Watch is 30% faster, they claim it has ZERO carbon footprint. 

“Currently using 100% of recycled aluminum in MacBooks and other devices. Phasing out leather. Operating on 100% clean electricity “thanks to you and your clean air and sun.”

10:23 am 100% recycled cobalt in the Apple Watch S9 battery. The sport loop has been redesigned to use 82% recycled yarn.
10:23 am Materials, Electricity and Transportation are the biggest contributors of carbon.
10:23 am Apple 2030 is the plan to be entirely carbon neutral across the business, to get the carbon footprint of all Apple products down to 0 by 2030.
10:26 am Leather is a popular material for accessories, but it has a high carbon footprint especially at Apple’s scales. Apple will no longer use leather for new Apple products, starting today.
10:25 am There’s a new Carbon Neutral logo for the box.
10:25 am Series 9 packaging is 100% fiber-based and more compact, with a new, smaller shape. Ship up to 25% more watches per trip, with more low-carbon shipping modes like ocean freight. 78% decrease in carbon footprint, with carbon credits offsetting the remaining carbon and bringing net carbon footprint of Apple Watch Series 9 to zero.
10:24 am For Series 9, Apple will match 100% of your expected electricity use by investing in renewable energy products around the world.
10:24 am All Apple manufacturing is powered by 100% clean electricity now.


See how they are positioning themselves. Competitors can’t do this – maybe in years if they start now.  

Handles requests at the watch level first so they don’t need to go to the cloud for common functions.  

Twice as bright.  

And now they have an Ultra version that has all kinds of more stuff.

Watches are $249, $399, $499 for Cellular and $799 for Ultra.  

I don’t think it’s great that they spent over 30 mins talking about watches.  

Now is IPhone 15 – I’m getting that!  

Also twice as bright.  

Same sizes.

Seem to have lost one camera lens.


10:39 am 75% recycled aluminum in the enclosure, 100% recycled cobalt in the battery, and 100% recycled copper foil in the main logic board and MagSafe charger.
10:39 am Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black. Optimized custom dual-ion exchange process for this new material, and polished it with nano-crystalline particles. Etched with a textured matte finish. Has Ceramic Shield on the front.


LOL – just based on how science-fictiony they make it sound, I want one!  

10:44 am Night mode has been improved, too, and smart HDR allows you to catch sky and subject simultaneously.
10:43 am There’s new focus and depth control, allowing you to switch focus from one person to another after the photo has been taken.
10:43 am There’s no portrait mode needed anymore, automatically detecting when there’s a person in the frame, allowing you to switch to portrait mode after the fact. Works with pets, too.
10:42 am There’s a new next-generation portrait mode.
10:42 am Uses 2x zoom for photos, using the 48MP to take “zoomed” 2x images “with optical quality.”



10:48 am Audio quality for calls has been updated, with a more advanced machine learning model that prioritizes your voice. Select Voice Isolation to come through loud and clear. “It’s a feature you can use every day.”
10:47 am Ultra Wideband is being updated, as iPhone has the new second-generation chip like the new Watch. Can connect to other devices with the chip from up to 3x as far. New precision finding update, allows you to find friends. “You can be guided right to them, with directions and distance.”


Partnering with AAA for Satellite Roadside assistance – free for 2 years when you buy an IPhone 15.  

10:51 am USB-C has become a universally accepted standard. USB C is coming to iPhone 15. Charging, Data, Audio, and Video. The same cable can charge Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, now updated with a new USB C connector.


I love that Europe made them do it but now they act like they are leading the USB-C standard.  

So that was 25 mins and now Tim Cook is back out.  

Big, splashy intro for the IPhone 15 Titanium Pro.  I don’t care what it is – I want it!  

Meanwhile, 2pm, AAPL’s stock is down – as it often is at events.

Same sizes but got my extra camera lens back!  

10:58 am Every material we choose for iPhone is meticulously considered. Re-evaluated every structural component. Breakthrough in manufacturing and materials design, Grade 5 Titanium. Typically used for applications where strength and formability is critical. Same alloy as the Mars Rover.


If I understand correctly, the notch is no longer a fixed thing, it’s dynamic.  

11:00 am Another design change is coming… the ring/silent switch is gone, replaced with an “Action Button”
10:59 am iPhone is more repairable, with back glass easily replaced. Entire aluminum substructure is made of 100% recycled aluminum.
11:01 am Action button delivers more convenience and versatility to the iPhone experience. Dynamic Island gives feedback.
11:00 am To toggle between ring and silent, you press and hold the button, with a haptic feedback per state. Can switch between actions. With a press, you can start voice memos, or launch camera, activate a favorite accessibility feature, or use shortcuts.


11:03 am Elements of these 19 billion transistors are just 12 silicon atoms wide.
11:02 am The industry’s first 3 nanometer chip.
11:02 am There’s a new generation of Apple Silicon, with changes throughout the entire chip, with a breakthrough new GPU.


WOW!!! How can you not want to own this? This is the sum total of the human advancement of technology in your hand…

3x performance per watt vs competition – that’s the whole ballgame right there.

11:04 am Dedicated ProRes, Pro display engine, and AV1 decoder engines.
11:04 am 16-core neural engine, up to 2x faster than previously. Process up to 35 trillion operations per second. Uses machine learning on device, powering more accurate autocorrect or pulling a subject from an image.
11:05 am New USB controller and USB 3 support, up to 10Gbps speeds, using a USB 3 cable, that’s 20x faster than USB 2, with much higher transfer speeds.


This is just getting silly…

I wish my Dad would have lived to see this – he would be having a blast!  

Now they are doing gaming and the presenter is an Avatar in the game – that’s cool. 

They say they can run top console games on the IPhone now.

5x Zoom – Get the F outta here! 

We used to have to carry a whole bag of lenses to do this. Not to mention the big-assed camera, film, etc.  

11:17 am The iPhone 15 Pro Camera system pushes the limits of what you can capture with a smartphone.
11:17 am First smartphone to support the Academy Color Encoding System.
11:17 am Higher quality recording options for external drives, supports 4K60 for the first time, plus Log encoding.
11:17 am Using USB3 cable enables incredibly fast transfer speeds, including large ProRAW photos or ProRes videos to the Mac. Instantly transfer 48MP ProRaw to the Mac when taking photos. Or record ProRes video directly to an external storage drive.


IMAX better watch out, the next IPhone may take them on! 

11:18 am Supports spatial computing video, collect spatial video 3D videos by combining two sensors together.


Available Sept 22nd!  

See, it’s like what they did with the IPod – have something at every price point and choke out the competition.  

No “One more thing” from Tim – AAPL goes lower but they’ll make $100Bn next year.  


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