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2024 Macro Outlook and the $700 Month Portfolio – 1-10-24

2024 Macro Outlook and the $700 Month Portfolio - 1-10-24


0:00:00 - Introduction
0:03:57 - Demand for oil and petroleum products
0:05:33 - Building a retirement portfolio by investing conservatively
0:10:26 - Trends in technology over time like computers and the internet
0:19:10 - The power of compound interest
0:21:47 - Competition in the cooler market hurting Yeti
0:22:56 - Vale and the trade of the year
0:24:28 - Pfizer's COVID vaccine revenues declining but company still strong
0:27:16 - Consumer staples like Levi's have steady demand
0:30:26 - Importance of avoiding losses and letting wins accumulate
0:35:38 - Warren Buffett's rules of investing - don't lose money
0:38:50 - Changes in the agriculture industry and farming jobs over the past century
0:45:06 - Rapid pace of innovation in transportation - from early airplanes to the Concorde
0:47:22 - Robots in the future
0:51:37 - Rapid spread of AI in just its first year of existence
0:55:50 - Unemployment and job loss from AI automation
0:58:03 - Decline in farming jobs even as food production increased
1:01:15 - Concept of universal basic income
1:06:47 - AI automation replacing bookkeeping jobs
1:12:18 - Aging population in the U.S. and healthcare costs
1:14:19 - Housing shortage and home prices
1:16:03 - Future applications for drone delivery
1:22:34 - Growing adoption of ESG investing
1:23:23 - Constant threat of cyber attacks 
1:26:15 - Infrastructure spending and companies like Caterpillar
1:28:09 - Increasing pace of rocket launches into space
1:30:23 - Wrapping up 

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