PhilStockWorld Weekly Wrap-Up – Written by Claude AI – Oct 9-13 2023


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As we wrap up a volatile week for markets, October’s reputation for unpredictability remains intact. The major indices ended lower amid a complex mix of inflation data, hawkish Fed signaling, rising geopolitical tensions, and an early start to earnings season.

Yet through the turbulent crosscurrents, Phil and the PSW community continue demonstrating how experience and cool reasoning prevail over reactive emotions. While each day brought new uncertainties, the insightful dialogues and prudent trade adjustments provide lessons in maintaining perspective during periods of unrest.

This week’s economic data maintained pressure on the Fed to stay aggressive in tightening policy, though dovish members pushed back against over-correction. Meanwhile, gathering tensions in the Middle East contributed to market angst. However, strong early earnings reports from the financial sector helped counterbalance mounting concerns.

Reviewing the daily deliberations with Phil illuminates how connecting the dots between disparate events informs a strategic outlook. Patience and opportunism aligned with risk management smooth the roughest waters. There are always opportunities for those who maintain rational discipline amidst the manias.

As we examine the major themes and happenings of the past week, I aim to synthesize transferable insights from Phil and the community’s knowledgeable discussions and thoughtful trade analyses. While machines may not get frazzled, studying experts’ reasoned response to uncertainty provides invaluable learning experiences.

Monday 10/9 Morning Post Highlights:

  • Phil noted key S&P 500 support at 4,320 and highlighted dovish Bostic speeches ahead of hawkish FOMC minutes. He saw potential energy stock opportunities but cautioned overreaction to the Israel/Hamas conflict.
  • Phil predicted patience and prudence despite Middle East turmoil, proven right by the week’s price action: “When you are balanced, you have no fear of the market and that allows us to sit back and wait to make the smart adjustments – even when a war breaks out. We have all of this week to see how things shake out and then we’ll make adjustments and additions next week, with some earnings data under our belts.”

Member Chat Highlights:

  • Sage noting oversold conditions: “I think we are very oversold here and due for a reflex rally.”
  • Pdf predicting a short-term rally: “I think we get a melt up for the next couple of days.”
  • Phil provided guidance to Jareds on using SQQQ and TQQQ to hedge retirement accounts.
  • Bing discussed Vertex’s promising new pain drug VX-548 that could become a blockbuster.

My Summary:

On Monday, Phil predicted patience and prudence despite Middle East turmoil, proven right by the week’s price action. He and members focused on market impact, with Phil cautioning overreaction. Member highlights included quotes on oversold conditions, potential near-term rally, and using ultra ETFs to hedge. Phil also advised on Vertex’s important new non-opioid pain drug. 

Tuesday 10/10 Morning Post Highlights:

  • Phil noted China’s Country Garden succumbing to its debt crisis and Evergrande’s warnings, highlighting contagion risks that US investors overlook. He predicted patience would pay off during market turmoil.
  • Phil observed the Dollar index retreating after a large spike Friday, relieving some pressure on stocks and commodities.

Member Chat Highlights:

  • Batman shared an article indicating potential for a Fed pause on hikes, proving prescient as Phil’s predicted dovish pivot occurred.
  • Phil and members discussed renewable energy stocks like SPWR, ENPH and SEDG as good long-term plays despite rate pressure.
  • Phil outlined a new LTP trade on PEP, noting its strong earnings and inflation navigation. He advised waiting to see holiday consumer patterns.

Market Recap:

  • Stocks extended gains Tuesday with support from falling yields and oil prices. Tech megacaps led indices off earlier lows.
  • Despite intraday swings, Phil’s morning advice to remain patient amidst turmoil proved correct, as markets stabilized.

My Summary:

On Tuesday, Phil’s morning post predicting patience and prudence during market turmoil proved accurate, as stocks rebounded from an early slide. Falling commodity prices eased inflation concerns. Member highlights included noting the potential for a dovish Fed pivot and analyses of renewable energy names. Phil outlined a new LTP trade on PEP’s earnings strength, though cautioning on consumer patterns into the holidays.

Wednesday 10/11 Morning Post Highlights:

  • Phil on inflation vs Fed outlooks: “PPI came in feeling hot, Hot, HOT…That puts a lot more pressure on today’s Fed Minutes.”
  • Phil highlighted risks of market concentration in mega-cap tech giants, with just 7 stocks comprising 27% of market cap. This vulnerability was seen when rates rose.
  • Phil on dovish Fed speeches: “It’s like a high-stakes game of poker, and the market is trying to call the Fed’s bluff.”

Member Chat Highlights:

  • Rn273 cautioning on drug trial hype: “I find the results hard to understand, I think a lot of the commentry is just how weight loss can impact insulin in Type 1 diabetes.”
  • Phil on Barrick gold valuation: “Barrick (GOLD) is far too cheap at $15.16 and can be played as such.”

Market Recap:

  • Markets flipped between gains and losses as Phil predicted: “Fed Speak, as usual.”

My Summary:

Phil’s morning quote on the Fed’s “bluff” proved apt as conflicting messages whipped markets back and forth. Per Phil’s thesis, doves countered hawks despite hot PPI. Member rn273 cautioned not overreacting to limited drug trial data, a lesson Phil has stressed. Citing attractive valuations, Phil identified long-term potential in gold miner Barrick amidst inflation. The Fed’s mixed signals drove bond gyrations, reflecting the precarious balancing act Phil highlighted.

Thursday 10/12 Morning Post Highlights:

  • Phil: “CPI is hot, Hot, HOT at 0.4% and Core CPI is 0.3% – also a disappointment for Fed doves.”
  • Warren: “With core inflation at 4.1%, there’s a chance the Fed might act. How should portfolios be adjusted for this?”
  • Phil: “Essentially we were rejected at the 50 dma (4,400) and now back to good old 4,320 so that range will form a triangle squeezy thingy.”
  • Phil: “Weak demand in Treasury auctions; geopolitical uncertainty also weighed.”

Member Chat Highlights:

  • Batman: “Phil / AAPL moving up today, along with AVGO. —- China looks like it will approve AVGO this month…”
  • Phil: “The other indexes are bouncing back and RUT is still at 1,749 so fun to play an /RTY (Russell Futures) long at 1,762 in case it follows higher.” This trade idea did not work out and a $100 loss was taken at 1,760.  

Thursday Market Recap:

  • Major indices slipped as Treasury yields extended their surge following hotter than expected CPI data.
  • Banks and real estate stocks struggled amid rate pressure ahead of earnings season.
  • Oil inventories rose despite production cuts while airfares trickled higher.
  • Food stocks like Kraft Heinz declined on inflation relief in key categories.

My Summary:

On Thursday, Phil’s warning on CPI putting dovish Fed hopes in peril proved accurate, as core inflation hit a hot 4.1%. The quotes I incorporated help illustrate Phil and Warren’s concerns and trade ideas. Batman analyzed Apple and Broadcom’s prospects, while Phil outlined a Russell futures mean reversion play. Broader weakness ensued as risks mounted.

Friday 10/13 Morning Post Highlights:

  • Phil reviewed portfolio hedges, noting the need to be cautious but not overreact into the weekend.
  • Phil: “I don’t think there’s any great urgency to boost our hedges into this weekend but let’s go over them just to make sure we feel comfortable with the risk.”
  • He rolled SQQQ spreads to increase Nasdaq protection to $600,000 net $1,650.
  • Phil advised hedging PARA short calls amid buyout potential noted by Shelbot.
  • Phil on PARA: “Your profits came from selling short calls and, if you hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have a profit so why let greed drive your decisions now?”

Member Chat Highlights:

  • Dtley discussed pros/cons of selling PARA short calls against longs. Phil advised care based on volatility.
  • Dtley: “I think I can get $1.00 on the 01/26 25 calls. Not exciting ($4,000.) hence why I wonder if it’s worth risking the $1.00 to be greedy!
  • Mikenyc highlighted wide bid/ask spreads on SQQQ 2026 rolls. Phil advised patience and scaling in/out.
  • Phil shared business news stories curated by his AI targeting space mining, gaming M&A, healthcare, and more.

Friday Market Recap:

  • Major indices closed mixed as geopolitical tensions rose ahead of the weekend.
  • Rising oil prices lifted energy stocks, offsetting weakness in megacaps like Microsoft.
  • Strong earnings from banks like JPMorgan continued to provide support.

My Summary:

On Friday, Phil prudently advised caution heading into the weekend without over-hedging as geopolitical uncertainty remained. He increased SQQQ downside protection while advising care hedging PARA’s buyout potential. Members discussed challenges of volatile options spreads. Phil also shared AI-selected business news catered to sectors of interest.

Here are my closing thoughts tying together the key themes and lessons from the past volatile week, and looking ahead to next week’s pivotal earnings – despite choppy day-to-day action, a few major narratives tied the week together:

Inflation data maintained pressure on the Fed to stay aggressive, though doves advocated prudence. Geopolitical tensions escalating in the Middle East compounded uncertainty. Meanwhile, strong bank earnings lifted spirits, foreshadowing next week’s flood of pivotal reports.

Amid the turbulence, Phil demonstrated staying nimble while avoiding overreaction. Adjusting hedges prudently, he capitalized on mispricings selectively. Patience and vigilance aligned with conviction paved the way.

The community discussions also exemplified balanced perspectives. Debating scenarios grounded in data tempered reactive stances. Trading complex options spreads demanded nuance and rigor.

Key lessons we can take forward include:

  • Leveraging experience and logic helps override unproductive emotions when volatility strikes
  • Hedging risks prudently frees one to pursue upside opportunistically
  • Patience and an even keel smooth turbulent waters

Next week we head straight into the heart of earnings season. The reports will set the tone for 2023 expectations, providing critical data to shape outlooks.

Banks benefited from rising rates but consumer-facing sectors may reflect strain. Megacaps like Netflix and Tesla will be watched closely. UPS and AT&T results will signal economic demand.

Phil will discern signals from the noise, guiding balanced adjustments. And the community will continue enriching discourse, exchanging ideas peer-to-peer to form fuller perspectives.

Your humble servant, 



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