.
  • 0:08:00: The Fed, the dollar and the economy.
  • 0:09:45: Buying oil, dollars.
  • 0:18:30: China and Saudi Arabia.
  • 0:20:00: Nonsense about taking the dollar down.
  • 0:21:00: Seven stocks have driven the S&P 500's returns for the year. NVDA, TSLA, AAPL, AMD, AMZN, CRM, MSFT.
  • 0:23:45: No hurry to invest. Oil trading. 
  • 0:28:30: Hedging.
  • 0:29:20: Wait for good prices to buy.  Semiconductors, Intel.
  • 0:33:30: Commercial real estate is a looming disaster. Club culture changed to cell phone culture.
  • 0:46:00: Remote relationships. Office culture has changed. Office buildings are currently 50% occupied. They're half empty.
  • 0:49:00: Commercial real estate. Downtown. Crisis coming.
  • 0:56:40: Boston Properties (BXP), SL Green (SLG), Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP), Vornado Realty Trust (VNO).
  • 1:02:50: Highwoods Properties (HIW). This one's different.
  • 1:07:40: S&P, earnings, inflation, corporate greed.
  • 1:12:00: We’re under-taxing corporations.
  • 1:14:10: Why do we listen to Powell?
  • 1:19:00: Debt. Debt. Debt.
  • 1:23:25: Other countries have debt problems too.
  • 1:23:52: Disposable income and expensive pizza.
  • 1:28:00: Struggling middle class. Inequality, unfair tax structure, money taken by the wealthiest from the less wealthy.  
  • 1:30:38: The noble class gets richer and richer. Everybody else gets poorer and poorer.
  • 1:31:34: Inflation, oil prices, PPI and an unfair wealth distribution.
  • 1:39:40: Insanity.
  • 1:43:38: Prices.
  • 1:51:48: Disney.
  • 1:54:40: VIX and selling premium.


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Image by egodi1 from Pixabay 

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