Wednesday Worries: Baltimore Bridge Collapse and Cocoa Prices Push Inflation Concerns

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Well folks, it looks like we’ve got a double whammy of inflationary pressures brewing this Wednesday morning!

The shocking collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge is sending shockwaves through the shipping industry, while cocoa prices are soaring to record highs sweeter than a Willy Wonka fever dream. 🎩🍫 

First up, let’s talk about this bridge debacle. The Port of Baltimore, a key hub for coal exports and auto imports/exports, is now closed for business after a massive container ship played a high-stakes game of chicken with a bridge pillar… and lost. Logistics companies are scrambling to reroute cargo, which means costs are going up and delays are inevitable.

CSX, the rail giant that moves much of Baltimore’s coal, is already warning of potential delays and their stock took a 1.9% tumble on the news. 📉🚂 Other big players like Norfolk Southern and Uber Freight are also bracing for impact as they figure out how to keep the cargo flowing. It’s like a giant game of transportation Tetris out there! 🧩🚚

Six seaports account for 94% of U.S. coal exports, which are dominated by  coking coal - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)But here’s the kicker – this bridge collapse is likely to disrupt the transport of up to 2.5 million tons of coal over the next 6 weeks, with India-bound thermal coal supplies particularly at risk. ⚠️ That’s a lot of BTUs left stranded, folks! And with Baltimore being the second busiest coal port in the US, this bottleneck is going to be felt far and wide.

On the potential winner side, other East Coast ports like New York/New Jersey, Norfolk, Savannah and Charleston could see a boost in activity as shippers divert cargo their way. 📈🚢 Trucking and rail companies serving those ports may also benefit from the extra volumes. But the losers? Definitely coal miners like Consol Energy (CEIX), whose stock plunged 6.8% on the news, and any power plants or steel mills relying on that stranded coal. 📉🏭

Finviz Chart

Now, onto the sweet stuff: Cocoa futures are going absolutely bonkers, with prices tripling over the past year and hitting an all-time high of $10,080 per metric ton! 📈🍫 The culprit? A nasty combo of bad weather, disease, and aging trees in West Africa, which accounts for 60% of global cocoa production.

Black pod disease and swollen shoot virus are ravaging crops, while many cocoa trees are way past their prime. It’s like a botanical nursing home out there! 👴🌳Chocolate giants like Hershey and Nestle have been using hedging strategies to manage the price volatility, but there’s only so much they can absorb before passing costs onto consumers. We could be looking at higher prices, smaller chocolate bars, or even (gasp) less cocoa in our favorite treats! 😱 Dark chocolate lovers, brace yourselves – your wallet is in for a bitter surprise!

Finviz Chart

So who wins and loses in the cocoa crunch? Well, cocoa farmers in places like Ivory Coast and Ghana are definitely not reaping the benefits, as government-set prices mean they’re missing out on the rally. 😔👨‍🌾 And consumers could start feeling the pinch later this year or early 2025. But traders and investors with long positions in cocoa futures? They’re probably grinning ear to ear right now. 😁📈

So what does all this mean for the bigger economic picture? These twin disruptions to key commodity flows come at an inopportune time, with the latest inflation data showing price pressures persisting more than expected in early 2024.. One investment manager is predicting that CPI inflation will “almost surely be above 3% well into midyear” as these disruptions add fuel to the inflationary fire. 🔥📈

That has major implications for Fed policy. With rates already at 5.25% and inflation stubbornly refusing to chill out, any hopes of a June rate cut are looking increasingly far-fetched. 🏦🙅‍♂️The Fed may have to keep the tightening screws on even longer to wrangle inflation back down to their 2%(ish) target.

Reuters Graphics Reuters Graphics

The Baltimore bridge collapse and cocoa price spike serve as painful reminders that, even as the Fed tries to quell inflation through aggressive rate hikes, factors outside of monetary policy’s control can still fuel higher costs for businesses and consumers. As Wednesday dawns, markets are grappling with the prospect of stickier inflation and a bumpier path ahead. 😰📈

As for stock impacts, keep a close eye on companies with heavy exposure to shipping, logistics, and commodities. CSX and other rail operators will be worth watching, along with trucking and intermodal players. Automakers reliant on Baltimore for imports/exports could also face some headwinds 🚗💨 along with other companies in the cocoa/chocolate supply chain will be riding the rollercoaster of rising prices. 🎢🍫

So there you have it, folks – a one-two punch of bridge woes and cocoa chaos that’s sure to keep inflation watchers on their toes! As always, stay nimble out there and don’t let the market mayhem melt your resolve.

And maybe stock up on your favorite chocolate treats while you still can – it could be a Rocky Road™ ahead! 


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