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PSW’s Live Weekly Webinar: Is this a New Rally or the Calm Before the Storm?

Is this a New Rally or the Calm Before the Storm?


00:00:00 - Market overview and concerns about the Russell index
00:02:10 - Logging into a website and signing up for a Stripe account
00:03:00 - Explanation of bounce lines and how they work
00:08:50 - NYSE and S&P 500 analysis
00:13:50 - Earnings reports and market manipulation
00:26:40 - Travel stocks and consumer spending
00:33:40 - $700 a month portfolio strategy and performance
00:41:20 - Compound interest and the importance of investing early
00:48:50 - Reviewing positions in the $700 a month portfolio
00:57:40 - Analysis of Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) stock
01:11:20 - Dow Jones performance and components
01:15:10 - Disney (DIS) stock analysis
01:25:10 - Uber (UBER) business model and profitability
01:32:20 - AI-generated images and the future of graphic design
01:35:20 - NASDAQ technical analysis
01:38:20 - Magnificent Seven stocks driving S&P 500 gains
01:42:20 - Google search and the impact of AI on its business
01:45:40 - Healthcare costs in the US compared to other countries
01:48:00 - Wealth distribution in the US over time
01:53:40 - Compound growth of wealth and the concentration of money
01:58:50 - The dangers of unchecked generational wealth accumulation

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