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PhilStockWorld’s Live Weekly Webinar 8-9-2023

PhilStockWorld’s Live Weekly Webinar 8-9-2023


  • 0:00:00: Peru, Aliens. Wow.
  • 0:03:50: FinViz charts, the Market, the 5% rule.
  • 0:07:30: S&P, support lines.
  • 0:12:44: Fact and speculation, the Fed.
  • 0:14:35: New S&P chart.
  • 0:16:00: Inflation, multiples, valuations.
  • 0:20:00: Costs
  • 0:21:15: Adjusting the S&P chart.
  • 0:24:35: Earnings.
  • 0:28:00: More S&P chart analysis, stocks, interest rates.
  • 0:35:50: Costs of climate change. Energy socialism.
  • 0:44:00: Banks and downgrades.
  • 0:46:30: Mortgage rates, interest rates.
  • 0:56:10: People can’t afford to move. Banks.
  • 0:59:50: Economy, 1929, central planning.
  • 1:02:10: Banks, Moody's
  • 1:05:20: The Russell, S&P, NASDAQ, mortgages, banks.
  • 1:14:50: Florida, climate change, the coasts of Florida are going to get hit very badly. Banks, insurance companies.
  • 1:26:30: The Fed. Banks. Valuations and mortgages.
  • 1:37:00: China, Evergrande, WeWork, We Crash,
  • 1:40:40: Avoid Banks. Everything’s connected in a dangerous way.

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