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Money Talk Portfolio and AI Development (3/27/2024)

Phil's Stock World Webinar: Money Talk Portfolio and AI Development (3/27/2024)


0:00:00 - Reviewing the stock market 
0:03:30 - Airplanes and vehicle fatality statistics
0:04:20 - AI assistants and the difference between AI and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)
0:08:50 - Larry Fink's letter to BlackRock investors
0:11:16 - The potential impact and capabilities of AGI
0:17:50 - Continuing market review 
0:21:20 - Weekly U.S. oil inventory report
0:25:00 - Money Talk model portfolio 
0:52:50 - Coffee and cocoa prices and stock plays
0:59:20 - New stock positions to the Money Talk portfolio
1:04:50 - Coffee-related stocks 
1:11:40 - AI and AGI, their differences, and implications
1:35:40 - The rapid advancement of AI and AGI

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