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GDP, Oil, and Loans – Oh My!

GDP, Oil, and Loans – Oh My! – 2/28/24


0:00:00 – Oil prices and trading strategy
0:03:08 – Finding price barriers and betting against oil 
0:04:08 – API oil inventory report and impact on prices
0:30:20 – Concerns about AI flooding the internet with low-quality content
0:40:16 – Capabilities of AI image and video generation tools
0:47:17 – Example of inaccurate AI-generated article 
0:56:20 – Problems with AI assistants making up information
1:03:51 – Quiet news week 
1:05:47 – Apple canceling car project to focus on more profitable opportunities
1:14:22 – Mispricing of commercial real estate loans 
1:21:38 – Macy’s closing 1/3 of stores 
1:27:32 – Natural gas prices
1:32:06 – Concerns about persistent inflation and potential Fed rate hikes
1:33:31 – President Biden’s age 
1:36:54 – Political and economic uncertainty heading into 2024 election
1:37:39 – Thoughts on valuations and hedging the “Magnificent 7” tech stocks

The key topics were the oil market, dangers of AI-generated content, troubles in commercial real estate, retailers closing stores, factors impacting energy prices, the economy and inflation, the 2024 presidential election, and hedging strategies for major tech stocks. Let me know if you would like me to modify anything in the timeline.

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