Monday Market Movement – The Week Ahead


CPI tomorrow! 

That’s the true test of Productivity, can we have a hot economy without inflation? The Fed wants to see CPI at 2% and, last month (Jan), Core CPI was 0.4%, twice as hot as expected and this month, just because they HOPE it happens, they are looking for 0.3% at the core and the headline as well.  

Can the Fed claim to be done with high rates when the mission is very clearly NOT accomplished? Leading Economorons hang their hats on the theory of policy lag – it takes time for rate cycles to have a true effect on the economy so the pressure is still down – even if they lower rates a bit. Of course, they could be wrong and it could be a catastrophic mistake that will only be evident 6 months later – such fun!  

PPI was a blazing hot 0.5% AT THE CORE in January and, for some reason, leading Economorons expect it to dive to 0.2% on Thursday – good luck with that! Similarly, Retail Sales were down 0.8% in January but expectations are for +0.6% in February – probably because we had an extra day (3.3%) vs last year but still a stretch.

Friday we’ll get Industrial Production and Consumer Sentiment, which has been improving but still only a shadow of where we were pre-Covid. With this stock market – imagine if the Consumers were actually enjoying it? Wow!   

NO Fed speak because they make a decision on the 20th so it’s quiet time for the Fed. Lots of note auctions this week should be paid attention to and we shall see what transpires. We’ll also be reviewing our Member Portfolios this week:  

And, of course, there are still earnings reports to mull over as well:

The most anticipated earnings releases for the week of March 11, 2024 are Adobe #ADBE, UiPath #PATH, Oracle #ORCL, SentinelOne #S, Archer-Daniels-Midland #ADM, Asana #ASAN, On Holding #ONON, Blink Charging #BLNK, ULTA Beauty #ULTA, and Dollar Tree #DLTR

So no shortage of things to do this week and here’s the news we missed over the weekend: 


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