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Let’s Chat with PhilStockWorld! (1/24/24)

Let's Chat with PhilStockWorld! (1/24/24)


0:00:00 - Market performance, current trades and topic review 
0:03:50 - Jack Ma and Alibaba
0:04:45 - China's crackdown on business leaders
0:05:30 - Concerns over investing in Chinese companies, China's GDP
0:07:10 - Alibaba's business outside China
0:08:00 - Risks of Trump being re-elected for Chinese stocks
0:08:30 - China stimulus rumors, Alibaba 
0:10:40 - GDP scenario, living simple globally
0:13:20 - Calculating theoretical minimum global GDP
0:14:10 - Market crashes 
0:16:00 - Economic activity continues
0:17:00 - What companies survive after a crisis, global trade continues, markets overreact 
0:21:15 - Reviewing stable companies from March 2020 article
0:23:20 - Chinese stocks at current valuations
0:24:10 - JD.com
0:27:45 - Alibaba option trade setup
0:28:30 - Leverage from options vs stock, risk/reward  
0:30:10 - Consistently winning smaller amounts, risk management using options
0:33:00 - Chinese government's treatment of tech
0:33:30 - Stimulus and economy helping Chinese tech giants
0:34:30 - Leverage example on Alibaba trade, allocation 
0:37:30 - Higher probability trades, portfolio allocation, risk assessment, margin
0:49:30 - Coinbase 
1:01:25 - Aries Capital
1:05:30 - Evaluating downside risks
1:09:00 - Commercial real estate and economic shocks
1:15:10 - Risks of overbuilding and empty cities in China, stimulus rumors
1:17:30 - Markets stretched at current highs and sector performance, earnings season 

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